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I've had two BFs with micro-penises. To me it isn't an issue at all. They worked the tool they had to great effect. ;-)

Each time though it has been really difficult to know how to convey that to them, or knowing whether it is best to simply say nothing. First guy I praised his penis, and that backfired. He got angry and accused me of sarcasm.

Any tips? Especially wrt guys who haven't quite embraced the situation as you have?

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The alternative-right have created a narrative of Sweden being on the verge of collapse due to muslims. I am sure that with your role you often get confronted with this perspective.

How do you refute this false narrative when you come across it?

Do ordinary Swedes know about this narrative? If so, what has the reaction been in Sweden?

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Thanks for this.

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This case illustrates how incredibly important a quality press is to democracy. Thank you both for your service.

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No question, just: great stunt, very effective at bringing focus on an important issue, and a big thank you.