Hi everyone,

My name is Taylor Chustz, I'm a volunteer with a US based NGO called Exponential Education and I'm here with some students and tutors from Antoa middle school in Ghana.

According to the 2011 Ghanaian National Education Assessment, only 16% of grade six students are proficient in math and only 35% are proficient in English. As well, many students who attend SHS struggle to pay for school fees. If students can not afford school they are forced to drop out and start a job to try and go back to school at a later time. Expo’s after school Peer-to-Peer tutoring program matches outstanding SHS students with struggling JHS students to provide free tutoring in math and English. Over the course of a term, the JHS students improve on average over 100% in math and 80% in English.

Five high-achieving senior high school (SHS) students are each matched with five struggling junior high school (JHS) students. Through activity-based learning, small group activities, in-the-moment feedback and extra opportunities for practice and review, JHS students reinforce their math and English foundations each week. The SHS tutors develop leadership skills, confidence in their mentorship capabilities and receive a stipend that helps offset the cost of their education. As well, at the end of the program, one SHS student is selected to receive a scholarship that can pay almost a year of school fees.

At Antoa JHS we run one of our peer-to-peer tutoring programs. The tutors come from Antoa SHS and the students come from Antoa JHS. They meet two times a week to learn in a fun atmosphere. Since the students are all local to Kumasi (the major town near our village) and near the same age, the middle school students are taught in the local language and their tutor is like an older sister or brother rather than a teacher.

The school serves a community of about 1500 people and most people in this village make their living as farmers.

If you'd like to help our organization out, please donate to our fundraising campaign. Any amount helps. All money goes towards our scholarship and stipend program to help SHS students stay in school. You can donate here: https://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/exponential-education-help-us-reach-new-students--2

We are hoping to expand our program to more schools in the Ashanti Region of Ghana so we can help more JHS and SHS students stay in school (with scholarships and stipends to SHS students) and pass their classes and understand their courses (tutoring JHS students).

I'm here with our Program Associate, Charles Amponsha, who runs the tutoring program at Antoa JHS; SHS tutors Emmanuel and Sharifa; and JHS students Joseph and Georgina.

Ask us Anything!

Link to website: http://www.exponentialeducationprogram.org/

What is P2P?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czdlyur-ZdE

Link to a photo of us now: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5CO_R1CFj0PT1k5c0FIa2EzVW8/view?usp=sharing

**Note: the paper says "Hi! We are from Expo's Peer-to-Peer Program at Antoa JHS. Ask us anything!"

My camera is poor quality sometimes.

EDIT: Here is an updated picture with me and the students and my username. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5CO_R1CFj0PX0NnN09ua2NPQVE/view?usp=sharing

EDIT: Thank you for all the responses and support!I have sent the students home to go eat and help their families. Charles and I will answer questions maybe for another 30 minutes then I will take a break. My fingers hurt from replying! Thank you again!!!

Edit @17:29 GMT- Saturday: Thank you everyone for your questions and support. We have all enjoyed the questions, especially Charles and I. I am taking a break to actually make food and hopefully chat with some friends in Antoa. I will try to get back online later and answer more questions. Again, if you feel like donating please go to our donation page here: ttps://www.generosity.com/education-fundraising/exponential-education-help-us-reach-new-students--2 Thank you again for your support!

Edit @ 9:34 GMT- Sunday Wow, thank you everyone for your comments and support. We have raised enough to expand out to 4 more programs in September. Thank you! Over the next few days I will to try to respond to questions myself The kids are all home, so I won't respond for them. If you like, PM as well with any questions. Again, that you all for your support and help. I know the kids have been excited to participate and get to know reddit!

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pacedout318 karma

When you aren't in school, what do you enjoy doing?

tchustz476 karma

Sharifa: I like to watch movies and read, and helping my mother. Georgina: I like to watch telenovelas (they are very popular here.)

b0v1n3r3x104 karma

Telenovelas, as in Mexican soap operas?

tchustz33 karma

Yep, extremely popular

wickedhollow78 karma

Sharifa, do you have a favorite book?

tchustz128 karma

Yes, No Sweetness Here

s08e12-61 karma

How difficult is it having to work with low-IQ students?

tchustz17 karma

Many of the students don't have low-IQ. It is more they do not have access to the same learning resources that area easily available in European and US schools.

Bronloneus276 karma

Hello from Illinois in the U.S.! What do you aspire to do in the future? What are your dreams?

tchustz535 karma

Emmanuel: I want to be a journalist Sharifa: I want to be a nurse Georgina: I want to be a musician Joseph: I want to be a doctor Charles: I want to be a lawyer

Bronloneus180 karma

I'm happy to know that! What are the biggest challenges that you face in your lives?

tchustz726 karma

Emmanuel: Financial problems. Paying for school fees is difficult many times.

Joseph: I sometimes come to school with an empty stomach. It makes it hard to learn.

Georgina: My parents are farmers and we don't have much money for myself and my siblings

ButtsexEurope30 karma

If you become a nurse, will you stay in Africa or go abroad?

tchustz127 karma

Sharifa: I want to stay in Ghana

turtlevader222 karma

How's the food in Ghana?

tchustz316 karma

Emmanuel: It is very delicious and tasty too.

toofantastic69 karma

What's your favorite food?

tchustz196 karma

Charles:Rice balls and groundnut soup

tchustz129 karma

Emmanuel: It is very delicious and tasty too.

vankirk92 karma

I work in a University cafeteria in the USA and we are serving rice Jollof this coming semester. What are some other foods that are staples in Ghana that we could serve. Here is a picture of our dining room. Thank you!

