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Where's Wallace?

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I feel the name thing is more to 'personalize' your experience. Same with the animations and jokes. Domino's wants to make the entire process feel friendly and personable. Hence the nicknames. Big trend in restaurants lately, especially chains. "Think of us as your funny buddies!"

Nah. I don't pay my buddies to make me food from a set menu. I don't want personal. I don't even want my name on the cup at fucking Starbucks. I give you money, you give me a product. All I need.

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ever fuck around and get dunked on?

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Who was better; Biggie or Pac?

edit: I hate Reddit sometimes. "lets downvote this question because we don't feel asking a question about music is OK when someone says 'ask me anything' "

edit 2: Reddit's cool. Like a lot of people, I let 3 or 4 anonymous people color the way I saw thousands and thousands of people.

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Who are your top 3 favorite rappers dead or alive?