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Ehh_Embb159 karma

Didn't like three old ass dudes volunteer to swim down into the radioactive water to release some pressure valve or something? I could've sworn I read somewhere that there was danger of yet another catastrophic explosion and these guys sacrificed themselves to prevent it. Is this true?

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Was riding a bike under water as underwhelming as it sounds?

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Wow, thanks for that. You definitely know what you're talking about. So none of those guys got radiation poisoning or anything like that? That's pretty wild

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So, Eric Harris was a full blown psychopath right? Are psychopath's naturally charming or alluring personality-wise? I just can't fathom how he was charismatic enough to manipulate his buddy into being a martyr for evil with him.

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Do historians really believe the Nazi's would have had that much regalia all over the place? I mean, I know they liked their symbols and swastikas and whatnot, but I wonder if the Nazi's would really decorate the place with as many swastikas as you see in the show.