Hi Reddit!

My name is Alex, and I have albinism. I’m back for another exciting AmA!


So go ahead, ask me anything.

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ducktit1745 karma

Can you please get buff as shit and shave your head too look like that guy from Prometheus?

AlbinoAlex1993 karma

Would that help me get laid?

le_vulp1204 karma

In certain circles, yes.

AlbinoAlex1708 karma

Tell me more about these circles.

le_vulp632 karma

I can think of several off the bat. For instance, do you have a thing for goth girls? 'Cause they'd eat that right up. Start dressing working out so you look like Rutger Hauer from Blade Runner and you'll be fighting them off in no time. Source: a girl who has some seriously odd female friends.

AlbinoAlex508 karma

You should introduce me to these odd female friends :)

le_vulp219 karma

Just live in a midsize central coast CA town that for some reason has a disproportionate amount of gothy girls. Oh and go to and/or play rock shows a lot. That's how you meet 'em.

AlbinoAlex203 karma

Thanks for the suggestions, will do!

Einsteins_coffee_mug167 karma

Yeah, try being unnaturally good at guitar too.

AlbinoAlex454 karma

Now you're just asking for too much.

nothanksillpass114 karma

They're kind of like squares but with round edges

AlbinoAlex143 karma

Steve Jobs had such a hard on for round edges.

CivilityBeDamned40 karma

In most circles getting buff equates to getting laid more...

AlbinoAlex77 karma

What about in squares?

therealnilesstandish28 karma


AlbinoAlex82 karma

Would I at least look cool?

ratelbadger69 karma


AlbinoAlex68 karma

I'm tempted, but getting buff takes a lot of time!

therealnilesstandish2 karma


AlbinoAlex8 karma

Then it's probably not worth it :P

asylum1171 karma

I think it would make you more attractive. Just something needs to happen with that hair style though

AlbinoAlex1 karma

I wonder why Donald Trump picked his hairstyle.

AlbinoAlex4 karma

What happened to his ear?? :O

weedygoodness3 karma

The albino angle isn't enough to get you laid?

AlbinoAlex3 karma

I wish!

Jdksowla1223 karma

What genius chose San Diego as the location for a meeting of people with albinism?

AlbinoAlex1095 karma

An evil one.

EnIdiot136 karma

No joke, Alaska in December would be better.

AlbinoAlex144 karma

But the flights up there aren't cheap. And it's cold :(

danichero11 karma

Come to Vancouver in April! I don't think I've ever seen the sun shine in April here. =(

AlbinoAlex17 karma

I went to Vancouver like two years ago, it was fucking amazing :)

Fartzzz659 karma

So at what point in your life did you choose to be an albino?

AlbinoAlex1472 karma

One day in the second grade I was like... fuck it, let's do this.


cats-quilts108 karma

Scrolling through and this is, by far, your funniest answer

AlbinoAlex155 karma

Silly questions get silly answers :P

Kushneni509 karma

Im Albanian, is that the same thing?

AlbinoAlex323 karma


albinolover89504 karma

Can you grow a beard?

AlbinoAlex571 karma

No :(

albinolover89763 karma

Its ok I still love you!

AlbinoAlex493 karma


ScorchingBonzai226 karma

That was a freaking adorable exchange.

AlbinoAlex289 karma

Now we have to kiss, right?

slm4993 karma

Yes. You and /u/ScorchingBonzai have to kiss now, that's correct.

AlbinoAlex135 karma

Do you uh, have a breath mint by chance?

Wolffey94 karma

Doesn't albinism do something for that?

AlbinoAlex149 karma

I wish. Still gotta practice dental hygiene like the rest of you.

GrimMercy27 karma

Is that related to your condition or just normal hormone shit?

AlbinoAlex56 karma

Just normal genetics. Though, I don't consider it a curse.

SuperFreakonomics494 karma

Are there any other traits of Albinism most people don't know about?

AlbinoAlex1030 karma

Most people are unaware of the visual impairment, or just how severe it can be in some cases. Most people with albinism are considered legally blind or very close to being so.

RainyOcean228 karma

What causes that?

AlbinoAlex555 karma

It's a variety of things that are all rooted to lack of pigment in the eye during development. I'd have to give you a lecture on eye anatomy to cover it all, but it's a number of things wrong with our eyes that ultimately leads to such impaired vision.

CommanderGumball164 karma

How is your eyesight in particular?

