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How many people do you think would have passed on upgrades if they had known that a new battery would solve some of their problems?

Also, much love to iFixIt, your guide helped me bring a dead MacBook back to life for an underprivileged college student.

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Her story was pretty fascinating without knowing a lot about MacBooks.

Her trackpad was randomly moving the cursor when she wasn't touching it and right-clicks weren't registering properly, she was frustrated to the point of doing all her assignments at the local library. She didn't have the money to take it to an Apple store and the warranty was long expired.

Being as curious as I was, I asked if I could take a crack at fixing it, because even if something didn't go according to plan, I had the means of getting her a new laptop, which she was fine with, so long as she had her data backed up.

A little googling and two iFixIt tutorials later, shipping in-between, she had a new trackpad and a new battery. Her problems were a result of battery bloat. She was very grateful and I got to have my first experience repairing a MacBook Pro. Good times.

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Sounds about right. It's usually the parents who enable bad behavior, anyway.

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Would you say your job makes you hate kids more or parents more? I've always wondered this.