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How come the show does not offer luxury cars more often? Golden Road and Three Strikes are rarely played, and there's hardly ever a luxury car in a showcase anymore. Is it a budget issue, or a matter of availability?

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How did Rocko's Modern Life get away with so much of its content? Is there anything you can remember that Joe and the writers tried to include but didn't make it in an episode at all because Nickelodeon refused it?

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Hi Carlos, I grew up with you voicing Rocko and Crocker and have always loved your work! Thanks for doing this AMA!

Is there an official reason why the Static Cling movie was delayed for so long and ultimately sent to Netflix rather than airing on Nick? Did it have to do with the ratings for the Legends of the Hidden Temple and Hey Arnold the Jungle Movie not being what Nick wanted? Can't wait to finally watch Static Cling after three years of waiting!

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Is there any chance Taco Bell brings back the Yo Quiero Taco Bell dog?

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Will Witness Infection be similar to the Scary Movie franchise or it more in the line of a traditional horror movie but with comedy?