AlbinoAlex936 karma

20/400 uncorrected and 20/200 corrected. What that means is... let's say we're both looking at a squirrel sitting on a tree stump eating a walnut (or whatever the fuck they eat). I presume you have 20/20 vision, so you'd see it perfectly from 200 feet away. Meanwhile, I would have to be 20 feet away from the squirrel to see it at the same level of detail and focus as you could at 200 feet away.

ragtime_sam623 karma

What if it's like a rabbit or something

AlbinoAlex1800 karma

Then it would be eating a carrot, but everything else remains unchanged.

Trytofindmenowbitch518 karma

What if the rabbit was doing something else? Like attacking a medieval knight in a holy search for an ancient artifact?

AlbinoAlex620 karma

Then the rabbit would die, and you'd have a dead rabbit on the stump, all other variables remain the same.

TheAlphanaut612 karma

TIL what vision measurements mean

AlbinoAlex226 karma

You learn something new every day :)

scubasteave200180 karma

God, I'm 20/200 uncorrected and I can't see fucking shit with out any lenses. How do you do anything like that?

AlbinoAlex116 karma

Monoculars. I can see enough detail to see where I'm going, but anything more defined like the board in class or the number on a bus and I need a monocular.

bankshot33 karma

In that case - consider going for a Colonel Klink look

AlbinoAlex62 karma

Haha, a monocular is different from a monocle. It's like a pair of bionoculars, but only one.

RainyOcean8 karma

Interesting. I never knew that. Thanks!

AlbinoAlex14 karma

You learn something new every day :)

R3cko41 karma

Hey Alex, are you a member of NOAH? I work with a lot of low vision patients with albinism. They're a great resource. Also, any nystagmus or myopic degeneration?

AlbinoAlex81 karma

I am. NOAH is actually hosting a conference for people with albinism right now in Pittsburgh. I couldn't make it this year, but I've been twice.

I do have nystagmus but no profound head tilt, certainly not bad enough for surgery. And I am myopic.

JimmyTheCrossEyedDog85 karma

Well shit - I have albinism and I just moved to Pittsburgh last year. This explains why I kept thinking I was seeing people with albinism the past few days...

AlbinoAlex45 karma

The conference is still ongoing, raid the hotel and join them.

JimmyTheCrossEyedDog23 karma

I just looked at the NOAH website - I literally walked by that hotel for the first time yesterday, what the hell are the chances?

Sounds like it ends tomorrow - I'm almost tempted to wake up early, go downtown and crash the breakfast, though I'm not sure what I'd do once I got there.

AlbinoAlex63 karma

It is kinda short, unfortunately, and it does end tomorrow by 11 a.m. but just drop by and say hello. I remember my first conference, walking into the lobby and seeing a sea of white heads. Magical.

xXNinjaMonkeyXx466 karma

How does it feel to be a shiny in a world full of zubats?

AlbinoAlex260 karma

I'm sure the Pokemon Go players would love me! :P

matiac351 karma

Would you be okay with being involved in shamanistic rituals? If yes, how soon can you fly yourself/parts of yourself to South Africa?

AlbinoAlex295 karma

That's something I'd participate in for fun, as part of the culture. But not if it would result in my death.

Anyway, right away if you're willing to pay travel expenses :)

matiac264 karma

Sure no killing, maiming works just fine. I'll have Nigerian royalty send you details about inheriting money for travel expenses.

AlbinoAlex238 karma

Do you need my social and bank routing info, too?

matiac131 karma

That would is most helpful, yes.

AlbinoAlex343 karma

867-53-09... actually, just PM me for both numbers.

vinnythehammer111 karma

Damn you should be a comedian fuck that had me rolling when I read the number

AlbinoAlex168 karma

It's good staircase humour, I'm nowhere near as funny in real life.

longtimegoneMTGO35 karma

Well, they do use all sorts of albino body parts, I suppose some of them could be harvested non lethally.

You can get as much as US$75,000 on the black market for a set of arms, legs, ears, and genitals.

AlbinoAlex133 karma

I mean, I'll never need my genitals, so how much do those fetch?

longtimegoneMTGO92 karma

All depends, I think they price by the inch.

AlbinoAlex370 karma

God dammit :(

CoonLover277 karma

Are your nipples pink?

AlbinoAlex302 karma

Yeah, kinda. Like a dark pink.

