Edit: Thanks for all the questions everyone. The store is closing in 18 minutes, and you better believe I'm not staying here a second longer than I have to. Stay safe out there Internets!

I recently became the General Manager for a location in West Columbia South Carolina. One of the biggest in the state, not that that's saying much, but we see a lot of customers here.

Though I still perform the same duties here at this store, my previous job involved going to every location around my area and cutting the locks off of storage units which where in "lein" status, and prep them to be sold at auction. Now I only perform this for my own store, not all of them.

I'm also writing a book documenting some of my favorite/most insane customers called "Why You Need Books For?" so keep a look out!

Anyway, it's a slow day here at the store, so fire away!



Edit: Found the picture of the bucket of poo! Enjoy?

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iiooiooi150 karma

Do you ever have anyone default on their payments long enough that their unit goes to auction, only to have them come back and bid on their own possessions?

No_Warhawkz131 karma

Hasn't happened yet, though its been threatened to me. Don't quote me, but I think there may be some sort of statute about it?

QuoteMe-Bot293 karma

Hasn't happened yet, though its been threatened to me. Don't quote me, but I think there may be some sort of statute about it?

~ /u/No_Warhawkz

No_Warhawkz231 karma

I said DON'T quote me!

QuoteMe-Bot233 karma

I said DON'T quote me!

~ /u/No_Warhawkz

No_Warhawkz153 karma

You sunnuva....

SoundBearier19 karma

How would that even be a threat? People are weird.

No_Warhawkz88 karma

Yeah... like I don't PERSONALLY care. It's like when people threaten to "never come back". That's not so much a threat as it is a blessing.

MundiMori7 karma

Statute saying what? That they can't bid or that you have to give it to them or what?

No_Warhawkz14 karma

They can't bid. We will not give anyone anything unless special arrangements were made via corporate.

sup3rnint3ndo26 karma

People would try to do this when i worked in storage, because we did online auctions. The rest of the money owed goes to collections anyway and they only had 48 hours to clean out the unit entirely before they got locked out and charged more.

mistab77711 karma

At the company I worked for I believe you had 48 hours to empty it, then after that unless something was worked out with management we could basically just throw the rest of the unit away ourselves and send them the bill.

No_Warhawkz10 karma

That's pretty much what our rule is. 99% of folks are good about it. The other 1% usually let us know ahead of time and we happily make arrangements.

trustmeimahuman11 karma

I also work storage. The person who "owns" the unit is not allowed to bid, but they could technically send friends or family to bid. That doesn't mean they'll win it back though and they don't get to retain ownership of the unit. You buy it you got to get the hell out.

No_Warhawkz10 karma

Yup. You got 48 hours to clear out a auctioned unit. Then we will lock it back up and throw everything away.

Link1021l146 karma

How long have you been waiting to call yourself an angel of death?

No_Warhawkz314 karma

Since I was 14 playing Halo 2 online.

MissMyself12363 karma

I have so many questions! This has always been intriguing to me. What's the craziest/scariest/most odd items you've found when opening a unit? Craziest customer story?

No_Warhawkz223 karma

Weirdest item? We've found some crazy stuff. From buckets of poo, to my personal favorite: A rubber chicken with huuuuge boobs. I wrote on the official, legal paper "Sexy Rubber Chicken" as part of their inventory.
Crazy customers? The one which stands out, was a lady who came to get into her storage unit at 6:59 pm (a minute before we closed) and unpacked her 10x15 unit into the isle. She then slept there overnight, and asked us to make coffee for her in the morning. We don't have a coffee maker, so I said so. She rummaged around in her unit, found a coffee maker and an old bag of coffee, found a power outlet, and made coffee on the concrete. Good times.

breydonw60 karma

Jesus what a nightmare of a woman. Hands down more interesting than any episode of Storage Wars.

No_Warhawkz77 karma

She spent about 45 hours in total unpacking her unit and then getting flustered about something. My boss happened to roll by and they had a little yelling match for a few minutes. People are weird. She ended up getting auctioned though.

