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Not every video starts the action right away. Actually, with longer videos, 5 minutes in you're just getting started on the BJ.

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It's better to eat breakfast than shitty snacks all morning because you are too hungry. What really matters in the end is your calorie input. Also, if you do physical activities, it's better to eat if you don't want to faint because of low blood sugar.

Skip breakfast if you can last until lunch, if you can't eat enough so you don't feel dizzy/need to eat some snacks in the morning. Light dinner is probably better than skipping breakfast though.

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Some lawyers might accept to get paid with only a percentage of the winnings and not charge you, if they think they can win big (which can happen here).

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It's also much cheaper than putting the AC up when it's really hot.

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Edward Snowden is free to come to the U.S Guantanamo anytime he likes. In fact, I bet several government agencies are willing to pay for his travel and lodging expenses.