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iKirin10 karma

We'll offer 3 options + LTE (LTE will be available after the indiegogo)

In terms of CPU we're gonna have 7th Gen Core CPUs in all specs, RAM will at least 8GB and possibly 16GB. Storage will range from 128-512 GB SSD.
Keyboard is included in the device, however Pen will not be - you'll be able to get one for a reasonable price or reuse your Surface Pen if you've got one ;)

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If you replace the year with month then you're right :)

We'll start our Indiegogo campaign in the end of september/start of october - the devices will be shipped end of december 2016/start of january 2017

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We can't really give the exact price as it's pretty stunning (I was stunned when /u/migelangelo told me), but the base-model will be below 1000€ with tax (or 900$ without) and the best model will be below 2000€ with tax (or 1800$ without).

And that doesn't mean the base-model is 900$, it will be lower than that. :)

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Thanks! :)

Please check out our indiegogo at the start of october if you've got the time :)

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We'll unveil the price at a later point, as we want everyone to be stunned by it (it's great, I was stunned myself when I heard about it)

But for now I can say our base-model will be below 1000€ including taxes (~900$ without tax) and the "ultimate model" will be below 2000€ including taxes (~1800$ without tax)