SoundBearier61 karma

She ended up getting auctioned though.

How much did you get for her?

No_Warhawkz67 karma

About 150 ish.

MissMyself12329 karma

Have you ever found someone living out of their unit?

No_Warhawkz87 karma

All the time. Especially at out down town location. People will pay 54.95 a month to live in a climate controlled unit with 24 hour access. We often find beds and other items which suggest someone is living in it.

SoundBearier26 karma

I assume this is prohibited by the terms of their contract, isn't it?

No_Warhawkz56 karma

I haven't read the entire agreement front to back, but it might be. My eyes are good, but not good enough to read 8 pages of .6 font.

SoundBearier17 karma

So do you let them carry on with it?

No_Warhawkz76 karma

No. If we find evidence of someone living in the unit we will evict them.
Edit, read that wrong.
We haven't found anyone going that route (that I know of) but if we did I assume they would ask them to step out.
Edit again: I had an aneurysm and thought this was about something else. You absolutely cannot live in your unit. It's illegal, and against your storage contract.

adhdnd22 karma

This is weird. My friend's dad owns a storage company, they say it is impossible for anyone to pull this off. Everyone gets a code. They type the code at the gate in order to get in, and they type the code in order to get out. Any open codes that don't have an exit put in show up on the computer screen. When they close up for the night they drag the people out who haven't left yet. Impossible to live in their storage units.

No_Warhawkz36 karma

That's true if you don't have 24 hour access. If you do, however, then you can come and go as you please. We drive around our units every night to make sure everything seems in order, but some locations have 600+ rooms and it's impossible to catch everything.

DohnDo11 karma

How are situations like that handled? Any restrictions on how long someone can hang out in a 24 hour access storage unit?

No_Warhawkz22 karma

There isn't really a precedent, because most people don't want to be there very long. Once we noticed her there most of the day, I told her to get it cleaned up ASAP. Eventually she called in a friend for help and they sorted it out.
Edit: Word

hahka7 karma

Do you guys charge extra to customers who use more energy than usual, for the ones that have units with outlets & power?

No_Warhawkz11 karma

None of out units have power directly at them. Some people are lucky and get an outlet if they are on the side of the building though. It honestly doesn't really cost the store much extra, because they won't use the power all the time. Usually just for a lite a couple of hours at night if they swing by.

Laykith9 karma

Might be a stupid question but is it illegal / against your ToS to live there?

No_Warhawkz20 karma

Yes. Yes it is.

Hugo_5t1gl1tz11 karma

You just said above you never read the entire agreement and that it only "might be"

No_Warhawkz21 karma

I probably got confused. It's illegal to live in your unit. I have no idea what the law/contract says about bidding on your own unit.

LemonRaven8 karma

...Bucket of poop?

No_Warhawkz18 karma

Yyyup. I found it in mid-July so you can imagine the smell. I'm certain I have pictures of it somewhere...

mayoriguana10 karma


No_Warhawkz26 karma

I don't think we sold that one.

ilikeitsharp61 karma

I used to watch storage wars until I realized how dumb & fake it was. But have you ever found any cool old firearms in lockers? I remember one time seeing that if the auctioneer saw the gun when the unit was opened that the weapon would be taken until the buyer of the unit did the proper paperwork. Is this true.

No_Warhawkz67 karma

We find a lot of weapons (the South). A lot of bullets and other types. There is some sort of law which give the person who bought the unit full ownership of every item they purchased. Including guns, motorcycles and cars. For the life of me I can't think of what it's called, and it's a bit of extra paperwork, but we don't hold anything.

CaptCurmudgeon60 karma

Do you appraise the items or hire an outside consultant?

Do you know why storage units are being built with a fever pitch in the northern part of SC, near Charlotte?

