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Hi Reddit!

We are Konstantinos, Mike and Peter of Eve Team. Mike and Konstantinos (/u/migelangelo) are co-founders and Peter (/u/iKirin) is our community manager. We are a tech startup crowd-developing our devices directly with the end users in our open online community We are now in the final stages of development of the world's first fully crowd-developed computer "Pyramid Flipper". If you want to learn more about our project, go to our website or one of the following articles:

Windows Central, PocketNow, Digital Trends, LaptopMag

Why are we here?

Ask us anything regarding our product, how it is working with a community to develop products, how we managed to persuade Intel, Microsoft and others to support our project, or pretty much any other thing! :)

Proof: Mike & Konstantinos, Peter, Twitter, Community Thread

Thanks Kontoret Kamppi for providing a great space to hold this QnA!

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Old-Man-Henderson24 karma

Sell me on your product. Why should I buy from you instead of them?

migelangelo15 karma

Hi @old-man! ;)

There are many many reasons why you should buy from us.

Depending on what you appreciate in a brand there may also be some reasons why you should not buy our product.

The thing to keep in mind is that not me (Mike), or Konstantinos made the decisions on our own. Each decision was made by hundreds of people. All of these people - our community - are tech enthusiasts who took the development of this product very seriously, putting in a lot of hours.

One could say no product has ever gone through more thinking process than Computer One (under codename: Pyramid Flipper).

This has led to many advantages over its competitors.

We are proud to claim that the Computer One will have the best-in-class battery life, best in class keyboard & track pad (that also works wirelessly), trackpad, it also has a very high quality display, that is optically bonded with latest corning gorilla glass. It also ships with the latest Intel Core CPU (7th gen Kaby Lake) and it houses two full size USB 3.1 port & two USB-C ports, of which the other is Thunderbolt3.

These are only a few of the things that make it special as every detail has gone over tremendous scrutiny (by us, and by the community).

OK sounds expensive, right? It is, for us.


We sell the device direct to consumers, online only. That's why, when you learn about the price, you'll be positively surprised.

TLDR; you can't get better deal anywhere.

paulens125 karma

Emm, aren't those ports usb 3.0?

migelangelo12 karma

Nope they are 3.1 Gen 1. Everything is maxed out m8 :D

Taiki_San1 karma

Isn't 3.1 Gen 1 equivalent to 3.0, as per the spec?

migelangelo1 karma

Yes it is! You are well aware of these things, it seems. Kudos!

desertfox666614 karma

Ok. So you are a small company that will make a Computer One. Someone already asked why should we buy it so I won't. I will ask You this then. What guarantee can You give to us, potential buyers, that this isn't yet another vapourware? That this is a real, actual, existing device? Will there be some review of the device? And, if we buy one online, what guarantee do we have on service and customer service? Is that covered? Apologies if my questions sound aggressive but the money in question isn't small so I want to feel safe :) Keep up the good job 😊

migelangelo13 karma

Hi Fox.

We knew this would be a big concern for many potential users of this product, so we did it the hard way. We could not rely on "crowdfunding" the costs of development as so many (failing) hardware projects do. We went on and secured funding, fully to cover all the costs associated.

Of course there will be reviews of this device, we will also share the work as we proceed with prototypes.

We are an official partner of Intel & Microsoft, and they would not help us unless we were to be taken seriously.

We have given serious consideration regarding customer service in an online-based sales model. And to support proper device exchange / replacement, we partnered with a world class logistics center, that handles our shipping both ways.

We take customer service very seriously as many of our T1 owners can attest to.

For us as a company, this is the only way as we need to make a name for ourselves out there.

For me as a Finnish guy... I got my first Nokia when I was 7 years old. All of us in my generation pretty much did. It is on my honor to offer others the same as what I consider to be "quality". And Nokia set the bar high for us Finns!

meneldal22 karma

Does that mean your product will be able to survive falls from over 30 meters?

migelangelo1 karma

Durability was also a big concern of the community.

