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I think you misunderstood. (Or maybe I did)

The kids thought they were gay because they were holding hands. Once he said he was blind, the kids thought that he was not gay, and the holding hands was explained.

So it wasn't that he was blind, it was that he had an "excuse" to hold a guy's hand.

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Arg. Hard to word it. They were not using the blindness as an excuse.

He was genuinely holding his hand to guide him.

You are a random person, and see two dudes holding hands. Most people would assume that they are a gay couple (as did this homophobic kid). But once you are told the one man is blind, you no longer have any reason to believe the man is gay, and just assume he is being led around (as did the kid).

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To my understanding the persons was making a statement that the kid doesn't mind beating up a gay guy, but a blind gay guy is too far.

However the kid doesn't think the guy is gay anymore. He's just blind.