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kanejh19902418 karma

With this impersonating gig and acting etc.... do you make a decent living in general?

kanejh199044 karma

Hey Sonya, only a light hearted question from me :-)

Cute dog in the pic! Can you tell us a little bit about him/her?

Ps. Good luck with the future

kanejh19907 karma

Is being a Hollywood actress all glam and champagne? Or is there difficult periods like people in normal jobs?

kanejh19902 karma

I love that you mentioned navigating ego's. I reflect on this subject daily, Do you have any special technique to soften an ego? Or do you blag it as you go? Also sorry to go on but Is it easy to make a good living in Hollywood? Has there ever been a moment you have considers taking a 2nd job to pay some bills?

kanejh19902 karma

What, if anything has surprised you in your career?