As per your question; Maybe not 30 meters (this particular product) but we did use the latest corning gorilla glass and unibody aluminium to make it probably most resistant to damage in its class.

desertfox66669 karma

You got my attention. I want to buy one. Now, when the time comes, I will go to Your online store and tick what boxes? What can I choose, RAM size, CPU, storage size, color, keyboard, pen, accessories? Thank You for your answer in advance :)

iKirin10 karma

We'll offer 3 options + LTE (LTE will be available after the indiegogo)

In terms of CPU we're gonna have 7th Gen Core CPUs in all specs, RAM will at least 8GB and possibly 16GB. Storage will range from 128-512 GB SSD.
Keyboard is included in the device, however Pen will not be - you'll be able to get one for a reasonable price or reuse your Surface Pen if you've got one ;)

Differlot2 karma

So it its an n trig digitizer?

migelangelo5 karma

Yes its N-Trig touch IC combined to a very high end touch panel

migelangelo8 karma

Yes. You got it right. However the first 500 devices will have special perks in them and are offered on sale in the IndieGoGo service

desertfox66662 karma

I saw LTE later and I'm sold for LTE model. Then Mike said first 500 (non LTE) will have special perks. And now I will, naturally, ask What special perks hahaha :) AND, 16 RAM and 512 SSD is max? If so, why not higher?

migelangelo5 karma

Hello! Thanks for the question :)

The perks are being defined in;

we are taking advice in from the community as to what perks we should offer ;)

As for configurations; We didn't see need nor market demand to make even higher configurations. But one has to remember storage can be also extended with the SD card / external storage.

Fennek12372 karma


Why Indiegogo I thought you already got the money?

migelangelo2 karma

hi, I've detailed an answer to another question in this thread :)

Snowbank_Lake9 karma

What makes one decide to start a small competitor company rather than work for an already-successful, well-known company?

migelangelo13 karma

Hi it's Konstantinos here!

Great question. I can talk about my personal experience here as I strongly believe people starting up companies have different reasons.

I like tech and I had a lot of experience in manufacturing and sourcing from my previous job. I saw that most manufacturers except Apple are cutting corners in every way possible when it comes to product design and development. Products are designed in the vacuum without listening to what users really want from their devices. A good example is terrible battery life in most ultrabooks. As a user, you would think that battery life is a number one priority for such a mobile form factor. Because why would you make it slim and portable if you always need to have your bulky charger with you?:)

As a tech geek myself I saw there is an opportunity to make better devices than industry Goliaths by dropping all of the corporate bull#@$# away and focusing on user feedback. Me and Mike have not started Eve to get rich fast or to sell out to a bigger competitor. It is rather of a desire to create something meaningful in the world full of noise. To actually produce value for people.

Another reason to start a small competitor company is for the pure joy of it. You get so much adrenaline doing it:D It is true that your life work balance gets messed up a bit but then at the same time you realize that you spend your time creating a device that will be used by many people around the world!

migelangelo5 karma

For me (Mike) the decision was made through trying out working in various fields and companies (15 or so, different ones). I also tried starting up other companies when I was younger and fell in love with the "freedom" (of making your own decisions). I never liked corporation bureaucracy, creativity-limiting atmosphere or the territory / status fights in those well-known companies. I'm just not a corporate guy ;)

In addition to personal reasons, we felt w/ Konstantinos that there were GREAT devices available, unless one was willing to pay a premium for Apple. Over time, we figured out that there was an unnecessary overhead in the way devices were sold to people, making them too expensive. What made it worse, was that the main street brands seemed not to listen consumers really tentatively.

That's how Eve was (over time) born and got to where it is now.

fanoftech4life7 karma

I see youve chosen indiegogo... given that there even if you dont fulfill your target you get supporters money, how can I be sure my money is in good hands and that I will indeed get my device? What perks will you give to those who fund your campaign? and how will you make sure you get advertised throughout the internet so you can actually sell it?

livingcode1 karma

Interesting that this is the only one not answered...

migelangelo3 karma

Sorry about this. Not intentional. Thanks for pointing it out :)

As we have previously announced, the device will go to indiegogo only when it is ready; e.g. not a cent from the backers go to anything else than assemble the backer's device.