AlbinoAlex123 karma

Really? ;)

PM_NUDES_4_DOG_PICS242 karma

Have you experienced any ridicule or bullying because of your albinism? How do you feel about it personally, does it make you self-conscious at all?

AlbinoAlex401 karma

Not much. The occasional rude comment here or there, but for the most part everyone accepted me. Though, I can tell you plenty of horror stories from people with albinism who weren't as lucky.

For all intents and purposes I feel normal. I'm not in denial, but it's not like "I look different" is actively in the back of my mind when I'm out and about with family or going somewhere new.

gfidsnbvnioddsopmdso216 karma

Honestly you don't even look much different, just really light hair.

AlbinoAlex358 karma

I'm sure I'd blend in in Scandinavia.

Shotdownm144 karma

If this wasn't an 'I'm albino AMA', I would never have guessed you had albinism.. Yes, I am from Scandinavia, you are more than welcome to come join us!

AlbinoAlex58 karma

Isn't it really cold there, though?

cygodx170 karma

Thats why you stay inside and play CSGO in scandinavia.

AlbinoAlex51 karma

All winter long?

cygodx112 karma

Yea and the winter goes 12month so...

AlbinoAlex75 karma

Hm... I'll just sit this one out. You guys have fun.

Jedeyeboba218 karma

Hello! I have four younger adopted siblings, all who have albinism. Two of which are up in Pittsburgh right now attending a conference for children with albinism. That being said, what can I as an older brother do to make life easier for them, while they're still children and beyond? My mom has done a wonderful job with them so far, but I'd like to contribute as well.

AlbinoAlex224 karma

You should have joined them at the conference! There's so much stuff there for family :)

For now? Support. Help them if they need something. Dealing with bullying, reading small font, getting around, etc.

ClintHammer133 karma

Have you ever considered using any method of coloring yourself to pass as non albino?

AlbinoAlex204 karma

Not intentionally. I would do it once, for fun, but not for the sake of trying to blend in.

dasoktopus167 karma

I'm a makeup artist and honestly this would be so freaking fun to do. I'd be so down.

AlbinoAlex173 karma

I would love to have someone experiment, fun for both of us.

mazillion185 karma

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

AlbinoAlex185 karma


Nevermore0714119 karma

Gonna sound rude here, but, after reading through your AmA and finding out you were into men, and as someone who got picked on for being gay quite a lot growing up, I'm compelled to ask. Have you ever gotten that "You're pretty pale...must be because there's not much sun in the closet" line?

AlbinoAlex223 karma

I'm not actually gay, I was kidding :P Sorry you didn't get it, but that's a really fucking clever line that I wish someone would use now.

I'm sorry you were picked on, though. I love the shift we've had towards LGBT in the last decade or two. Dealing with the prop 8 bullshit in California, I never thought I'd see nationwide gay marriage legalization.

Nevermore071451 karma

Ah. Sorry if my assumption insulted ya.

Thanks for answering my question, at least. Now I just need to find a gay albino...where's the next convention for people with albinism?

AlbinoAlex78 karma

It didn't, it's my fault for joking like that.

There's one happening right this second in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania if you can make your way over there :)

Nevermore071445 karma

No one's at fault for jokes. Jokes are why we're all here. On the internet. Jokes and porn, mostly.

Like I always (maybe a couple times a year) say: White or black or rainbow, only one color really matters. Green. Unfortunately, I have very little money. So, enjoy the convention for the both of us, yeah?

AlbinoAlex27 karma

I'm actually not there, either :( I really wanted to go but flights from across the country... just wasn't happening. But I've attended two and they were splendid. Can't recall if anyone there was gay... actually there was one lesbian woman that I met. But I'm sure there are gay people with albinism, I'll help you find one. No better wingman than an albino wingman!

Shaz1420 karma

I had a friend in university who was gay and albino. He definitely existed. I don't know where he is now though.

AlbinoAlex30 karma

We should find him, for science!

Fetchwilln3verhappen108 karma

If you ever want kids, would you do genetics testing on the fetus? Would having the albinism genes matter to you?

Do you have any siblings or other family members with albinism?

AlbinoAlex256 karma

It would probably be a joint decision between myself and my partner if she'd want to be tested or have the fetus tested in advance.

Having children with albinism is an interesting dilemma. On one hand, there really isn't anyone better suited to raise that child than another person with albinism. Only at that point can you truly understand what that child is going through. But at the same time, would you want that child to suffer and be bullied and go through the same bullshit you went through? Even with your support?

