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PrinceKickster3 karma

Are you planning to release a hype video soon to gather much greater consumer interest about this? Also how about marketing, are you guys just gonna rely on media writeups or are you guys gonna run a marketing (e.g. ads, social media)

PrinceKickster3 karma

I honestly I love your intentions and core morals on creating this device and even this company itself, so I have some multiple qs here (since I'm kinda days late to the party) I hope you guys able to answer them

  1. So you guys are a startup tech company trying to sell Windows PCs "direct to consumers through online" only, so just plain vanilla Windows only will ship? How about the Windows 10 ads apps that they put there, you said no bloatware, are you able to bypass it?

  2. Another question, so basically you guys are trying to be the OnePlus of Windows ecosystem? Started from the crowdfunding now they're there

  3. Are you guys looking into prospect of in the future you'll create a Windows 10 Mobile smartphone. Or at least still looking to it or considering it. Or not? Are you concerned about its current status or market?

  4. Why choose Windows, as a startup company I wonder why you choose Windows and Microsoft in a world of Google's Android, is that because you can't commit the same intentions and morals you stand in because of that ecosystem?

Thank you and keep innovating β˜ΊπŸ‘Œ

PrinceKickster1 karma

Hope you guys get into the magnessium in the second iteration (if there will be ever one, I hope you'll have, I love your sincere intentions and morals about this startup) I don't like holding a 1kg tablet computer in my lap