We have fully funded the project for this exact reason. When we saw Jolla fail, we knew people would see the same risk in us.

Thirdly, Indiegogo is not real business activity for us. It doesn't really mean that much. 500 devices is so small amount that it would not get us anywhere.

Indiegogo was chosen mainly because we get some platform synergies and get some more time to upgrade our web store.

We will also not run flexible funding.

For us, the reason to run 500 devices in indiegogo is mainly because we can run a private round for our beloved community members so they get guaranteed a device first.

This goes well with our mass production initiation as we can test production with smaller batch first, improve and then ramp it up.

livingcode2 karma

Why not just do pre orders on your site if that's the case?

migelangelo3 karma

Our web store would need to be customized to enable closed round for community members. Additionally it would get clotted from different perks etc.

It just doesn't work that well for a limited batch of "special" devices.

We will run all the rest of the batches & pre-orders from our web store, right after the first 500.

As indicated, meanwhile we are working on to customize the current web store platform to suit our needs.

livingcode1 karma

You'll have to excuse my skeptisism, because even if this product isn't a scam, you're using fake accounts to populate this ama, like /u/desertfox6666 and /u/thusharaya who both have no other posts besides comments about your product, not to mention the post (now deleted by mods because it's spam) that was posted to /r/surfacepro4 calling it the surface killer, pretending that the OP was just some guy, but the account was only a few weeks old and had no other posts but that post and a comment in this AMA, in which he just bashed any laptop people were saying would be a better alternative. To me, this all points to a scam, but it could just be really sleazy marketing. Either way, it doesn't bode well for the moral makeup of your company. Care to comment?

migelangelo2 karma

"you're using fake accounts to populate this ama, like /u/desertfox6666 and /u/thusharaya who both have no other posts besides comments about your product, not to mention the post (now deleted by mods because it's spam) that was posted to /r/surfacepro4 calling it the surface killer, pretending that the OP was just some guy"

These guys are our community members, not members of the Eve company. Sometimes we receive welcomed, whilst not requested support from our community members. Sometimes it seems though, this help is interpreted as astroturfing. It seems its better we ask them to stop doing it, even though the questions they've formulated here are valid and provide (with answers) useful information to others.

paulens125 karma

Any news regarding localized keyboard options?

migelangelo3 karma

Nothing so far, I recommend voicing any concerns in our dedicated thread:

To be completely frank, we cannot provide localized keyboard for all different areas but of course we will do the best we can to satisfy different customer needs :)

paulens125 karma

What is the list of final specs?

migelangelo6 karma

Hi Paul.

We will release final specs closer to the launch. This is to ensure you guys have something to wait for :)

I personally guarantee, that anyone that has gotten excited about advisory specs, revealed in our community (HERE:

will $hi7 their pants when the final specs & price are revealed. (we went a little overboard with the upgrades, hehe).

paulens124 karma

Do we get any photos, renders, or any other sneak peek to the final product?

migelangelo10 karma

Oh yes:) Make sure to come to the community in 24 minutes to see latest designs! Be quick as in one hour images will be removed.

VXeonix4 karma

What? Why would you remove the images

migelangelo1 karma

The pics can be found at Windows Central. We don't need to save them, the magazines will ;)

migelangelo0 karma

Hello! The disclosure of the full device, with final specs and design is really close. We don't want to consume all interest just yet. But you will not have to wait for long! :)

Vithren4 karma

How do you plan to deal with customer support? I imagine being a small and nimble company will not help you much there, especially if your product will be a popular one.

You've already invested a lot of money into the whole project. Are you afraid it will flop? Even for reasons beyond the quality of the hardware. It would not be the first time great one was meet with mediocre reception/sells.

Do you plan for free review samples? Which sites do you plan to catch?

What, you imagine, will be the best single thing for the end user?

migelangelo3 karma

Hi Vithren!

Very good question here. We believe that customer support is a very big part of the total "package" when it comes to buying a device. Our core principle here is to max out the investment into the device quality and production control. As any device that leaves factory floor with some problems causes a lot of hustle, disappointment and loss. In addition to that we will handle our customer service in-house as this is the only way to guarantee its quality. We will try to leverage community when it comes to handling matters that are not related to hardware.

