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Roflercoaster11452 karma

Are you ever worried that Joel Osteen is going to come to your neighborhood and pretend to be you and get into all sorts of trouble?

MichaelKlimkowski7757 karma

hahaha I would to do a video where joel pretends to be me and valets cars

TroyBarnesBrain5423 karma

Hey Michael, I absolutely love that video. I have 2 questions:
1. How many times were you sure that someone was going to bust you as a Faux-Joe?
2. Would you be open to the idea of opening a neighboring megachurch to rival Joel Osteen's, where you'd deliver satirical sermons that use only the Lord of the Rings as source material?

jmarFTL3185 karma

here you'd deliver satirical sermons that use only the Lord of the Rings as source material?

He has to go by J.O.L. Tolksteen

MichaelKlimkowski4003 karma

hahah I like that. Chill-bro-baggins

Bait302571 karma

I mean, LotR is HEAVILY influenced by Christianity, unlike Olsteen.

edit: stupid autocorrect i

MichaelKlimkowski739 karma

definitely some allegory there

MichaelKlimkowski2191 karma

I love this premise we need to get you on the writing team. Great premise!!!!

freekfyre507 karma

and my cross!

sangandongo254 karma

And my spear!

Mortimer_Snerd292 karma

And my inherent guilt!

MichaelKlimkowski459 karma

Is this a 13th Warrior quote?

7year5346 karma

Did anyone figure it out that it wasn't Joel? what was your response?

MichaelKlimkowski7097 karma

They did! I would just laugh and say I'm his tall brother!!

kanejh19902418 karma

With this impersonating gig and acting etc.... do you make a decent living in general?

MichaelKlimkowski3926 karma

I park cars everyday. I have to be at work at 11am today. So I'm gonna wrap this up at 10:30am pst. I'm trying to get paid solely to doing acting and comedy with my dabs den crew

JimmyWaters1410 karma

Hey! Fellow valet here. Nice way to earn a living. Can make it pretty good where I'm from.

MichaelKlimkowski2173 karma

Respect! Watch thos angles and never trust back up cams

wibblett884 karma

What's the most expensive car you've parked?

MichaelKlimkowski3939 karma

I've parked Jaimee Foxx's Bugati

twominitsturkish217 karma

Joel Osteen's car obviously.

MichaelKlimkowski930 karma

He rides an arc

JimmyWaters194 karma

Don't know if he'll answer this but honestly they all just become a blur after a while. I've parked Lamborghinis, Bentleys, everything you can think of.

No big deal really. No time to really do anything other than park it and get back up to the valet area to do it all over again.

MichaelKlimkowski305 karma

Yeah I agree! At this point I just want a comfortable car that's easy to enter and exit

Once_Upon_A_Dimee154 karma

Dude, keep up the amazing work. I swear If I were a director id cast you. Fucking Hilarious.

MichaelKlimkowski155 karma

Thank you!!!!

Qui-Bong47 karma

When and where are Dab Den Crew tryouts? Im a funny guy and can roll the best blunts so i think I fit well.

MichaelKlimkowski94 karma

We don't hold tryouts, but if you're in LA come guest on a video

traaak2105 karma

Have you been introduced to Justin Roiland? He is obsessed with Osteen. I think you two could do some great things together.

MichaelKlimkowski2238 karma

No I'd love to meet him I love Rick and Morty. Hook it up dude

iceburglettuce2038 karma

Do people ever get mad at you for looking like Joel Osteen, after telling them you’re not him?

MichaelKlimkowski2242 karma

Not mad, but impossibly disappointed. Just kidding. No they liked the gag

Frajer1486 karma

What inspired the stunt?

MichaelKlimkowski2939 karma

I didn't necessarily want to do this I had to. With our uncanny resemblance it was insane.

sobuffalo911 karma

You look an awful lot like Littlefinger as well, maybe you should go to Washington?

