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Were you surprised at the outrage from both sides after you fired James Comey?

edit: rogue apostrophe

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This is the best post in this thread.

michaelasaysrelax819 karma

Do you give a disclaimer to people before engaging in sexual activity that involves your penis, or do you surprise them? Also, what's the worst sexual experience you have had related to your dong, and what's the best?

Side note: I expected it to be smaller, honestly.

UndersizedCub933 karma

It only took one or two surprises for me to learn to let people know early on lol. As for my worst sexual experience, it was losing my virginity at about 18. She thought I wasn't erect, and when she realized I was, she tried REALLY hard not to laugh. She was really sweet, and honestly, I don't blame her. She hardly felt it when it was in, and I finished after about 30 seconds. Everyone's first time is bad, but, that felt especially bad lol

As for best, it's hard to say, since I've had my fair share of good experiences.

michaelasaysrelax196 karma

Thank you for honest response! I'm rather curious as a rule, and I appreciate your candid approach. Okay, two more questions: if you can't think of your best experience, what is one that is memorable on the pleasant side of things? Also, how does the conversation usually go when you tell them about your penis?

UndersizedCub289 karma

I dated a really nice guy for about a year. Our first time was pretty good. He went down on me, which is a bit of a rarity for me, and it was just really intimate and nice. Great orgasm too. Afterwards, I bottomed for him. It was my first time doing so, but he was really patient and it went pretty well.

As for the conversation, they usually think I'm joking at first. Afterwards it can be really different, depending on who I'm talking to. People react very differently to a tiny penis lol.

advertisingsucks127 karma

Do you think having a micropenis in any way influenced your attraction to guys instead of vagina?

UndersizedCub248 karma

Honestly, probably. I don't know how I feel about the whole nature vs nurture thing, but I wasn't into guys at all as a teenager.

upvoteguy1244 karma

Basically you just doubled your odds on getting laid.

UndersizedCub215 karma

It's hard to say. I mean, I didn't DECIDE to like guys or anything. It just sort of happened around 18/19.

EndlessEnds30 karma

To be honest, I don't think it is "really sweet" of her to "try not to laugh." I can't imagine laughing at a woman as she removes her bra with all the padding, etc.

Anyway, I wish you the best, and I am glad you have a positive attitude about something that should not define you at all.

UndersizedCub69 karma

We were teenagers, and I could tell she felt really bad. Honestly, I don't expect teenagers to react that much differently to something like that. We stayed friends for a while, but we were never really romantically interested in each other in the first place.

Adragalus626 karma

I assume you mean 46 millimeters?

46 cm is a hair over 18 inches, and nearly a half-meter XD

UndersizedCub435 karma

Fixed. My finger missed the decimal lol.

Winsane674 karma

Dang microfingers

UndersizedCub1045 karma

I'm not Donald Trump.

aj_ramone588 karma

You have a bigger dick at least.

UndersizedCub545 karma

Also true

MoonStache45 karma

You and your dong can have a beer on me any time just so you know.

UndersizedCub78 karma

Sounds good. That's two beers, though. One for each of us.

E5Scoot-198 karma

Assuming that gross dick pic is op's there's no way 4.6 millimeters is accurate either. That'd be. 0.18 inches.

  1. Dick pics are gross
  2. I wasn't the one who suggested this guys dick is 4.6 millimeters, I was the one who said that it's obviously bigger than that.

michaelasaysrelax27 karma

I wonder how many downvotes you're gonna end up with after this. Probably a lot. Jerk.

UndersizedCub31 karma

Believe me, I've heard a lot worse lol.

pipinngreppin462 karma

Do you drive a lifted 4x4 truck?

UndersizedCub561 karma

Nope. I drive a VW Beetle. Might as well be forward about it. ;)

tiamdi425 karma

Did you know that drinking Anaconda Malt Liquor would lead to your condition?

UndersizedCub360 karma

Guess I should have eased up on the drinking as a fetus.

Absobloodylootely307 karma

I've had two BFs with micro-penises. To me it isn't an issue at all. They worked the tool they had to great effect. ;-)

Each time though it has been really difficult to know how to convey that to them, or knowing whether it is best to simply say nothing. First guy I praised his penis, and that backfired. He got angry and accused me of sarcasm.