As for your second question we are excited but not anxious as we've put our best effort in this device together with our amazing community. We are quite sure that when you make a great product it will have organic demand:)

As for the review units, we will ship them out after Indie GoGo campaign to all of the biggest tech media and reviewers. Verge, TechRadar, LinusTech, Dave2D, Windows Central are in the list:)

The best thing about this device can be summarized with formula below:

Community Design + Online Only Sales = Unbeatable Hardware, Unbeatable Price

My favourite feature thou is the "real" 48 Wh all day battery life!

thusharaya4 karma

Can you please enlighten me on ordering process? Will there be limited devices? Hope it's available during Christmas time. ☺

migelangelo4 karma

In addition to that, the preorder batches that come after the initial 500, will not be as limited in size, but rather in the time window one can pitch in. If you can't get to a batch, you can always get to the next one!

paulens124 karma

Will it have that crappy realtek sound card like most laptops?

migelangelo9 karma

No. We are going a proper codec. In addition we are aiming to have dedicated amplifiers for headphones and individually for both speakers.

CEO of VE is helping us in this, taking care of our audio ;)

AntonyTerence3 karma

Hmm... I noticed that you guys are incorporating a Thunderbolt 3 port in your device. Will it support eGPUs? It's a sad thing that Razer overpriced their stupid eGPU. Hopefully someone will make an affordable one someday...

migelangelo4 karma

Hi Antony! Good to see you here ;)

Our goal is to provide support for eGPU enclosures in the device.

iKirin3 karma

There are other eGPUs coming to the market than Razer's and we're also looking if we can bring users an eGPU from Eve-Tech at an affordable price.

More news regarding eGPU should follow before the Indiegogo campaign of the PF ;)

migelangelo3 karma

And yeah, our goal is to support external GPU enclosures.

AntonyTerence3 karma

What material are you guys using for the device? Any renders for us?

migelangelo3 karma

Antony, we are using high-quality aluminium for our device as it provides the perfect balance between durability, heat dissipation and weight. Device will be carved out by CNC machine from single block of aluminium you can read more about advantages of that technique here. Latest renders will go live in in 18 minutes:)

Minnesota_Winter1 karma

What about Magnesium like the Surface line? Lighter, stronger, cheaper.

migelangelo2 karma

Thanks for your question! The reason we went with aluminium is because it has better heat dissipation, more colouring and finishing options and in addition to all that is more durable. As our device has fanless design heat dissipation is our top priority to ensure we can get every single drop of performance.

We will definitely consider magnesium for our future products as we see it as a great material for laptops.

10gauge3 karma

Where is your guys' headquarters located and where will the finished computer design be produced?

migelangelo7 karma

Hi 10G! Mike here.

Our HQ is in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. However we are truly global. Our design partners are in Sweden, our R&D partners are in China, where we also have 2 team members. Additionally one of our team members is located in Austria.

The final product will be produced in Shenzhen, China, where all the other electronics (like surface & macbook) are produced these days.

10gauge3 karma

Wow, truly global. The coordination must be fantastic. Well done!

migelangelo1 karma

Thanks ;)

We learned it while doing it. In the early days, it sometimes felt really hectic!

nate21951 karma

Do you have people watching every stage of production, making sure that the quality of the product is 100% genuine. Even at the smallest of stages such as mining? I have heard stories of Chinese companies skimping on the product while showing a passable sample product.

migelangelo1 karma

No we don't :P nobody does. Are you referring to that document about apple supply chain? In that, not even Apple monitored it.

What do you mean, by the way, by 100% genuine quality?

Usually you can rest your nights in peace as long as you do business with big long lived reputable suppliers..

To prevent any skimping, we have a separate quality control monitoring process on top of what we are provided by our partners.

paulens123 karma

How much will it weigh approximately (including keyboard)?

migelangelo5 karma

That is not locked in yet, as some things can change. But we are aiming at roughly 1 kilogram WITH keyboard, less than 800 grams without it.

But here, the community has clearly indicated that a "tad heavier" device is worth it, if we can achieve the best battery life in the category.