No_Warhawkz148 karma

We don't appraise individual items. We just start the unit at a price, and people will pay whatever they want to pay. Normally, items in the units aren't exciting. It's stuff like, a couch, an old washing machine, and some clothes.
Storage is interesting because after the initial cost of the building, there is little overhead. It just sits in place and makes money. All of our locations average about 90 percent full at all times, and even when we build 2,500 more units, it will still fill up to about 90%. I don't exactly understand it.

Winsane128 karma

I don't exactly understand it.

There are too many humans and they have too much stuff.

No_Warhawkz59 karma

That's probably true. Storage pops up like rabbit in spring. Not just my company either, little independent storage places too. It's crazy.

Clsjajll14 karma

Too bad you aren't the Angel of Cash or your probably find a way to open your own storage facility. Sounds like you'd know what you were getting into.

No_Warhawkz31 karma

Knowing about it is exactly why I would never open one.

thecraiggers16 karma

Aside from the crazies, what reasons are you thinking of? You made it sound pretty awesome a couple posts up where you said how you build a place and then it sits there and just prints money.

No_Warhawkz48 karma

It's mainly the crazies. I'm not a confrontational person, and this job requires a lot of confrontation. At least 5 times a month, I'm getting told by customers their insert family member died and that's why they want their late fees waived. When I say no, suddenly I'm a terrible person and am threatened with law suits and news crews and the lot.

Lukavian26 karma

This will sound like an awful tangent but I swear there's a connection.

There's a video, I think on his actual show "Louie," of Louis C.K. absolutely crushing this woman who would just not. Shut. Up during one of his performances. He gets just savage and she doesn't take the hint. Finally he drops this vicious insult and she sits there, open-mouthed for a second before saying "I could sue you."

I feel like threatening law suits is a generational thing, or perhaps a class thing on some level. It's the threat that you think will mean something, will scare someone, but usually common sense pretty quickly shows that you have zero legal ground whatsoever and would be laughed out of any lawyer's office for even suggesting it.

No_Warhawkz18 karma

Yeah. Also, I work for a 4 billion dollar company. They wouldn't be suing my store, they're suing my company. A multi national company. That usually doesn't go well.

AnAngryBitch25 karma

I can testify that this man doesn't lie. Source: friend worked in a storage facility and I stopped by to visit one day. THREE people were in the lobby and parking lot in hysterics, two were on the phone, the other wasn't. When I asked what the hell was going she just shrugged and said "They want their stuff but they haven't paid up and I'm not buying their 'lostmykidcarhousejob' stories." She ended up quitting not long after and said that the constant barrage of hard luck stories and sketch got to her.

No_Warhawkz39 karma

We also get a lot of people who claim there was a water/mold/rodent problem.
Me: Come on by so we can open your unit and I'll take some pictures.
Them: I threw everything away.
Me: Did you take pictures?
Them: No.
So... do you have proof?
Them: No.
Me: K.

metametamind109 karma

Money laundering. Let's say you run an international cocaine smuggling ring, and you want to re-patriate some of that cash.

  1. Buy a storage unit business.
  2. Using shell corporations or fake accounts, rent out 90% of your own units.
  3. Pay yourself rent in cash from your cocaine smuggling operation.
  4. Pay taxes on your fake income.
  5. Enjoy your cocaine profits as legal income without the hassle of running a "real" business that has lots of customer service.

No_Warhawkz14 karma

It's worth a shot. If you can pay the cost up front, all you have to do it sit back and watch yourself make money.

gillyboatbruff33 karma

I was given to understand that the vast majority of units had one extremely cool and rare item that is worth a lot of money.

No_Warhawkz17 karma

Unfortunately not. It's usually a bunch of trash. Sometimes the units don't even sell, and we have to throw everything away.

OmegaSE39 karma

Is Storage Hunters a real thing, or is the drama all set up?

No_Warhawkz82 karma

It's all set up. All the people who show up to the auction are given time to inspect the unit and decide what they will pay for it before the auction starts.

thatcuntholesteve35 karma

Have you ever had the authorities asking for the contents of any of the units?