Any tips? Especially wrt guys who haven't quite embraced the situation as you have?

UndersizedCub316 karma

Honestly, just be patient. Every guy handles it differently. Try not to mention it at all, and if he asks, just be reassuring. And go down on him. A lot.

briareus0822 karma

Since you have experience (this is also for /u/UndersizedCub) - does this one actually classify as a micropenis? I've seen guys with smaller, like literally pinkie-sized. I'm thinking OP could still get some work done with what he's got.

UndersizedCub43 karma

Anything under 7cm is a micropenis

supershawninspace273 karma

I'm sure there's fetishists that would fetishize a micropenis. Have you come across any? If so, is the attention welcomed by you?

UndersizedCub404 karma

Yes I have, and yes it is. They aren't great for dating, since they only care about one part of me but they can be fun for a roll in the hay.

dd3mon143 karma

And I'm guessing they're all dudes...

UndersizedCub252 karma

Mostly. There is a lady here and there, though.

jotarowinkey42 karma

honestly im in love with your micropenis and its fetishistic but at the same time i could never date just for sex. like you would have to be super cool or my fetish wouldnt be enough to keep me around. theres gotta be men or women that are super turned on by it but still are into other aspects of you.

UndersizedCub41 karma

Thanks! And there are. You just gotta find em

AnnieNonymous182 karma

It is actually bigger than I thought for a "micro" penis. Is there a size range that classifies genitalia as micro?

UndersizedCub169 karma

Anything smaller than 7cm.

ipissredditorsoff221 karma

.... Fuck

UndersizedCub152 karma

Sorry m8

introverted_troll123 karma

I had to pull out a ruler to double check if I had undiagnosed micropenis.

UndersizedCub101 karma

... And? Are you?

TTTT27150 karma

Do you have any issues using condoms? What kind do you use?

UndersizedCub240 karma

I have special ordered ones form my doctor. They don't come into play much, because I don't tend to do penetrative sex much.

supergoof7142 karma

you seem pretty open and upbeat for having something that some people might consider... un upbeat. how do you stay positive?

UndersizedCub284 karma

I wasn't always so positive, to be honest. I have dealt with a lot of depression, and still do. I started this thread today because I was in a pretty high self esteem kind of mood. Really, it's just learning to stop worrying about it so much. Everybody is SOMEBODY's type. Sure, my pool might be smaller than most peoples, but hey. That just makes finding good sexual partners easier.

superfuels121 karma

Everybody is SOMEBODY's type

I tell this to my friends who are shy or who think women are some big mystery. You got a shitty roll in the genetic lottery but I think youre handling it well. A lot of girls out there are willing to accept great oral and toys and hands etc if you're good and they like your personality.

UndersizedCub113 karma

It's true. Not matter what you look like, or who you are, someone out there thinks you're a 10/10.

pc14128 karma

How have your sexual experiences differed between the sexes? Do you find men or women to be more understanding/ non judgemental?

UndersizedCub193 karma

Men tend to be better about it. Plus, there is a pretty large pool of gay men who enjoy small penises. With women, its always something to overcome. A lot of men early want it.

BeatMastaD68 karma

Do you think the 'comfort' of a smaller penis for a top is why some men like it?

With men, do you bottom, top, or both? (generally)

Do you think men are more understanding because they understand the 'size anxiety' of being a male, or is it more your experience that these men are sexually attracted to your penis because of its size?

UndersizedCub83 karma

Probably. I generally bottom. It tends to be better for me and my partners.

SaxyTimeReloaded352 karma

(Bottom is when you take the pee pee?)

UndersizedCub124 karma

Lol yes

t33po93 karma

When you first realized you were small, how did it affect your confidence?

UndersizedCub182 karma

Poorly. I was pretty devastated. Not only was my penis small, it was TINY. That's rough for a teenage boy.

t33po51 karma

Thanks for the honest answer. I once felt the same but realized it's not that bad after a while. More power to you!!

UndersizedCub69 karma

Whatever makes you happy, right? Everyone has some cross to bear. Mine is my penis lol.

mantistobogganmMD83 karma

Are you fertile?

UndersizedCub122 karma

Yup. My testes are totally normal.

aclickbaittitle79 karma

Thanks for doing this AMA. When was the first time you realized your penis was smaller than average?

