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Are you living there?

If so:

  • How far do you drive for groceries?

  • How do you get water/electricity/internet there?

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That seems nuts to me! I'm shocked at how close to civilization this silo must be. I picture it 40 miles away from anything, for security and in case of a launch.

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How do you feel about sudden changes in "orders" from the leaders of the country? When things suddenly get much more strict, or travel bans go into effect, do personal feelings enter into it? How do you or your colleagues feel about shifts in protocol based on politics?

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My colleagues are a bunch of racists that would ban every muslim if possible.

It sort of makes sense though. A passionate belief in something like that would be a massive reason to take border security as a job in the first place. I don't have any particular feelings about immigration at all, so I would never think to become a BPO.

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1) What did you come here hoping people would ask you about?

2) What did you come here hoping people wouldn't ask you about?