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Have you ever considered the selling point "You'll never gag by taking it all"?

EDIT: Second question - how effective/ineffective are chastity devices/cock cages on you? Have you ever tried one?

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Hi Timothy. My husband (also a Timothy) highly recommends your books. I love Star Wars, and I'd like to get started on your works. Which one would you recommend starting with? Thank you!

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That's actually exactly what my Timothy recommended (Heir to the Empire)! I guess with such unanimity I'd better get reading.

Thank you so much for answering, and as a last question asked in complete admiration: what advice do you have for an aspiring author?

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Is there any way to do this without having to pay? I understand that it's a volunteer effort, but I don't even begin to have enough to pay to get a spot on the ship. Are there programs for that?

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Fair answer, thank you.

I suppose if you get a size that's too large, you could stuff a few cotton balls in XD