I have one cousin on my mother's side with albinism, I don't remember her place in the tree, but that's it.

theredworm67 karma

I'm albino too and while my wife was pregnant I kept thinking to myself "I hope he isn't albino".

I remembered my childhood and being picked on constantly. I didn't want him to go through that too. He isnt btw.

I have 7 siblings and one brother and two sisters are albino.

AlbinoAlex84 karma

It definitely seems like the younger generation of people with albinism have it a lot easier. We're usually accepted, well connected, and live in a society where unique is celebrated. Talk to anyone 40+ with albinism and they'll tell you horror stories abut bullying, beatings, shaming, etc. It's a different world, but I can understand your reluctance, I'd feel the same way. Congratulations, though.

therealnilesstandish4 karma

Just FYI, the chances of having an albino child with an albino woman are theoretically only 1 in 4.

AlbinoAlex46 karma

The chances of having a child with albinism if both parents have albinism is actually 100%, unless they have different types of albinism.

Kali_eskrima102 karma

How does it feel on your skin if you go in the sun? I mean does the sun affect you? So does t feel like burning or uncomfortable?

AlbinoAlex162 karma

If it's hot enough it can actually feel like you're burning alive. And if I spend enough time in the sun I will actually get sunburned. But I can go outside to walk to the store or to get lunch and I'm fine.

dabigmanating87 karma

In Jamaica and Africa albino kids born to black peoples suffer discrimination and attacks, has this ever happened to you? Would you visit these countries?

Also, ever heard of Yellowman? an albino reggae singer!

AlbinoAlex53 karma

Never, just curious comments and questions in public. I would absolutely visit those countries, my dream is to go to Tanzania.

I've heard of him through these AmAs but I don't think I've ever heard any of his stuff. Time to change that.

dabigmanating37 karma

Start with Zungguzungguguzungguzeng, possibly the best named song in music 😀 thanks for answering! I also really want to go to Tanzania, climb Mount Kilimanjaro.

AlbinoAlex28 karma

How do you even pronounce that? These reggae artists man.

Oh and going on safari :)

EvitableDestiny77 karma

Do you ever feel discriminated against? For example, if you where applying for a job.

AlbinoAlex112 karma

I've never applied for a salaried job though coordinators were very understanding when applying for volunteer positions. I own all my own equipment (including my own copy of ZoomText) so hopefully that will be a strength when applying in the future.

Krelian121270 karma

What would you say is the general public's biggest misconception about albinism?

AlbinoAlex223 karma

I don't hear it too often anymore, but I'm sure there are plenty of people that still believe we have red eyes. I've been had people tell me that I didn't really have albinism because I didn't have red eyes!

BlueBokChoy32 karma

I'm sure there are plenty of people that still believe we have red eyes.

Just to be clear, no albinos have red eyes, or some albinos have red eyes?

AlbinoAlex64 karma

No one with albinism has red eyes, most have blue eyes. They can just appear red under certain lighting conditions.

BlueBokChoy12 karma

Thanks for doing another thorough IAMA.

AlbinoAlex13 karma

Thanks for stopping by :)

Zikara9 karma

I actually thought it was odd that you have brown eyes! Not because I thought you'd have red, but I thought that all people with albinism had light blue eyes. Didn't know it was possible to have brown.

AlbinoAlex14 karma

I have some pigment in my irides, which results in the blue/green yellow colour.

Made_in_Murica63 karma

Do you prefer broccoli or cauliflower?

AlbinoAlex69 karma

They're both so good, but I'm leaning toward cauliflower

AmaziaTheAmazing262 karma

Ah, cauliflower, the albino broccoli.

AlbinoAlex84 karma

Made especially for us :)

s4yom162 karma

How did your parents and family react when they realized you have albinism?

What's your line of work? Did your... condition (?) impact the choice?

AlbinoAlex101 karma

I'm not sure, I never asked :P

I'm currently a student, and that's going well. Generally, people with albinism are unable to do jobs that require perfect vision (as in, it's a literal requirement, like fighter pilot) or a lot of time in sunlight. There are people with albinism who are doctors, lawyers, social workers, computer programmers, photographers, etc.

s4yom125 karma

What are you studying? :)

AlbinoAlex108 karma

Psychology :)

SenyorJones53 karma

Would you rather be albino or black?