We're going battery life first.

PrinceKickster1 karma

Hope you guys get into the magnessium in the second iteration (if there will be ever one, I hope you'll have, I love your sincere intentions and morals about this startup) I don't like holding a 1kg tablet computer in my lap

migelangelo2 karma

Hi Prince. Magnesium won't create THAT big difference in a "tablet" form factor as there is only 1 layer of casing around the device. In a laptop it makes a BIG difference as there is 3 times as much casing (top & bottom + back of the display).

Magnesium is definitely a consideration worth our while. We actually considered it for Computer One as well. We chose to ditch it because it has tad worse heat dissipation capabilities and very limited finishing options (that's why Surface's paint wears off so easily and there are no colors available). Magnesium can, currently in our industry, be painted by "clotted colors", so those bright & shiny finished would have been a dream.

paulens123 karma

When do we get to see some performance and battery benchmarks?

migelangelo5 karma

Later, once we get some later stage prototypes ready ;)

At the latest, in the preorders campaign.

jooker-jr3 karma

Are you considering. gorilla glass 5 ?

migelangelo4 karma

we will have it! but not only that. Eve Computer One will be the cagegory only sunlight readable device, since we will apply a special anti reflection coating on the surface of the glass ;)

Of course you will find the anti-dirt coating in it as well. So its easy to clean too! :)

Crispyawkwardness3 karma

How are you guys gonna handle warranty and product replacement issues, especially for overseas buyers? You guys will not have local service centres and it may be a big factors for some prospective customers.

migelangelo4 karma


As I have detailed before here, quality is a VERY important value for us. We do not intend to take people's money and run, but to honor our obligations to customers.

We are paying a high price on production side to eliminate potential quality issues.

In addition all of our devices will be checked three times after production, before shipping, so no defected device ever leaves factory floor.

If all these measures fail, our logistics system enables customers to ship back the unit for a repair.

We are also planning to have a rolling-inventory of replacement devices that can be shipped to customers that experienced a warranty-covered issue.

We will even go so far, as to enable customers to ship us devices with a non-warranty covered defect (e.g. breaking the glass), or ship the customers replacement components that they can then take to a local general repair shop.

tedlasman2 karma

Will you be publishing guides on taking the device apart, schematics for component repair, etc?

migelangelo6 karma

Hey it sounds like a great idea! It is definitely worth considering. Feel free to brainstorm on what is the best way to do it in the community

PrinceKickster3 karma

Are you planning to release a hype video soon to gather much greater consumer interest about this? Also how about marketing, are you guys just gonna rely on media writeups or are you guys gonna run a marketing (e.g. ads, social media)

migelangelo3 karma

Hi. Mike from Eve here. Yes we are going to create a video showcasing our product. In fact the kick off of the video is imminent.

We are also going to run marketing and promotion, not relying solely on public relations - of course.

These things will start occurring in the very near future :)

PrinceKickster3 karma

I honestly I love your intentions and core morals on creating this device and even this company itself, so I have some multiple qs here (since I'm kinda days late to the party) I hope you guys able to answer them

  1. So you guys are a startup tech company trying to sell Windows PCs "direct to consumers through online" only, so just plain vanilla Windows only will ship? How about the Windows 10 ads apps that they put there, you said no bloatware, are you able to bypass it?

  2. Another question, so basically you guys are trying to be the OnePlus of Windows ecosystem? Started from the crowdfunding now they're there

  3. Are you guys looking into prospect of in the future you'll create a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone. Or at least still looking to it or considering it. Or not? Are you concerned about its current status or market?

  4. Why choose Windows, as a startup company I wonder why you choose Windows and Microsoft in a world of Google's Android, is that because you can't commit the same intentions and morals you stand in because of that ecosystem?

Thank you and keep innovating β˜ΊπŸ‘Œ

migelangelo2 karma

Hi Prince. Mike here. I'll write answers under your questions.

"So you guys are a startup tech company trying to sell Windows PCs "direct to consumers through online" only, so just plain vanilla Windows only will ship? How about the Windows 10 ads apps that they put there, you said no bloatware, are you able to bypass it?"