MichaelKlimkowski2331 karma

Thank you, Chaos is a ladder that I will climb in my fancy joel suit

grayk47293 karma

Yeah you'd fit right in as a city councilor for a mid Atlantic city, say like Baltimore, hell you could probably even become mayor or some shit, or even governor.

vitamintrees121 karma

Straight out of The Wire

MichaelKlimkowski375 karma

Confession i am a white guy and i haven't seen the wire

DysthymianRhapsody413 karma

The Joel Osteen we need, but don't deserve.

MichaelKlimkowski261 karma

love this

tonysoprano141467 karma

Did you want to take your shirt off?

MichaelKlimkowski2030 karma

For sure I have semi-jacked abs

danny2787386 karma

Can we see?

TechnoCowboy465 karma

J.O. would like to give people a little peek.

Aboleth_Whisperer206 karma

It is said that one who both is and is not JO will come to evolve our JO crystals to the next level with his pearlescent energies and pretty decent abs.

edit: /u/MichaelKlimkowski eats JO crystals.

MichaelKlimkowski629 karma

I eat precious crystals and minerals every day and then to 1,000 sit ups to maintain my chiseled 6pack. Also, I do crossfit. JK JK

gjon8994 karma

If you check out his new video he's shirtless.

MichaelKlimkowski151 karma

Yeah check out ostend' day off

MichaelKlimkowski195 karma

Osteen's day off*

Guy_In_Florida1221 karma

We are having a retrospective on the comedic stylings of Mr. Martin Short, would you be available to attend?

MichaelKlimkowski978 karma

I'm in LA are you in Florida? I love Martin Short!!!

Bing_Bong_the_Archer437 karma

Hey I’M in LA. You should make some short Osteen parody videos

MichaelKlimkowski528 karma

Osteen playlist on my youtube:

MichaelKlimkowski1183 karma

Thank you guys I am sigingin off now!! I'm glad you enjoyed the video I'm always posting more with! I've got to go to work and park cars now ahahah! Have a, "Blessed Day!"

NeverTopComment1121 karma

What was the nuttiest thing you heard a church member say, whether to you, or something you overheard?

MichaelKlimkowski2659 karma

I specifically told a lady I wasn't joel because she was getting too emotional and she refused to believe i wasn't him.

TechnoCowboy1007 karma

Did you at any point reasonably believe you were going to jail? It might be intimidating but they had literally no grounds to arrest you. Maybe things are different up here in Canada, but seems like the most they could do is remove you from the premises.

MichaelKlimkowski1736 karma

Oh yeah we were all scared we were going to jail. I didn't want to go to jail and for some reason I was alike ahhhh I'm gonna have to call my mom.

MichaelKlimkowski2541 karma

My siblings are lawyers also, and when I told them about it they seemed confident that all we couldn't really have been charged with anything besides being big balled comedy boyzzz

SensibleMadness270 karma

I'm sure the cops considered arresting you but then decided having to go through life looking like Joel Osteen is punishment enough.

Seriously though, in the video you keep asking for a beer. Did you know Osteen doesn't drink and that was part of the joke? Were you afraid that would blow your cover?

MichaelKlimkowski297 karma

Yes our original premise was to go to things joke would never do. Check this out:

TechnoCowboy108 karma

Thanks for answering! Couple followups if you have time. I read somewhere that the cops thought it was funny. Were you joking around with them? Did their reaction to it make the security guard real salty?

MichaelKlimkowski268 karma

Once they figures out we were a small crew and doing a comedy video the security guy calmed down. The cops were never amped up.

MichaelKlimkowski190 karma

The cops were all very nice!

Bob-Sacamano_24 karma

In most of the United States, and especially in California, he could have been arrested for trespassing if someone wanted to push the issue.

TechnoCowboy63 karma

Wouldn't he have to not comply with a request to leave the premises first? It seems like entrapment to not let him leave (they block his exit) and then charge with trespassing.