AlbinoAlex156 karma

I'd rather have albinism.

Clenis45 karma


AlbinoAlex101 karma


PokemonGOFuckUrself49 karma

What's your type?

AlbinoAlex53 karma

OCA 4.

PokemonGOFuckUrself117 karma

I mean as far as the women go

AlbinoAlex191 karma

I prefer burly men with great abs.

Erotic_Abe_Lincoln115 karma

You rang?

AlbinoAlex79 karma

Can you build me a log cabin?

Erotic_Abe_Lincoln66 karma

Sure thing!!

takes off flannel shirt to reveal rippling muscles

grabs axe and gets chopping

AlbinoAlex32 karma

Flex those muscles baby! Make us a house!

Real men build their houses from scratch!

hickboy8514 karma

Muscle bears?

AlbinoAlex30 karma

They're just so cuddly!

PrisonBull48 karma

Have you ever come across another albino in public by chance?

AlbinoAlex88 karma

Yes um... three? times. I think three or four times.

PrisonBull35 karma

What was that like? Do you run up and high five or?

AlbinoAlex87 karma

Kind of awkward in a way, we were both shy :P In one case, I didn't even know because she had ocular albinism. She introduced herself. But it's always nice. You hear about these small towns where there are like six people with albinism and they bump into each other at the grocery store from time to time. Shit, closest person with albinism to me that I know of is like an hour away.

Grolcho40 karma

What's the best insult you've received?

AlbinoAlex106 karma

"It's (can't remember the name), the albino lifeguard!" Referencing the albino lifeguard in the Starburst commercials.

AlbinoAlex97 karma

I still can't believe they aired that.

Elhefecanare40 karma

How many souls do you steal on a day to day basis?

AlbinoAlex137 karma

My quota is six but I usually average around nine.

Bezwick1133 karma

Can your bones cure my friends AIDS?

AlbinoAlex35 karma

Unfortunately, no.

ijflwe4251 karma

Hey now, let's not rush to conclusions

AlbinoAlex47 karma

Listen, if people found out my bones did cure AIDS, they'd take all my bones! I only have so many :(

trb7525230 karma

Does your skin produce vitamin D when in the sun similar to folks with regular skin? As a red head, I know my skin does an extra good job producing vitamin D when compared to the average person.

AlbinoAlex52 karma

Yes. Though it's theorized that a lot of people with albinism are vitamin D deficient because they try to avoid sunlight or bathe in sunscreen with every exposure. The amount of exposure needed to produce a daily dose is like 10 minutes.

PegasusKidIII23 karma

Just curious if you would be interested in coming on my podcast to talk about this?

AlbinoAlex21 karma


TheAmazingBoj21 karma

have you been playing Pokemon go??¿

AlbinoAlex23 karma

I have not, is it fun?

TheAmazingBoj19 karma

hell yeah it is

AlbinoAlex15 karma

Which team are you a part of?

TheAmazingBoj38 karma

mystic ftw

AlbinoAlex10 karma

So you just run around town finding and catching Pokemon? What is the gym for?

TheAmazingBoj8 karma

you capture it for your team and when you capture it you become the gym leader

AlbinoAlex20 karma

I'll look into it once I get into a bigger city with more Pokestops.

TheAmazingBoj5 karma

are you moving soon?

AlbinoAlex10 karma

No, I live in a major city but I'm visiting family in a small town for the summer. We do have Pokemon Go players here, but I imagine they would be more prevalent in a major city.

topo1021 karma

Did you develop such a good sense of humor as a result of albinism? I hope that comes across as respectable because I mean with the utmost respect. This AMA is entertaining as shit and you're funny as hell. I use my sense of humor as a shield sometimes so I am just curious. Be well man!

AlbinoAlex30 karma

It's staircase humour, I'm nowhere near as funny in real life. I just love using references and shooting shit with the community. AmAs where people just deadpan answer questions (or avoid the joking ones) suck.

leemike118 karma

What are some of the positive things about being different than everyone else that have helped you in your life?

AlbinoAlex71 karma

Being unique is pretty awesome. While conformity and popularity are so big in K - 12, individuality and being unique are celebrated in college. Getting to attend amazing conferences, participate in research, etc. There have been plenty of amazing experiences.

