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Ok. So you are a small company that will make a Computer One. Someone already asked why should we buy it so I won't. I will ask You this then. What guarantee can You give to us, potential buyers, that this isn't yet another vapourware? That this is a real, actual, existing device? Will there be some review of the device? And, if we buy one online, what guarantee do we have on service and customer service? Is that covered? Apologies if my questions sound aggressive but the money in question isn't small so I want to feel safe :) Keep up the good job 😊

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You got my attention. I want to buy one. Now, when the time comes, I will go to Your online store and tick what boxes? What can I choose, RAM size, CPU, storage size, color, keyboard, pen, accessories? Thank You for your answer in advance :)

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WOW, this is awesome news, thanks!!! And I am a HUGE Nokia fan so let's say that You bought me with that :) Let me just ask You one more question, will it be ever available in retail stores?

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I'm sorry but I simply have to ask... Will there be some lottery to get one for free? 😁

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I saw LTE later and I'm sold for LTE model. Then Mike said first 500 (non LTE) will have special perks. And now I will, naturally, ask What special perks hahaha :) AND, 16 RAM and 512 SSD is max? If so, why not higher?