UndersizedCub108 karma

No problem! My parents talked to me about my hormone shots pretty young, but it didn't really hit me until 8th grade gym class.

BigBlitz36 karma


UndersizedCub97 karma

I finally had other penises to compare it to in the locker room.

Aksi_Gu73 karma

I'm probably gonna get some flak for this but....

do you wish it was bigger?

Are you a grower or a shower?

If I'm honest, I actually expected it to be smaller than it is.

UndersizedCub141 karma

I do sometimes wish I was bigger but not as often as used to. But really, what guy DOESN'T wish his penis was different now and then? I'm a grower. When I'm flaccid, it's barley there. I'm not really comfortable showing that, to be honest. You shouldn't feel bad for asking, though. These are legitimate questions.

Aksi_Gu39 karma

Growers of the world unite! :D

So does that mean you've been lucky enough to never catch your penis in your zipper?

What sexual position do you find gives you (also your partner) the best results?

UndersizedCub26 karma

No I have not lol. Best sex position for penetrating is up on my knees, holding the girl's legs while she lays on her back.

No_Need_For_Pants18 karma

Can I ask how you pee? You said it's barely there when flaccid. How do you aim? What direction does it go to if you do it sitting down? I kind of imagine it just going forward.

UndersizedCub41 karma

I can go standing. I just have to hold the little nub just right.

dissenter_the_dragon59 karma

for the erection in the picture, what were you watching/thinking about?

UndersizedCub263 karma

Taking a picture for a reddit ama.

GastricallyStretched59 karma

How do you masturbate?

UndersizedCub104 karma

With my forefinger and thumb.

AtTheEolian49 karma

FYI to all: generally, anything under 7 cm is considered a micropenis.

For OP: were they able to identify what hormonal or health issue led to the underdevelopment of your penis?

UndersizedCub54 karma

They thought it might have been a genetic thing at first, but after a lot of testing that I don't remember, they think that it was because I didn't get enough testosterone when I was developing. It led to a GHD problem that caused me to be really small ss a kid, and delayed puberty.

fuidiot40 karma

Have you ever been dumped strictly because of your micropenis?

UndersizedCub90 karma

Yup. It's why I let people know what they are getting into before sex now.

bookham39 karma

I feel there is alot of pressure for men with a small penis to somehow compensate for it and still give there partner a good time. As in you have a small doodle so you better come up with something else for me. My question, have you had many partners who have taken it upon themselves to give you a good time because of your small willy? Because I'm sure many people could understand the damage you have received because of it, so they just be a great person and rock your world. Has this happens much?

UndersizedCub40 karma

A few times, actually. I've been with some rad people in my time.

frankztn34 karma

Does it affect how comfortable you are speaking to other people about sex?

UndersizedCub46 karma

Not really. In person, it's always awkward. Then again, I've always been a bit shy by nature anyway, even as a kid.

Succubic_Unicorn30 karma

Have you ever considered the selling point "You'll never gag by taking it all"?

EDIT: Second question - how effective/ineffective are chastity devices/cock cages on you? Have you ever tried one?

UndersizedCub14 karma

No I have not. To the second question yes I have, and they work pretty well, but you have to get the smallest size they have lol

ennuihenry1425 karma

Do you have a medical condition? Like low T or Panhypopituitarism?

UndersizedCub36 karma

I had low T and GHD as a kid, but after a delayed puberty, things sort of evened out. My penis just never grew to it's fill potential.

allesweiser24 karma

What's the difference in size when flaccid vs erect? Overall, have men or women been more understanding of your micro penis?

UndersizedCub49 karma

Flaccid, it mostly disappears into my abdomen lol. Men tend to be better about it.

JasonTreeguts24 karma

Shouldn't your user be undersized chub? Ha!

UndersizedCub63 karma

Cub is a gay slang term for a young, chubby guy!

JasonTreeguts45 karma

Oh I didn't even know that. I just want to let you know, I meant absolutely no disrespect.

UndersizedCub20 karma

It's totally fine.

tequilasundae23 karma

Have you had to wrestle with the desire to drive a large jacked up truck?