But in terms of something that has helped me? Going to college for free is pretty nice.

seanthesonic44 karma

Can u tell me more about this "free college" thing and how I can get albunism

AlbinoAlex41 karma

Sorry, you gotta be born with it. Maybe in your next life :)

MathMXC14 karma

So white paint doesn't work?

AlbinoAlex34 karma

No, but you could try bleaching like Michael Jackson.

terminalradness17 karma

Can you dye your hair? Or will it not take or somethings like that?

AlbinoAlex29 karma

I've never tried, but the consensus seems to be that hair dye would stick just like it would for any other person.

catgirl135917 karma

Do you look paler irl than in pictures? Because every time you post an AMA I'm shocked that I'm almost as pale as you! I'm pretty damn pale (there are a few redheads out there that are even paler, but not many), but it's weird that you look about my color in pictures.

AlbinoAlex22 karma

I've gotten a bit of sun lately. Roll up my sleeve and you'll see pale! :P

jaminmayo17 karma

What spf do you use?

AlbinoAlex44 karma


EricHill7814 karma

Do your body parts have magical powers?

AlbinoAlex10 karma

I wish!

infectedmethod8 karma

Have you or would you ever dye your hair/eyebrows to fit in more?

AlbinoAlex33 karma

Not solely for the purposes of fitting in more, but I definitely would just to experiment.

DetroitDiggler6 karma

Do you have magic like in the Movie "Powder"?

AlbinoAlex12 karma

I wish!

OursEnPeluche4 karma

What would you consider to be the most difficult thng about your albinism?

And is there anything that people assume is diffiult for you because of your albinism, that isn't as bad as people usually think?

AlbinoAlex7 karma

Definitely the visual impairment.

A lot of people, rightfully, assume that sunburns are a huge deal. But in reality I just stay out of the sun or bathe in SPF 100. It's an issue with an easy remedy, compared to the other issues with albinism.

Hivebent4 karma

Is it hard being in the sun? As in, going outside?

AlbinoAlex7 karma

Not for short periods of time. I can walk to the pharmacy or post office in about 30 mins rt and not have a problem. But if I plan to be outside for hours, like at a festival or hanging out with friends, then sunscreen is a must. I won't tan, I'll just straight burn.

So I can't just decide to be outside for a long time on the fly, I have to know in advance or I better have sunscreen. Or sometimes I'm outside longer than I expected, and sunburn :(

skineechef3 karma

What are some preconceived notions of albinism that are incorrect, or not totally accurate?

Thanks for the AMA!

AlbinoAlex3 karma

That we all have red eyes, it's simply not true.

Rufus_von_Barkstien3 karma

Any issues with your eyes and/or vision?

AlbinoAlex5 karma

Quite sever visual impairment.

b_scribbs3 karma

Is it hard to keep your teeth white enough to not seem yellowed against your skin tone?

AlbinoAlex5 karma

I never think about it, and I doubt many people do.

MarsBars4Lyfe2 karma

Does it affect your eyesight?

AlbinoAlex2 karma


IamPyres2 karma

How long does it take you to burn when you are out in the sun? I am VERY pale and can not tan for life of me...I just burn,peel and go back to being super pale. I can not be in direct sunlight for more than about 15-20 minutes without sunscreen or I will burn. I assume you experience something similar?

AlbinoAlex2 karma

I mean it depends on your definition of a sunburn. If it's when your skin is red, hot to the touch, hurts like hell, and eventually peels... about two hours or so, maybe a little more. But just some asymptotic redness? I never check, but it's definitely less.

IamPyres2 karma

I am curious if you burn quicker in different parts of the world. I believe you do at different times of the year so it would make sense. I live in Louisiana and I legit have to use sunscreen just to mow the lawn. You are right though...for me to get a real bad burn it does take at least an hour of exposure. I remember being a kid and going to the swimming pool. If I did not reapply my sunscreen in time I was in for some misery.

AlbinoAlex2 karma

I've always been told that you burn faster the closer you are to the equator, which is kinda sad considering that the higher population density of people with albinism is in Panama :(

catgirl13592 karma

Two hours? Lucky! I burn in about 20 mins if it's really sunny.

AlbinoAlex2 karma

Sunscreen FTW!

aboyd6562 karma

Haven't you done a few of these? Is it all for the karma? Did you get albinism for the karma???

AlbinoAlex8 karma

I have. Yes. Yes.

CrispyColonel2 karma

What is your favorite food?