The device will ship with same setup as "Windows 10 Signature PCs", we hate bloatware same as you guys, so we will install no additional software in the factory ISO of the devices. What kind of windows ads apps are you referring to?

"Another question, so basically you guys are trying to be the OnePlus of Windows ecosystem? Started from the crowdfunding now they're there Are you guys looking into prospect of in the future you'll create a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone. Or at least still looking to it or considering it. Or not? Are you concerned about its current status or market?"

Our sales model is the "vertical model", which is used by OnePlus & Xiaomi, to name a few. This way prices can be kept way below the standard retail level.

There has been discussions in the community about a windows phone, but unless MS can properly fix the app gap, we see no huge opportunity there. Maybe a dual boot might work.

I'm interested personally in stuffing a fanless core CPU in a phone and enabling it to run full windows 10 ;) That's, however, in the future. That future may be closer than we think. I heard a rumor that a 2w Core m was prototyped in China. That could power a "phone as a PC" type of device :) "

The state of WP is not lively, sad to say. However, if the rumors about Surface phone are correct, it might change the game!

"Why choose Windows, as a startup company I wonder why you choose Windows and Microsoft in a world of Google's Android, is that because you can't commit the same intentions and morals you stand in because of that ecosystem?"

Its partly morals, but its also about business opportunity. We are creating a personal computer, I don't think android can live up to it. Additionally, there are hundreds of models in the Android world to choose from, so its harder for a smaller company with limited marketing resources to penetrate.

If we were to create a smartphone, Android would certainly be scrutinized as a potential option.

Thanks a lot for your questions ;)

Minnesota_Winter3 karma

What of the user upgradability? RAM, PCI SSD, even battery? It seems to be sorely lacking in a lot of devices, but of course the costs and potential factory-upgraded sales losses make sense, plus support for users who mess it up and blame you. There aren't really many reasons why you would, but you seem to be defying expectations, at least on paper.

migelangelo2 karma

Hello MW. Good to see you here! :)

Here I do have to disappoint you. The Eve Computer One will not support user-upgradeability since that would have significantly effect the durability of the device as well as ruined its beautiful design..

Of course there are those potential risks that you mentioned, in addition.

But out of curiosity, what would you upgrade on a device that has

  • speedy SSD 512GB
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 12 hour battery life, etc.

fanoftech4life2 karma

What is your ultimate goal with this device?

migelangelo3 karma

To flip the market! And change the way products are developed!

desertfox66662 karma

I'm sorry but I simply have to ask... Will there be some lottery to get one for free? 😁

migelangelo1 karma

Maybe ;)

RadBadTad2 karma

Your stuff looks really well done, and I believe that you guys are making something great!

That said, calling it "pyramid flipper" reminds me instantly of this

migelangelo1 karma

Hello! Thanks :)

We are not calling the product "Pyramid Flipper" when we release it on sale. Name will be simply, "Eve Computer One"

RadBadTad2 karma

I apologize if this has been asked before, but:

With such a small team, and no real "clout" in the industry; how do you compete with the big brands in terms of overall polish, bug squishing, support, and reliability?

migelangelo5 karma


Yes this is an interesting question. In fact I could expand the question to cover; how can we even design and define a product, and how could it be better than the products of the big guys?

Well, we started the trend of crowd-developing tech devices (which ZTE is also trying now). That's shortly, the reason why the device will be so great.

We could not do it alone though. We have had so much very important support from Intel and so far also some from Microsoft.

We also have very experienced partners in Asia, that have manufactured hundreds of devices over the last two decades.

Polish & reliability are taken care of by doing a lot of testing and making sure the bill of materials is HIGH: use premium materials, premium factories, premium methods & tools combined to world-class industrial design partner usually leads to reliability & polish.

But squishing is done by us, Intel, Microsoft & of course, the community.

BTW what I said about the materials etc, also applies to the electronics. We qualified only in the best hardware.

In our online business model it is absolutely critical to achieve the lowest defect rate possible.

So we actually have a real BIG interest to make sure our quality is high.