No_Warhawkz49 karma

Rarely. I've only personally experienced it once, when they were investigating some drug related activities. They show up with a warrant, and we cut it open. There's a looot of paperwork on our part for that kind of stuff.

Mackinstyle8 karma

This may be the most boring question, but can you explain what a lot of paperwork is? I've always wondered this. What exactly is there to write/type about? How much more do you need other than a copy of the warrant, some signatures, dates, IDs, etc. ?

No_Warhawkz13 karma

Paper work includes, inventory of unit. The letters we've sent to their address on file (i.e. you're late, your're very late, we're selling your unit), notes we have made which tell the time and date of every call we made, their information we have on file, their alternate contacts, and their "ledger" which is basically just a big chart of what they owed to us over the course of having a unit here.

CaptCurmudgeon32 karma

What's the highest value locker you've ever seen sold?

P.S.Why would anyone default on payments and still have possessions that are worth decent value?

No_Warhawkz89 karma

I've seen one go for about 6,000 which had a Eagle Talon inside. Though once we saw a unit get sold for less than a hundred, and a little sewing table had a roll of cash with 5,000 in 100's.
And that's a good question. Honestly what it boils down to, (this is just speculation on my part) is that for some people aren't really sure what they're getting into. They get a month behind, then two, then three, then by that time they can't afford to pay 450 dollars to get anything out.
Edit: Sorry, I meat the car called an Eagle Talon

_ELAP_32 karma

Shout out to you, I live in West Columbia.

My question: do you ever snoop around in units?

No_Warhawkz75 karma

Only if something requires snooping. For instance, a unit which has a bunch of blue liquid pouring out of the bottom.

_ELAP_19 karma

Weird. As someone who had lived in WCOLA for quite some time, there are a lot of weirdos here and I bet you have some interesting stories.

Thanks for repping the Midlands!

No_Warhawkz15 karma

West Columbia is a weird place. Midlands FTW!

4_jacks16 karma


What was the blue liquid?

No_Warhawkz34 karma

Some kind of concentrated soap used to clean something heavy duty. It smelled horrible.

ardranor16 karma

Was...Was there a body?

No_Warhawkz13 karma

Not that I could see

princelabia30 karma

Find any bodies?

No_Warhawkz88 karma

Not personally, but in the upstate they found a poor guy who had been looking for something in his storage unit and had a massive heart attack. They were doing their daily walkaround, and found him stiff in a law chair.
The General Manager called my boss to ask what to do, but there was a communication break down.
GM: Customer in unit 2250... departed...
Boss: Well, move him out and rent it to someone else!
GM: No, I mean the guy died in his unit!
Boss: OH! Jesus!

SoundBearier86 karma

Boss: OH! Jesus!

GM: So... close it up and wait three days?

No_Warhawkz136 karma

We rolled a stone in front of it, but it turns out the guy just started to smell...

Divio4218 karma

I work at a storage facility in the same company as you in a different MCO. A few years ago they found a dead grandma in a storage unit about 7 miles north of here. She had been in there embalmed and everything for a good 10+ years I believe. Close enough that it could have easily happened at this facility.

No_Warhawkz14 karma

Yikes. We found a coffin once. Luckily for us it was empty. But it did give one of a guys a mild heart attack. What MCO are you at?

Divio424 karma


No_Warhawkz7 karma

South East represent. \m/

kokong3226 karma

Was there ever a lock you couldn't open?

No_Warhawkz50 karma

Never. We have PLENTY of tools to help me get into any lock I've come across.

things2small2failat23 karma

I rented a unit one time, hadn't started moving things in yet, and came back a week later to find my lock had been cut off. It was a lock with a magnetic key that I'd had for many years. Since I was there with a load of stuff to put in and no lock anymore, I had to buy one of theirs. I always wondered why they did that--to make sure it was a lock they could open whenever they wanted, or to get the six bucks for the new lock.

