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Every attempt was corrupted.

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What of the user upgradability? RAM, PCI SSD, even battery? It seems to be sorely lacking in a lot of devices, but of course the costs and potential factory-upgraded sales losses make sense, plus support for users who mess it up and blame you. There aren't really many reasons why you would, but you seem to be defying expectations, at least on paper.

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All my textbooks and most of my homework is in PDF or docx format, converted to PDF. I use the excellent app Drawboard, but would like to use Onenote, just for integration of services. I'm sure you get asked a lot, but what are your thoughts on full PDF support?

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At your price, I would definitely upgrade, and I understand and very much appreciate that design was a priority.

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What about Magnesium like the Surface line? Lighter, stronger, cheaper.