AlbinoAlex5 karma

Bacon cheeseburger (from Five Guys).

Paco_Is_A_Taco2 karma

What SPF do you use?

AlbinoAlex7 karma


PidgeonShit7 karma

What FPS do you use?

AlbinoAlex17 karma

1080p60, obviously.

Macster_man2 karma

Aside from skin color,does your condition cause any other difficulties,I.e. Skin cancer, ect ?

AlbinoAlex3 karma

There is a much higher risk of skin cancer since I sunburn so easily.

Ilikechikin0232 karma

Do you have any tattoos? Would getting one be any different than someone who has pigment (pigmentation?) in their skin?

AlbinoAlex2 karma

I don't but I've always wanted one and I assume the process would be the same. Colours would definitely pop more, though.

datguy6541 karma

When you go out in the sun, what spf sunscreen do you wear?

AlbinoAlex1 karma


therealnilesstandish1 karma

Would you consider taking part in a eugenics experiment?

AlbinoAlex8 karma

That depends, do they offer a lollipop and a sticker when you're done?

Longboarding-Is-Life1 karma

You said you were legally blind, do you use a program to speak the text on reddit?

AlbinoAlex1 karma

No, I just zoom in on the entire display (like display magnification in Windows). I can always pinch to zoom in Safari like you can on iOS. The rest is just getting semi-close to the screen.

ididntcometoread1 karma

What's the hardest thing about being afraid of water? Do you ever get dehydrated? Do you bathe?

AlbinoAlex2 karma

What's the hardest thing about being afraid of water?

Never getting to swim in the Mississippi River.

Do you ever get dehydrated?

No, I drink coffee.

Do you bathe?

Yes, in Coca-Cola

[deleted]1 karma


AlbinoAlex1 karma

It impairs it severely. So much so that I'm considered legally blind.

Moonpi3141 karma

Do you ever get jealous of people who tan really well?

AlbinoAlex1 karma

Not really like jealous jealous, but I would love to have the same defense mechanism.

ChukkaBossier1 karma

Have you ever wanked over a picture of your own arse hole?

AlbinoAlex1 karma

Is that a fetish?

ChukkaBossier1 karma

I'll ask the questions around here albine boy

AlbinoAlex1 karma

Yes sir.

AlbinoAlex1 karma

You always seem to remember :P Was HI cancelled?

Ehh_Embb0 karma

Is your family black? Could a white person be albino too?

AlbinoAlex4 karma


Yes. That's why we think albinism is underdiagnosed in Nordic countries. A person with fair skin and blonde hair just looks normal over there.

Durts0 karma

Do people ask you about it often? And also just a side not, from the nose up you kinda look like Ron Perlman

AlbinoAlex2 karma

Rarely, maybe a handful of times the past few years. That's why I do AmAs, so people aren't shy about asking questions.

Yeah, I can kinda see it. I've always been told I look like Todd from Breaking Bad. Except I would have the balls to actually hit on Lydia.

Tittycrab_crabtitty0 karma

What the fuck is up with the 40 some odd headshots, and why do you do an AMA every couple months? I swear I've seen like six or seven of these. This seems less like a weird self obsession at this point

AlbinoAlex2 karma

I had them taken a while back and thought to include them randomly, why not?

They do seem to be popular, with the exception of times where someone famous does an AmA, then mine don't get any attention. But when they're noticed people ask questions, including you.

GetBAK10 karma

Do you enjoy not having a Soul? :D

In all seriousness - I am curious how your eyesight is effected and if it's a direct result of your ilness

AlbinoAlex2 karma

Eh, I never really saw the point in having one. I much preferred the doughnut.

Very much so, like legally blind so.

GiantBlastocyst0 karma

Does it bother you when people don't use sunscreen?

AlbinoAlex9 karma

Nah, if they want to tan let them tan.

SuperFreakonomics-3 karma

Who would you vote for in the upcoming elections?

AlbinoAlex1 karma

Would I get the most karma if I said Donald Trump?

RainyOcean1 karma

Probably not

AlbinoAlex5 karma

Would I get the most karma if I said Jill Stein?

RainyOcean0 karma


AlbinoAlex2 karma

Man, I miss the old days when I could just say Bernie Sanders and rake in all the karma.

RainyOcean3 karma

I miss the days when I was still able to pretend he had a chance.

AlbinoAlex2 karma

I miss Jeb Bush during the debates.