RadBadTad3 karma

Very cool. Thanks for taking the time.

migelangelo3 karma

NP man! Thanks for pitching in!

AntonyTerence2 karma

How does the Pyramid Flipper stand out from the competition, in terms of appearance? Any glowing logo, or unique design elements?

migelangelo3 karma

Hi Antony. We are releasing a sneak peek of our designs at our community ( in 2 minutes.

IMO the design is unique, the direction we took was to go with world-famous scandinavian mininalism :)

You should be able to tell it apart from others easily!

tedlasman2 karma

Why did you choose to go with the surface-like kickstand format, as opposed to a surfacebook-like format where the keyboard and the device form a laptop and no kickstand is needed, enabling easier and more comfortable use on your lap or other softer surfaces?

The design of the Samsung Galaxy tabpro s's keyboard also lets one use the device on softer surfaces easily.

will you be releasing a device similar to the surface book later?

migelangelo3 karma


Thanks for pitching in. Actually majority of the design decisions have been made by not only us, but by hundreds of other people in our community. This device is crowd-developed :)

There was a big discussion about the form factor in our community, feel free to read about how the community chose kickstand:

There were additional reasons;

  • With a kick stand users are able to enjoy our 12 hour battery life by using the tablet only. In SurfaceBook 3/4 of battery life is in the keyboard.
  • Eve Computer One has a wireless keyboard, so actually it is much more versatile than any other form factor. Wireless keyboard + kickstand is just a killer combo! You don't need to put anything else than the keyboard on your lap, place the device on any surface or position elsewhere (easier on your neck too).
  • Making Computer One SurfaceBook style would have tremendously increased the weight of the device.
  • VS. Tab Pro S we have dynamic adjustable angles, where TPS only has 2 different viewing angles. I could not accept that as an user..

That being said, we don't lock out the option of producing such a form factor (surface book) in the near future.

tedlasman1 karma

I understand the compromise here, although I do think that for a portable device, one should be able to use it on your lap without needing an additional surface.

Good luck!

migelangelo1 karma

I have Surface 3 myself and after I got used to it, I use it in my lap quite often. For me the detachable form factor's benefits outweigh the negatives.

That being said, why carry the whole weight of the laptop on your lap if the only thing you really need is the keyboard & track pad? :)

If I could choose putting the device on a surface and just keeping the (cool and light) keyboard on my lap, I'd always choose to do it.

DanArcher2 karma

Can you send a consumer model to Linustechtips on YouTube or contact them to explain your product? I'd like to hear their opinion and review of your computer.

migelangelo3 karma

Hello DanArcher. We have already agreed on reviews with a lot of different journalists and tech sites, but those will go live after our first preorder batch of 500 is shipped. Simultaneously to producing the first 500 'special' devices, we will produce some more for reviewers.

Linustechtips is definitely 1 that we are also interested in contacting :)

fanoftech4life2 karma

If you were to change something in regards to Eve and the Computer One, what would you do?

migelangelo2 karma

Absolutely nothing. If we manage to fail horribly with a tremendous product, come ask me that question again :)

paulens122 karma

I will transfer some questions from the community :)

Here's the first one:

Will the stylus be attachable to the PF?

migelangelo5 karma

Hello. Thanks for the question. So far not to the main device but we are planning on making a holder for it in the keyboard.

fanoftech4life2 karma

Since the sp4 has core i like most other 2 in 1, how can you say a core m device will beat them?

migelangelo2 karma

In most situations, one does not generally need more performance that what Y-series can offer with frequencies north of 3 GHz.

Actually AFAIK most 2-in-1s don't have ULV 15w Cores, but the Y-series 4.5w ones. Surface and a couple of others are exeption to this.

In this form factor, the benefit of fanless CPU is obvious; no fan noise, less heat and much higher battery life.

Chuckles774592 karma

Do you have any sort of investment opportunities?

migelangelo2 karma

It depends on what kind of investment opportunities do you mean

theexplosivecandle2 karma

How did you guys get in contact with Intel and persuade them to invest in you guys?

migelangelo2 karma

Actually supporting projects is part of Intel's business model. They have their hands on a lot of products (even apple and surface). Helping us makes them essentially sell more CPUs (to our devices) so it makes sense, right?