No_Warhawkz32 karma

I can't exactly say for that store, but for our store, we require a disc. lock on our units. However, we would never cut a customer lock unless it was for an auction. We would overlock their unit, and call them to tell them we needed them to purchase a disc lock. You don't have to get an specific brand of disc lock for us.

things2small2failat13 karma

Thanks. Nothing had been said upfront about type of lock. What's a disc lock and why is it a requirement?

No_Warhawkz41 karma

This is a disc lock. We require them because they are near impossible to cut with bolt cutters. The body of the lock protects the shackle, by covering most of it. They are much safer, and harder to open than traditional padlocks.

Rukutsk8 karma

How do you go about cutting open a lock like that?

No_Warhawkz10 karma

Drill, and some patience.

ilikeyourlight7 karma

That's comendable. I would have expected the opposite that the company would want to be able to get in easier so would want shittier locks. Does the company gaurantee the security of the contents?

No_Warhawkz11 karma

We offer insurance on our units, starting at 7.95 per month. That does cover theft though, which is rare but not unheard of.

snoozeflu16 karma

I'm going to use this lock. Let's see you get into my unit.

No_Warhawkz15 karma

Though it might blow through both my batteries and several blades, and 45 minutes, my angle grinder would probably take care of it :3

jarjarbrooks9 karma

Aaaand, now we know the secret.

No_Warhawkz13 karma

If I have to rely on the angle grinder, I'm doing it the hard way, or I missed the sweet spot for the lock. On a good day, I can get a lock off in under 15 seconds. (on a good day)

ilikeyourlight11 karma

Do you have any restrictions on how the customer secures the lockup? I'm thinking about things that block entry I guess "don't booby-trap the lockup" goes with out saying.

No_Warhawkz21 karma

Hah! The only thing we require is a special type of lock called a Discus Lock. Outside of that there isn't really anything. But some people are piss poor at storing things, so when I open them to take inventory, a bunch of stuff will avalanche out of the unit.

happydish6 karma

Sort of related to this, are there types/brands locks that are 'better', more resistant? Any that are really easy to cut that should be avoid?

No_Warhawkz31 karma

All disc locks I've come across are near impossible to cut off unless you know this one simple trick which makes locksmiths hate you. Our store's brand is a solid lock, but I also like these Word Locks which are nice because they don't have a simple pin mechanic to them. Makes it difficult to drill off.

MundiMori6 karma

And the simple trick is...?

No_Warhawkz11 karma

A trade secret.

Pavotine12 karma

Plastic explosives

No_Warhawkz22 karma

That would be considerably more exciting.

_perpetual_student_23 karma

What does a typical day look like?

Have you ever had issues with military people being out of the country, thinking everything was fine for their payment, and everything not being fine with it?

No_Warhawkz122 karma

A typical day for me back then was:
1) Get all the folders from a location which had the paperwork done for the units I had to cut.
2) Cut the units. I've done 45 at one location before.
3) Inventory all the cut units.
4) Go to the next store.
5) Repeat 1-4 14 times.
6) Give the paperwork to corporate.

Active military is auction exempt. As long as we know they are military, we will hold on to their belongs indefinitely.

jacobfuckingsucks19 karma

What's the sexiest thing you've found?

No_Warhawkz45 karma

Lots of lingerie. Toys, that kind of stuff. Weirdly, I've found lots of raunchy paintings. I dunno what the deal is there.

Steel_Lynx38 karma

Not the chicken?

No_Warhawkz68 karma

I mean... if you're into that.

motherclucking18 karma

Have you ever participated in an auction for a unit, if so, what did you get?

No_Warhawkz25 karma

I have not. I'm actually not allowed to!

bluemitersaw10 karma

Oh? Like they have to be an outside auction company to avoid conflict of interest or something?

Pls 'splain!

Edit: Damn autocorrect

No_Warhawkz13 karma

We hire an auctioneer, and our company sends a representative who makes sure everything is going according to law and procedure and stuff. Company employees are allowed to bid, but I am not. I guess they don't want me to fudge with it so I can get good stuff for almost nothing.

realitycheck1715 karma

Have you ever cut the lock on the wrong unit and they prepared to auction the wrong persons things?

