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We are having a retrospective on the comedic stylings of Mr. Martin Short, would you be available to attend?

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An average price for a "machine gun" is about $20,000.00 and must be purchased by a class 3 license holder. This is not a casual owner. No way these are "machine guns". Something is very wrong with the vernacular here.

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Do you have seizures?

In 1999 my wife suffered from extreme headaches, she went to probably five doctors who of course thought she was someone wanting drugs. She was literally about to take her life, went to the ER and some young intern asked her why her eyes were protruding. She had a fluid sack in the base of her skull the size of a lemon and full hydrocephalus. They did the surgery that night, put in the shunt and she got better over the next four weeks. She said "if I survive this, I'm getting myself into shape again and I'm going to live life for real. Fast forward three years, she's a body builder with a pro card and a nice clientele as a trainer. Then the seizures started. It's been ten years now she has fought an unknown seizure disorder, but all doctors say, "oh of course it has nothing to do with the shunt and hydrocephalus."

Best of luck with you struggle, I wish you and my wife could have lunch.

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This, is why I came here. Nailed it. My buddy is a funeral director, he says you are just in training until you have had to deal with someone that died and soaked in the bath tub for 24 hrs.

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I don't think my wife has ever talked to someone with it. She's had it since 99, she feels like a circus freak. Pretty sure we've never spoken to anyone that didn't look at us like we were nuts. We've seen every neurologist from University of Miami to U of Florida.