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Definitely doing a lot better, thanks!

Sometimes we're just sad. It's a valid human state.

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When I was in University, I was basically that woman once. It was late. Life felt miserable. Problems felt insurmountable. And I just needed a lot of shitty food. It was definitely a coping mechanism reaction type thing. While ordering I had that moment where I realised what was happening and that I was buying about 2000 calories of junk and that no matter how badly I wanted to feel better, it was just going to make me feel even worse, because now I also have an issue with poor eating. I started weeping and had to just leave. I'm sure from the perspective of the employees, that was a VERY weird customer experience.

Edit: A lot of confusion happening and I don't want to accidentally mislead people. I'm a male, not a female. I was referring to sharing the same moment that woman did.

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Thank you for enduring calls like that so that we can have 911 service.

In 7 minutes I could have medical professionals, fire fighting experts, or even a small army at my door with a single phone call. This modern marvel is too easy to take for granted.

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How many partners have you had and have any complained? I've had this notion that massive is a fun novelty but isn't really enjoyable unless you have a partner who is particular to very large ones. I wonder if it's valid at all.