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I know what you are getting at, but further denying the public good candidates will serve no good interest in the long run. I hope they air the violators fast and furious so we can get a new crop of vetted non-rapists in the future.

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I live in the "Deep South" and see the Klan about once or twice a year in public, many more times a year at friend gatherings. They are very closed as a society since they view the world as persecuting them.

Since some are in-laws, I cannot remove them entirely from my life, but assuredly they exist and are numerous. No amount of talking will convince them of their idiocies.

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"Trusted intermediates" means "lobbies".

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My family has gone through something like this, though it was violent crime instead of an illness. I cannot imagine wading in every day to help others with this situation. When it originally happened, I just wanted people to stop saying they understood and to go away. After three years, most days I am just trying and failing not to think about what happened as something tangentially related brings it up over and over, every day.

Do you find dealing with this every day has helped? Does the wound ever salve or is it just the same dull throbbing emptiness over and over forever?

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100% bullshit publicity stunt fueling already mentally deranged people into further foaming-at-the-mouth fervor. Shame on Reveal and /u/revealreporter