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Are you still standing by your netflix show? It was very divisive, at least here on Reddit. Personally, I felt my intelligence insulted, and I'm someone who agrees with almost all your views.

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What was the nuttiest thing you heard a church member say, whether to you, or something you overheard?

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When I was a kid in New Hampshire (like 20 or so years ago) my friend was an extra in one of your movies. He said you ate lunch with him amd some others after an ice skating scene. I told him he was full of shit. Is there a chance he wasnt?

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My man

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Hi Barry. I am a chronic pain sufferer who has been insanely effected by the opioid epidemic. I feel as if we are often the forgotten victims in this terrible ordeal. Without getting too specific, some doctors and other medical professionals are so pre-occupied with the issue that it has negatively effected my care (to the point that one particular situation involving it almost drove me to suicide). Im not even talking about getting prescriptions, but just getting doctors to believe my pain and even attempt to treat me.

I completely understand the position that doctors are in in this day and age when it comes to pain relief and treatment, however from my knowingly biased point of view, I feel like chronic pain sufferers like myself have been pushed aside to deal with a, I will admit, bigger problem.

My question is, in your travels and with people you have spoken with, has anything related to this issue ever come up? Or with possible ways to deal with it moving forward?

Its bad enough going through life with chronic pain, but being accused of being a drug addict when you are going through that would put anyone over the edge.