MichaelKlimkowski19 karma

I thin they event security wanted to cover their butts

hiroki1998990 karma

How many beers did you get at the event?

MichaelKlimkowski1626 karma

oh bummer they weren't selling beers, but I had a few after

Anoma1y695 karma

Are you worried Joel Osteen will now attempt to take some sort of legal action against you?

MichaelKlimkowski1210 karma

No. There isn't really anything bad we did. This is probably good press for him

kuzndave681 karma

The video was a blast. Did you have any ideas of what to say/do if you came face to face with J.O?

MichaelKlimkowski1083 karma

I would ask him If I could go to the bank for him. Cash a check!!!

Matt463789620 karma

Are you going to try and do this again? Did the guy that asked you if you knew his name tattle on you to security?

MichaelKlimkowski975 karma

We are definitely going to do something again! That guy didn't give us away, security came through the fences right as that was happening and we bolted out of the arena

Air_Hellair460 karma

Kudos for pranking a religious event without turning it into an anti-religion circlejerk. Is a hot dog a sandwich?

MichaelKlimkowski355 karma

Yeah I wanted to steal clear of any stance on religion. People have their beliefs I respect those. This video was just meant to be a roller coaster of a ride! evoke laugh and joy

MichaelKlimkowski301 karma

A hot dog is not a sandwich to me! It's a back up when there's no decent burger

matthank413 karma

That was sweet. What sort of stuff did you leave out?

MichaelKlimkowski1057 karma

It was super fun! We left out some stuff of people opening up and me having to break character to keep things from getting out of the comedy realm.

stoicassistant292 karma

Wow that's real. That's the stuff that made me reluctant to watch your video because I did not want to have to deal with that awkwardness

MichaelKlimkowski1469 karma

agreed. Some people love that awkward stuff. I never wanted the joke to be the people I was interacting with. I wanted to see what absurdities I could get away with as Joel

spencersschmidt349 karma

Have you ever met J.O? If so what was his reaction?

MichaelKlimkowski684 karma

Id did meet JO at a book signing. They kicked us out for filming there so we couldn't get the reaction of his. It was mellow and lackluster anyway.

believe_in_yoself268 karma

How much rehearsal did you do going into this versus doing it on the fly?

MichaelKlimkowski469 karma

I have don scripted Osteen videos before and those are more rehearsed for sure. At this point for this video I felt comfortable enough to stay in character and try something gonzo. Something different. We had to do something new this time around

15SecNut213 karma

How do we know you aren't just Joel Osteen impersonating Michael Klimkowski?

MichaelKlimkowski746 karma

I wake up and ask myself that question everyday in the mirror. then i look at my bank account and i know i'm michael

Jatexi208 karma

Hey, dude! Loved the video.

I tried to do a similar sort of thing (getting into an event without a pass) and was wondering what, in your experience - is the #1 most effective way to look or act like you belong in a place, in order to get in without a ticket?

Thanks so much for your time! :)

MichaelKlimkowski434 karma

Look exactly like the guy hosting the event! JK. Dude it was all about remaining calm and confident and acting like you belonged. Also, the fact that we had camera men with us and the director John Parr made it look very official.

NewAgeKook183 karma

What would you do differently if you could do the whole stunt over again and how would you react if you bumped into the real Joel?

Also are you of Polish descent ?

MichaelKlimkowski274 karma

Honestly we had a great crew!!! I would have tried to go deeper into the green room and get face to face if security didn't boot us hahah. I am of polish decent. Jindobre? Is that hello

TheBorker173 karma

If you had gotten on the stage, would you have tried to do a "practice" run?

MichaelKlimkowski570 karma

I would've done and on the spot sermon about how to maintain your rage while driving in LA

nasty_nater131 karma

Hey man! Do you think you'll be coming to Houston to fuck with Joel? Many of us hate the guy after how he handled Harvey victims. If you do hit me up I live down the street from Lakewood.

EDIT: moderators Joel-Osteen's-security-ed my post before because I didn't ask a question. Changed it.

