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You should leave it. It's pretty cool as is.

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Fucking "Rachel from Card Services": One more reason I don't have a landline anymore. Why can't the phone companies do something about an obvious, large-scale scam?

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Are you claiming that a group that specifically includes Al Sharpton has said, quote, "We will take one of his own"? If not, I would seriously consider rewording the above response if I were you, as it comes off as a very serious, personal charge.

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This is much better than I was expecting.

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You should check out the book For God Country and Coca-Cola. The author figured out a formula that he thought might be it and asked the company about it. The response was basically, well what would you do with it if it were correct? Sell a product? Coke will always have the economy of scale to make it cheaper than you can, not to mention the ability to distribute it everywhere. And how would you market it? Say "It's the same as Coke"? If that was the appeal... then customers would just buy Coke--most likely for a cheaper price. The "secret formula" thing is mostly just hype.