After we launched T1 and got a lot of press coverage, getting to these guys was not that hard. Getting from zero to launch T1, though, was really hard!

In addition to that, after T1 we've made some really nice high level contacts in the industry (ex CEOs, VPs etc) that have been mentoring us.

mCProgram2 karma

Discreet graphics? Maybe a laptop 1070?

migelangelo1 karma

The device will support external graphics via Thunderbolt3. By this I mean devices like Razer Core or Graphics Dock

ChevroletSparkSS2 karma

Do you guys have plans to release any mobile devices? (ie smartphones, tablets, smartgear, etc.)

migelangelo2 karma

Hi. Yes we do have plans for a lot of different (unbeatable) devices. All of them will be developed in our online community ( )

However as a small company, we need a hawk-eye focus on one product at a time. That might change in the future as we grow, and have more resources to pace up a few projects at a time :)

What would you wish we do next?

ChevroletSparkSS3 karma

Man, I love the design of the Pyramid Flipper, it looks awesome. If I were to suggest anything, if you guys do make a smartphone, I would suggest working on a dual-touchscreen smartphone. there have been prototypes out there from other companies, but I've yet to see one actually make the production lines. Imagine an old flip phone, except instead of the keypad on the lower half, and the LCD up top, there's a touchscreen on either surface. take from that what you want, but that'd be something that'd check all of my boxes for an awesome smartphone.

migelangelo1 karma

Thanks for the appreciation.

You know once we will start going for a phone, we will do it publicly in - you can pitch in and join the development, once the time comes ;)

darrenfx2 karma

Any tips for university/college students wanted to get into the information technology industry?

migelangelo1 karma

What are you interested in?

Go listen a couple of Ray Kurzweil, Elon Musk & Y-combinator Startup founder's interviews (about the future).

But what area of IT/Tech are you most interested in?

darrenfx1 karma

Not so much coding or founding a tech company- just the usual IT administration jobs

migelangelo2 karma

We have a couple of IT administrators in the community, I reckon you'd get the most accurate answers there :) I can try asking on behalf of you as well!

Wiltaire2 karma

Have you considered not using LED technology as this is damaging to human eyes? The tech giants seem to be moving away too - just slowly.

migelangelo1 karma

Hi. Mike here. Yes. We are closely keen on using AMOLED in our next device ;) Personally I think the LED harmfulness is over emphasized by many. Of course some people are more sensitive to it, than others.

To be completely precise though, our panel is Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and the LEDs are only backlighting the display..

aaatttppp1 karma

How do you think you will fare up against large Chinese manufacturers like Xiaomi when it comes to pricing and production?

Are you fearful of IP theft overseas cutting into your profit margins?

migelangelo1 karma

Good question! Well, Chinese brands like Xiaomi use same factories as we do so mass production is not a problem here. Also, Xiaomi still challenges to internationalise. We don't think that their business model provides any additional price advantage.

As we sell online we are not really afraid of IP theft. We would be actually good as it is an indication of us getting real popular:)

fanoftech4life1 karma

Will your device allow for overclocking?

migelangelo2 karma

If Intel has enabled that on Platform level (which I can't recall at this instance), we won't limit it either.

We are also working on enabling users to adjust the TDP and skin temperature limits from FW. This way, up to 50% performance boost could be enabled (with TDP adjust only), by sacrificing some battery life (but hey, it starts from 12 hours real use)

kidinafrica1 karma

Have u ever hatched a shiny eevee?

migelangelo1 karma

naah, we really don't have time to play games. Our name comes from the words "Evolutionary Electronics" and was conceptualized back in 2013 when pokemon was still hibernating as a brand. :P

jooker-jr1 karma

I've been following the developments of the project but I have a critical question for me to purchase the device :

Any words on localized keyboard ( Arabic in my case ) ?

migelangelo3 karma

Hello Jooker.

A decision has not been made yet regarding Arabic keyboard prints. Would you be willing to consider entering our community and voicing your concerns there?

We have a thread in there concerning keyboard localization.