MichaelKlimkowski134 karma

I want Joel to invite me to his event and I can do a little in character preaching. It would be gold!!

flard96 karma

How did the real police react when they showed up? Vs. the very "Christian" security guard we see in the video lol

MichaelKlimkowski217 karma

Real police were much chiller they were laughing saying how much i looked like joel hahaha. the security dude was the real presser

Hunt_er90 karma

Do you believe in him at all? Are you a man of faith, or are you (like most of us around here) disillusioned and disgusted by this man's actions (or lack thereof) in the wake of the tragedies in Houston?

MichaelKlimkowski214 karma

He handled the houston tragedy terribly. I actually did a video about it! It's called Hurricane Joel. I mean most televangelists are in it mostly for the money. Not to say they can't do some good for people, all I'm saying is I wouldn't take any money

fatgamer00772 karma

For all the people coming up to meet "Joel Osteen" and being shocked, did anyone point you out as an imposter?

MichaelKlimkowski147 karma

Some people knew i wasn't but they still loved it!

AnonymousJoe1287124566 karma

Are you planning on doing more of this and how did the idea come to mind?

Your impersonation of J.O was hilarious!

MichaelKlimkowski67 karma

I'm always putting up comedy with probably more joel for sure too. Idea can cause I look so much like him.

voxboxer54 karma

I'm digging your videos man, I see the start of a fortuitous new venture for you. My question is-how did you mentally prepare for your grand entrance? You look like you practiced some cordial lines, but how did you ward off the nervousness? Cause that was ballsy

MichaelKlimkowski66 karma

It was crazy I just trusted my dabsden buddies and we all had each other's backs and i had to double down on the character to get anywhere.

EndoftheRogue51 karma

Was that your house you shot the “osteen’s day off” video? If so it’s lovely and please invite me to do coke with you

MichaelKlimkowski56 karma

ahahahahah I've valeted cars at houses like that!! That was a friend of the director of that video's friend. David Michor killed it on that video.

lifesmorefunspun41 karma

Is it hard being God?

MichaelKlimkowski56 karma

hahaha It's pretty easy since I'm my own boss. Vacation whenever I want!!!!

MagniGames24 karma

May sound dumb, but why didn't you just run at the end?? Were there cops there, or just security? I was thinking I would've just ran away lol. Were you tresspassed in the end?

MichaelKlimkowski39 karma

The directors john parr and reggie henke wanted more coverage. it's all about coverage. in the time we debated staying or going we were already being apprehended.

SilverL1ning18 karma

Would you consider doing on-the-go church rallies under the name 'Joel Osten' then actually donating the money to charity?

MichaelKlimkowski29 karma

That sounds like a great idea. Id expand to an all out comedy event try to get more comedians involved. Love this!

rafapova17 karma

Are you considering doing more stunts like this in the future?

MichaelKlimkowski29 karma

Definitely now after the positive buzz! Thank you!

Holy_Fuck_Balls12 karma

Did you call that guy on the security team out for the “sit on the fucking bench” remark? Seems like a man of God’s security guy would be a little bit more concerned with the Lord watching over him.
Also, as a Houstonian, you should have been tellin them “Bless your heart” instead of “God bless you” since that’s basically a kind hearted “fuck you” in Texas. They’d have never known! It’s the perfect crime!

MichaelKlimkowski17 karma

WE all kinda laughed when he said that. We were scared of going to jail for sure but that caught us off guard

erehn26 karma

Can you post links to some of your other Joel videos? They are all amazing!

MichaelKlimkowski19 karma

here is one that's gold

My channel has a ton of videos. Also, tonysoprano14 will be posting links as well

dabsden4205 karma

Who's the funniest member of dabs den? The smartest? The hottest?

MichaelKlimkowski7 karma

John Parr

Sumidiotdude4 karma

what's the most famous movie that you haven't seen?

