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As a student (math and chem), thank you for that. Good lecturers are what makes attending class so worth it.

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I had one of those where the input widget was so bad I gave up and hand wrote the damn thing and turned it in on paper. I told the chem professor that I had tried to input it online for a good hour and it wouldn't take it so I wrote out the correct answer in five damn minutes on paper. It was an older man who really knew his stuff and hated the system as much as we did, but was forced to use it by the department head. He accepted the pages and I had the top grade in the class.

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Can you tell us more? What are the problems involved and how do those make the codes less profitable? From the student perspective it often looks like it is just a money grab on the part of the textbook company.

Honestly, the only classes where the online access codes were worthwhile and really helpful for me was an online principles of accounting 1 &2 set where all of our exercises were through the software. Most coursework is nothing like that and as such neither is the online content and it is terrible.

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What does a typical day look like?

Have you ever had issues with military people being out of the country, thinking everything was fine for their payment, and everything not being fine with it?

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Very true, but I've just finished a couple associates degrees from the local community college and this was there. Many professors from the university that didn't get tenure for whatever reason, but are good teachers go in to a quasi retirement as community college professors. Just a little something to keep a hand in before being fully retired. They are frankly wonderful and I'm glad to have learned from them.