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One of the big plot points in UC stories is when the criminals test the agent by having him commit a criminal act in front of them. Does that really happen? Did it happen to you?

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Kudos for pranking a religious event without turning it into an anti-religion circlejerk. Is a hot dog a sandwich?

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A new friend has as his girlfriend a transsexual woman, born a man. (I'm pretty sure she hasn't had reassignment surgery.)

I like both of them a lot and would like to reassure them that while we may have other differences, their love and her gender status are in no way a barrier to my liking them. Is there anything aside from treating them like my other friends to accomplish that?

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IDEA you write a crunchy theme and /r/MichaelGiacchino write a creamy theme, then we'll vote.

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The worst thing about the death of radio to me is we'll miss that experience of looking at the car next to us in traffic and seeing a beautiful girl bopping along to the same song as me, then I sing the next verse directly to her and she smiles and we pull away. How can I force pretty girls to notice me now that I'm using a Spotify playlist?