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Hi @old-man! ;)

There are many many reasons why you should buy from us.

Depending on what you appreciate in a brand there may also be some reasons why you should not buy our product.

The thing to keep in mind is that not me (Mike), or Konstantinos made the decisions on our own. Each decision was made by hundreds of people. All of these people - our community - are tech enthusiasts who took the development of this product very seriously, putting in a lot of hours.

One could say no product has ever gone through more thinking process than Computer One (under codename: Pyramid Flipper).

This has led to many advantages over its competitors.

We are proud to claim that the Computer One will have the best-in-class battery life, best in class keyboard & track pad (that also works wirelessly), trackpad, it also has a very high quality display, that is optically bonded with latest corning gorilla glass. It also ships with the latest Intel Core CPU (7th gen Kaby Lake) and it houses two full size USB 3.1 port & two USB-C ports, of which the other is Thunderbolt3.

These are only a few of the things that make it special as every detail has gone over tremendous scrutiny (by us, and by the community).

OK sounds expensive, right? It is, for us.


We sell the device direct to consumers, online only. That's why, when you learn about the price, you'll be positively surprised.

TLDR; you can't get better deal anywhere.

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Hi Fox.

We knew this would be a big concern for many potential users of this product, so we did it the hard way. We could not rely on "crowdfunding" the costs of development as so many (failing) hardware projects do. We went on and secured funding, fully to cover all the costs associated.

Of course there will be reviews of this device, we will also share the work as we proceed with prototypes.

We are an official partner of Intel & Microsoft, and they would not help us unless we were to be taken seriously.

We have given serious consideration regarding customer service in an online-based sales model. And to support proper device exchange / replacement, we partnered with a world class logistics center, that handles our shipping both ways.

We take customer service very seriously as many of our T1 owners can attest to.

For us as a company, this is the only way as we need to make a name for ourselves out there.

For me as a Finnish guy... I got my first Nokia when I was 7 years old. All of us in my generation pretty much did. It is on my honor to offer others the same as what I consider to be "quality". And Nokia set the bar high for us Finns!

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Hi it's Konstantinos here!

Great question. I can talk about my personal experience here as I strongly believe people starting up companies have different reasons.

I like tech and I had a lot of experience in manufacturing and sourcing from my previous job. I saw that most manufacturers except Apple are cutting corners in every way possible when it comes to product design and development. Products are designed in the vacuum without listening to what users really want from their devices. A good example is terrible battery life in most ultrabooks. As a user, you would think that battery life is a number one priority for such a mobile form factor. Because why would you make it slim and portable if you always need to have your bulky charger with you?:)

As a tech geek myself I saw there is an opportunity to make better devices than industry Goliaths by dropping all of the corporate bull#@$# away and focusing on user feedback. Me and Mike have not started Eve to get rich fast or to sell out to a bigger competitor. It is rather of a desire to create something meaningful in the world full of noise. To actually produce value for people.

Another reason to start a small competitor company is for the pure joy of it. You get so much adrenaline doing it:D It is true that your life work balance gets messed up a bit but then at the same time you realize that you spend your time creating a device that will be used by many people around the world!

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Nope they are 3.1 Gen 1. Everything is maxed out m8 :D

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Oh yes:) Make sure to come to the community in 24 minutes to see latest designs! Be quick as in one hour images will be removed.