MichaelKlimkowski10 karma

Citizen Cane

Kwiatkowski3 karma

So how many different pronunciations have you heard of your last name?

MichaelKlimkowski4 karma

mainly people just skip the L

ryanleebmw3 karma

Are you banned from any churches after this?

MichaelKlimkowski4 karma

No i pay good money jk jk jk

danny27873 karma

Do you have any future plans to crash another event?

MichaelKlimkowski12 karma

I'd love to open up for Osteen do some jokes in character. and Possibly crash idk

Jason_Viper3 karma

That video was hilarious! I'm curious, are you a religious man at all IRL?

MichaelKlimkowski8 karma

I'm Catholic! I am a CEO Christmas Easter Only. Pascal!

pnoeric3 karma

So how did it end? Security just hassled you and then you eventually got up and left?

MichaelKlimkowski12 karma

No they escorted us off property in some nice limo golf carts. I wanted to ride reverse cause that's most badass way, but I had to sit in them middle seat

Whenyathinkaboutit2 karma

How would you have reacted if someone you went up to claimed to have been faith healed by you?

MichaelKlimkowski13 karma

I would've broke character for that I don't wanna intrude on anyone's actual faith or anything. a scripted bit of that would be great though

Ferragho2 karma

Do you know of Joel osteen's response or if he knew about it? How much preparation did you do to ready yourself for this event?(his speech patterns, hairstyle, mannerisms, ect.)

MichaelKlimkowski7 karma

WE were contacted by a news source in houston today they said that wasn't his crazy security guy. I think I cut him in line for a hot dog earlier and he wanted revenge so he posed as a security guy. JK

MustardMan0072 karma

What's your personal opinion of Joel? I know his public image has been shifted slightly because of what happened during Harvey.

Also, how often do people mistake you for him outside of his events?

MichaelKlimkowski10 karma

I do my best to not judge joel, though is harvey fiasco made it tough not too. I have created my own joel persona and try to focus on that

bamfbamfbamf2 karma

Did you have a plan in case you ran into Joel? Loved your video, haven't laughed that hard in ages!

MichaelKlimkowski21 karma

I would've asked for his debit card

makemyday0072 karma

Did they arrest you?

MichaelKlimkowski6 karma

no just booted and never can go back

PigSlam3 karma

To the LA Forum, or to a Joel Osteen event?

MichaelKlimkowski6 karma


nutwacker2 karma

Did anyone in the crowd recognize you as an imposter at any point? And if so how did you react

MichaelKlimkowski6 karma

Yes some guy new and asked me about another paster.

sippysippy132 karma

The video was fantastic. Well done! Did anyone ask you to heal them, or do anything else that was kind of beyond your comfort zone (outside of just smiling and waving to the crowd)?

MichaelKlimkowski8 karma

I tried to keep it moving fast to keep from getting to that. If I did that falsely to somebody it might be too hurtful.

MichaelKlimkowski3 karma

This is Jay Farnie's content he edited the video. He's a beast

Tidus47132 karma

Favorite pizza topping?

MichaelKlimkowski6 karma

Stuffed spinach giradano's it's technically a stuffing not a topping in know. Topping plain old pepperoni

HanginLowNd2daLeft2 karma

Are you going to pursue a career in being the fake Joel ? I could really see some epic comedy coming from it

MichaelKlimkowski3 karma

Possibly, I'd love to do a charity tour with comedian's where i do a joel and they do other original characters. Make it like a comedic healing event. But give all donations to charity.

CityRiderRt191 karma

Thinking of opening a church or starting a cult?

MichaelKlimkowski3 karma

Cult baby! I'm in it for the tax cut and to influence your minds for my personal benefit.

etray1 karma

Have you any new characters or impressions in development since your Character Reel of May 2017?

MichaelKlimkowski2 karma

Yes I do a live character show every month called Character World at iO West. Scripted comedy is my passion. Please check out I'm making anew reel for SNL this year in the spring and to submit to JFL