No_Warhawkz20 karma

That has happened. I was cutting another stores units and they had the wrong unit listed, the same (wrong) unit's paperwork done, and over-locked. From my end there was no way for to me to catch it. Unless I were to go into the unit's on a computer individually, which is why I rely on the stores for the paperwork. It was a nightmare.

hahka15 karma

1.) So you've said Storage Wars and whatever other similar shows are dramatized. Have they ever approached you/your business to conduct a segment? How would that work?

2.) Are you able to ever purchase a unit yourself if you wanted? Have you ever seen anything that caught your eye?

3.) From your other answers it seems like storage is an easily and highly profitable business. What are some operational costs?

No_Warhawkz18 karma

I am not able to buy the units I cut, and there have been a few things I've really wanted.

No_Warhawkz12 karma

My company doesn't pay for advertising, so I doubt it would ever happen. The real life auctions are actually kind of boring, so I doubt it would make good TV.

amodestsobriquet14 karma

How would your company know if you took something from the unit?

Also I saw that you answered another question saying that you've seen units with items that you really wanted, but are prohibited from bidding on. Why can't you ask a family member or a friend to bid on it for you?

No_Warhawkz21 karma

They wouldn't. They just have to trust me. If they didn't, there are cameras literally everywhere to keep me honest.
I could if I wanted to. But it's a lot of hassle to ask someone to go through, and I've never wanted anything bad enough to ask someone to go out of their way like that.

CircutrY22 karma

that bucket of poo was tempting though, wasn't it?

No_Warhawkz24 karma

Oh man. It was... enticing.

BloodBride11 karma

Ever find anything you had to then report to the authorities?

No_Warhawkz31 karma

Only once personally. We recovered a stolen truck, and took the items from the truck and put it into a unit. I called the police when we found a box filled with meth. We didn't auction that unit.

TallowNoob6 karma

So all that meth just went to waste?

No_Warhawkz9 karma

I mean.... yeah kinda.

grinch7710 karma

ran a mini storage for eight years. my favorite question... well what size units do you have.. me:10x10 and 10x25.. customer exactly how big is the 10x10? oh I wanted to kill people after I heard that about two million times.

No_Warhawkz7 karma

Haha. Yeah we have a "display unit" outside the store, or we point to the 1'x1' tiles on the floor is they are being particularly shitty about it.

MaybeItsJustMike10 karma

What kind of protections or procedures do you have in place if you get a bedbug infestation?

No_Warhawkz12 karma

Hot summers? Honestly, if it ever happened we'd all be screwed. Those little bastards are a pain in the ass to get rid of. The best we can do is our normal preventative procedures like spraying for bugs periodically.

GingersMakBttrPsycho10 karma

Hi there, I have a few questions for you:

1) You mentioned your company didn't advertise the business. How do you let people know when there's going to be an auction?

2) How often are auctions held?

3) Any bidding tips for auction noobs?

No_Warhawkz16 karma

1) The only time our company advertises, is when we auction units. And we only do so because the state requires us to.
2) Our auctions are held every second Tuesday of every month.
3) I would say, if you want to get into doing it regularly, you should just go to a couple auctions, and watch and see what happens. You can get some serious deals, but if you're looking to make money off it, its going to take some work. Generally the more packed the unit is, the better stuff will be inside. Generally. Sometimes a unit will have a few valuable things in it, and that's it. But normally not.

anwserman9 karma

I've seen reality 'tv' shows about abandoned storage lockers. How much of it is real, in your opinion?

No_Warhawkz18 karma

Not a lot. Especially because most of the stuff in there is crap. Like, clothes and mattresses.

Raddpuppy10 karma

The facility i worked at had a move in special, $11 for your first month. So most of the units we cut were literally full of peoples garbage.

