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What's the pay like?

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FYI to all: generally, anything under 7 cm is considered a micropenis.

For OP: were they able to identify what hormonal or health issue led to the underdevelopment of your penis?

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I worked with a young woman who had a similar issue, though not 22 hours a day. Turned out she had kind of a complex array of practically subclinical stuff happening - mild inflammatory issues, mild sleep apnea, and a cycle of medication. She did a single overnight study and met with docs a few times and something that had been going on almost her entire adult life was suddenly cured. It made such a huge difference in her quality of life.

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There are lots of ill-fated projects like this.

I worked on a project where motorized bikes or mopeds were provided to girls because no schools were available locally. Instead of using the mopeds for the girls, families sold them for money for food or gave them to their sons.

The sorts of drives or marathons like OP is describing usually aren't worth it financially unless some celebrity donor gets involved, or they have sponsors.

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I'm really sorry this happened to you, and that it has taken so much of your life. It must be infuriating to see your rapist make millions and have the support of Hollywood stars.

What would you like to tell people? What can we do to support you, and women like you?