UndersizedCub282 karma

No, but for some reason I really want to start a company, star in a reality show, and then become president.

upvoteguy120 karma

Can I get a banana for scale?

UndersizedCub130 karma

Bananas come in different sizes. Like penises!

rutuu19919 karma

Have you ever seen a doctor about cosmetic surgery to increase the size?

Sorry if you arent comfortable talking about it

UndersizedCub33 karma

Yup. There ware ways, but they are all kind of minor, and could result in some pretty nasty side effects.

TheLastStarFighter_15 karma

Have you ever considered using attachments, prosthetics, or perhaps even cosmetic surgery? People do it for all kinds of reasons. Seems like the obvious solution at least for pleasing understanding partners and imparting some confidence in you.

UndersizedCub23 karma

I've used attachments and prosthetics. I don't know if I'd ever do surgery unless I knew for a fact it's wouldn't ruin my functionality. It may be small, but at least it works.

iwas99x13 karma

What is your major in college and what type of career do you want?

UndersizedCub17 karma


buckrogers1312 karma

I am sure you have been approached by sph fetish people. I am not micro but pretty small and I think the attention made me get a fetish. I am not very extreme with it but friendly teasing turns me on. Did you have the same experience Or is that a total turn off for you?

UndersizedCub13 karma

I enjoy it from time to time, as long as I get some good aftercare.

moviemaverick12 karma

have you ever had any one night stands because the person was curious just to see your penis and wanted to engage in sex with you? In other words has the fact that you have a micropenis actually worked in your favor for getting laid?

UndersizedCub18 karma

Yeah. Mostly with men, though. Gay guys are really curious, and wanna try a lot.

ThisIsTrix12 karma

Are there any special positions you find gives your partner more (for lack of a better word) depth?

UndersizedCub12 karma

The best, I find, is me on my knees, holding her legs, while she is on her back.

qCryptic12 karma

How has this affected your confidence when seeking a sexual partner?

UndersizedCub28 karma

Oh for sure. Especially since I've known since puberty that I had an usually small penis, and likely always would. That's pretty devastating for a teenage boy lol. Since then, I've learned to embrace it.

rouxedcadaver11 karma

Have you ever had a sexual partner ask "is it in yet"? If so how did you respond? Do you think there is a tactful way of going about asking if it's in yet?

UndersizedCub18 karma

It happened the first time. I was embarassed, obviously lol. Nowadays, we talk about it beforehand to avoid such questions lol

rockinsamshouse11 karma

any tips for better oral? you mentioned you were good at it. also has anyone ever questioned if you were trans or anything regarding gender? how did you react?

UndersizedCub30 karma

Honestly? Learn to read body language And don't put too much attention the clit. The WHOOOLE vulva is your playground. Explore it. As for the trans thing, no. I have fairly prominent balls.

_SirSarcasm_11 karma

Was it difficult for you to accept it and move on, or were you always okay with the size? If it was hard to accept it, how did you get over it?

UndersizedCub43 karma

Oh it was super difficult. It still is, sometimes. It's all about finding the right sexual partners. Cut out negative people in your life, and learn to love yourself. It's cheesy, but true.

iwas99x10 karma

Why do an AMA?

UndersizedCub53 karma

Because when I tell people on the internet about it they always have a million questions, so I figured other people must too. Plus, it's good for my self esteem to get stuff off my chest.

iwas99x6 karma

Do you show and tell to other people?

UndersizedCub9 karma


GTH109 karma

I give my girlfriend some of the best orgasms with my penis while I'm outside of her, have you ever given that a shot? Size doesn't matter in that case, just technique

UndersizedCub29 karma

Yeah, but I prefer to use my mouth. I'm better with it.

realestcereal5 karma

Hey, sorry in advance, this question is about being bisexual.

I'm bi and closeted in a pretty damn conservative area (my school can kick me out if they catch me holding hands with a guy), but I'm also itching to date a guy. What are the differences between dating guys and girls? Is one easier or more natural than the other?

Thanks so much for doing this AMA!

UndersizedCub9 karma

Guys tend to be more forward, and seem to expect less. Girls are often coy, but guys will tell you what they want.

chokemo_girls5 karma

Do you think you would still be gay if you had a "normal or above" penis? Or would you be bisexual?

