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I run escape rooms too!

Don't you just like it when someone thinks they will get out quick then they struggle a bit?

It does give me some satisfaction.

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I was recently at a Chuck E Cheese with my three kids for the first time. I hadn't noticed how much of a kid casino it really is.

Do you guys ever see people with a gambling problem there? Or something in that ilk?

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People who are in to escape rooms will find you. An hour is nothing.

(Once again, not trying to usurp OP)

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Hi Mike!

I first came upon your videos when you did the mysterious type ones.

Was there any topic that freaked you out too much?

And, in your videos I believe you went over your personal beliefs... how have they changed over the years?

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I can only answer for me, if OP wants to clarify... I hope he can.

To get started you need a decent easy-ish room. There are ones you can purchase, but you can make one that is easy.

As for money? You can have a room with multiple locks that when opened, helps you get a key code to the door. Then all the decorations. Maybe $300 all together (minus space). Go to thrift stores for cheap things.

The trick is insurance. You'll need surveillance, so a nice camera and we use baby monitor. And the computers that go with that.

To get word out, hit up local game stores and bars. The game store might even be able to host it. Word of mouth is good, so you need a good room.