No_Warhawkz15 karma

That's exactly why we don't do those kind of specials haha!

fedoracat8 karma

Does anyone really make a living from bidding on storage units?

No_Warhawkz14 karma

A few people. It's work though, and a lot of it. Some people have their own paw shops where they sell stuff, others take the stuff home, clean it up, and then sell it at flea markets.

the_highest7 karma

Have you ever wanted to or actually bought a unit that you wanted the stuff out of?

No_Warhawkz9 karma

I have often wanted to. I'm not allowed to buy units though.

UserFriendly3567 karma

Has your job ever required police involvement?

No_Warhawkz9 karma

Once in a great while. But yes, sometimes. I have given my info to my local police more times than I can count.

bluemitersaw6 karma

Why does your badge have a picture of a forklift and propane tank?

Likewise, what are the 4 stickers of the tanktread dude?

No_Warhawkz13 karma

It means I am forklift certified, and certified to distribute propane at my store. The tank guy, is an award my company gives me for selling some high percentage of propane and propane accessories.
Edit: It's supposed to be a propane tank on wheels.

bluemitersaw6 karma

So you use forklifts at your locations? I always assumed it was just self storage.

So you sell more than just self storage. What else do you sell (other than propane)?

No_Warhawkz6 karma

We are a full moving location. We mainly rent trucks and trailers. We also sell boxes and other moving supplies. We are also the number 1 hitch installation facility in South Carolina! We don't normally need a forklift, but some storage customers get shipments which would require one. Luckily, our trucks' repair shop is right across the street, so we pop over there to use it.

MyOwnGuitarHero6 karma

Be honest - have you ever come across something in a locker that was so cool/odd/valuable that you took it for yourself?

No_Warhawkz15 karma

I have not. Though I admit I have been tempted. One of those times was an old NES with a ton of games. Another time was one of those bad-ass curved 4k Samsungs.

MyOwnGuitarHero15 karma

I just really want to know more about the person who put thar Samsung in storage. Like, do you have a better model and this one was cluttering up your mansion?

No_Warhawkz11 karma

It was actually owned by a bar which had recently been closed for one reason or another. They actually had 2 or 3 units which were due to get sold, but paid at the last second.

buttbugle6 karma

Have you ever had a customer try to pay you in other "ways" instead of money so they did not lose their unit?

No_Warhawkz15 karma

If you mean, they have threatened my well being, and the well being of my store, then yes.

buttbugle5 karma

Has working in the storage industry helped directly or indirectly in getting you laid?

How's that for phrasing the question

No_Warhawkz7 karma

It has not helped, or hindered in any way.

Thebest-malik5 karma

When's the next auction date? I live here.

No_Warhawkz6 karma

The whole of our Columbia locations auction every second Tuesday of every month. I think it's Jan 10th? Our location starts at 2:30 pm.

justablur5 karma

What's the origin of the term "blue bark" move?

No_Warhawkz6 karma

I have no idea. We've just always called those types of moves "blue bark". After some light googling, I still have no idea where the term comes from!

thirdeyeherbivore4 karma

Hi! Lived in upstate SC for years. Do you ever plan on leaving Cola? I am intrigued by people who stay. It seems to have stayed as dangerous as it always was.

No_Warhawkz7 karma

I don't know about dangerous, but I'm not exactly a fan of Cola. I used to live in Dallas, so it seems slow by comparison. I would love to move to a big city again.

MyAdvocate3 karma

Ever catch someone living in a unit?

No_Warhawkz8 karma

All the time. Especially in the climate controlled side. Though, our non-climate units also get some people living in them from time to time.

noshness4 karma

What happens to these people?

No_Warhawkz7 karma

They are locked out of their unit. It's illegal for storage units to be dwellings. If it gets out of hand we will call the police.

RATFINK1870 karma

How accurate are shows like Storage Wars compared to what you have experienced?

No_Warhawkz6 karma

Not at all. It's hyper dramatized.

kokong32-4 karma

Was there ever a lock you couldn't open?

No_Warhawkz1 karma