UndersizedCub26 karma

I am bisexual. I'm sure my sexuality would be different if I had a big, or even below average penis, but then again, who's wouldn't be?

chokemo_girls7 karma

I don't really know if the answer is so evident, that is why I asked.

If I had a 4cm penis or 35cm penis instead of a 25cm penis I don't think it would change my attraction to the sexes.

Also, you should update your post with a glory shot of your dick's profile because it is hard to evaluate size from the angle you posted. It at least looks like you have some girth, right?

UndersizedCub8 karma

Honestly, it's hard to say. I mean, trying to imagine myself with a different penis is basically impossible. How am I supposed to know how I would be different as a person, you know? All I can do is speculate.

As for the picture, I can try, but my little guy tends to be a bit camera shy. Just getting that one was tough. My girth is a nice bit below average, bit it's definitely better than my length.

TwHProx4 karma

Have you ever had to deal with a friend complaining about having an small penis, lets say 10 cm for instance, and what happened? How you felt and how he felt afterwards. I know it is a weird question, but I'm curious.

UndersizedCub9 karma

All the time. i tend to just snicker internally and roll my eyes. They don't know how lucky they are.

drulludanni3 karma

Is it hereditary? Or do you not have any idea of your father's size?

UndersizedCub3 karma

No, and no.

Dan4t2 karma

Have you considered transitioning into a woman and just getting it removed?

UndersizedCub3 karma

Honestly, they thought has occurred to me, but I enjoy being a man.

iwas99x2 karma

What cant you decide on liking either one gender? Bisexual seems indecisive, doesn't it?

UndersizedCub2 karma

Why have chocolate or vanilla when you could have a swirl?

iwas99x2 karma

That implies a 3 some. Not really a good example.

UndersizedCub2 karma

I've had threesomes!

Paradigm67901 karma

I'm pretty sure there exists a legit surgery for that. Have you looked into it?

UndersizedCub2 karma

There is. And it comes with a lot of nasty side effects.

kemb01 karma

Have you made an extra effort to be super attentive to women's needs in the bedroom, intending them to go away with a pleasurable experience? Not saying everyone shouldn't anyway, just sometimes our personal situation forces us to be more aware of each other.

UndersizedCub8 karma

Honestly, I just got really good at oral, and with toys. I've long since accepted that my little guy doesn't do a whole lot for women without some (Read: a lot of) help

[deleted]-14 karma


UndersizedCub14 karma

You'd be surprised how many women don't seem to care about deep dickings. It's all about finding someone compatible, you know?

Bilsendorfdragmire1 karma

Did your size influence your choice in sexuality? As in, not saying sexuality is a choice, but if you're bi, do you prefer to have sex with men rather than women because you feel you wouldnt be able to pleasure a woman effectively?

UndersizedCub3 karma

Yeah. I prefer men, because a lot of male tops tend to like small penises on a man. Sex with women can be frustrating, for various reasons, but if I really like a girl, I still try.

Bilsendorfdragmire-4 karma

Yeah i figured. Lots of tops want their bottoms to be sissies or at least smaller than them. It's cruel that women are trained by society to laugh at small penises.

Also, would/have you ever considered buying a strap on that gives you a decent 6-7 incher for women that you really like? Thatd be something id offer to a girl if i had a micro-peene.

UndersizedCub7 karma

I mean, that's sort of a narrow view, I think, but sure. Whatever stimulates your world view.

Ask_A_Sadist1 karma

Are you into any weird sexual kinks?

UndersizedCub1 karma

Who isn't?

iwas99x1 karma

How often are you on Reddit and what are your favorite subreddits?

UndersizedCub1 karma

I'm new here! :D

KitchitiKipi1 karma

Ever looked into a dick sheath? Spencers sells them, its literally just like a gelly thing that goes over your dick to make it thicker/slightly longer. Im not saying its a go-to everytime, and I see you use toys regularly (awesome job on your part btw) but I can imagine it might just be a little more intimate to be slightly larger inside your SO.

UndersizedCub3 karma

Yeah, I've used them. hard to find one small enough though

Militant-Ginger0 karma

Are you circumcised?

UndersizedCub3 karma


[deleted]-3 karma


UndersizedCub17 karma

If you want a date, you can just ask ;)

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