AjMilliron190 karma

What do you most enjoy learning about?

Also, how's your internet?

tchustz303 karma

Emmanuel: I like to learn about math. Joseph: math Sharifa: Economics Georgina: English

Taylor: Currently we have power and the internet is okay for now! Hopefully it stays that way.

noobto74 karma

Any specific type of math that you two enjoy?

What do you like about economics, Sharifa? Are you more of a micro or macro?

Georgina (and I suppose all), who's your favorite author?

tchustz137 karma

Joseph: I like to learn about fractions Emmanuel: I like to learn about simulations equations

Georgina: David Dontoh (A Ghanaian writer and actor)

BilboT_Baggins185 karma

Emmanuel, what is your favorite hockey team?

tchustz490 karma

Wisconsin Badgers. A volunteer was from Wisconsin and showed me a match

TheeLEMONator197 karma

As a Minnesota Gophers fan (big rivalry), tell him I will show him all the clips of hockey games his heart desires if he agrees to switch over to our team.

tchustz191 karma

he laughed and said he will see

Taggerung101158 karma

What sports are your favorite to partake in?

tchustz405 karma

Georgina: volleyball Joseph: football Sharifa: basketball Emmanuel: Hockey (in joking, but he says he played once in Accra)

remjob61472 karma

You think you're funny or something, Emmanuel? HMM?

tchustz802 karma

He just smiled and said "sometimes"

SuperbCrawdad2505 karma

Classic Emmanuel

syrupriver93 karma

Can we have a picture of Emmanuel and put this caption on it

Grimsoir57 karma

And thus, a new meme has been born.

tchustz27 karma

When I see him at his program I may try and take a picture with the caption. I'll see what I can do

guywithatie2 karma

Dumb question - football there is soccer in America, right? Or do you mean American football?

tchustz16 karma

Yes, football = soccer in Ghana.

TheSylviaPlathEffect148 karma

I know this isn't a question but I just wanted to let you know that your fundraising page is showing an error. I'd like to donate, do you have a link that works?

tchustz161 karma

Thank you for telling me. The new link should be up, but it is here as well:


theverdictsin7 karma

Just donated...tried to share link on Twitter and Facebook, but it didn't let me.

tchustz11 karma

Thank you so much for your support! Maybe you can just share Expo's facebook or twitter page?

augusteck120 karma

Hello from Sydney, Australia! Nice to meet you :) Two questions:

1)What languages do you guys speak, inside or outside of school?

2) What does your typical school day look like?

tchustz267 karma

Question 1: In school: We are supposed to speak English (or French in the French class)

Outside: Twi (The local language)

Question 2: From Gergina: I wake up at 5am and shower and do household chores (sweeping). I get to school at 730 (she walks from a neighboring village that is 30 minutes away). I will be in school till 3pm. When I get home I will help cook food and serve my family food. I will then help with the cleaning and do homework. I will then go to sleep at nine pm.

paxilrose89120 karma

is the school urban or rural? does the school have animals/pets? do any of the kids at home?

tchustz272 karma

The school is rural. Antoa is a small village outside of Kumasi.

The school does not have pets, but animals (dogs, goats, cats, chickens) do wander into the classroom sometimes.

Emmanuel: I have a cat Sharifa: I have goats Georgina: A cat Joseph: I have a dog

Hamilton950B92 karma

Do the students have any opportunity to travel? How many have been to Accra? How many have been to a foreign country?

tchustz120 karma

Students usually don't get to travel too far. But they have all said they have been to Accra (Emmanuel lived there for 2 years) and no one has a passport. So no traveling to other countries.

PineappleSituation48 karma

They can go to ECOWAS countries without a passport. My students in Ho went to Togo often for funerals but few had been to Accra.

tchustz40 karma

Ah okay, I didn't realize (Taylor) but they still haven't traveled.

MrsIssacDarwin90 karma

I am a science teacher in Europe. I was wondering if I could help in any way by sharing my own notes and digital resources. Would this be useful at all?

tchustz16 karma

If you would like to PM I can ask the science teachers I know if they would like them!

AkashicRecorder70 karma

Hi everyone!

Which person from Ghana do you admire the most?

tchustz142 karma

Emmanuel : John Mahama (the current president of Ghana) Joseph: The late Atta Mills (the late president and professor) Georgina: Nana Addo (the main NPP, canidate to run for president)

crs711724 karma

who are the non political heroes, just curious?

tchustz61 karma

Charles: football players are seen as heroes, but a lot are political in nature

Caledoni_7269 karma

What do you learn about other countries?

tchustz99 karma

Charles: We learn about other countries culture mostly.

Cakiery41 karma

How do they feel about American culture?

tchustz91 karma

They think it is pretty cool and fun :)

eggman98969 karma

How are the Black Stars doing this season?

tchustz157 karma

Sharifa: they are doing well and they have qualified for the African Cup 2017!

turtleracers43 karma

I'm Ghanian and my dad played for the Black Stars (a loooong time ago)! His name is Fredua Agyeman Prempeh. Glad to hear you guys are fans of soccer!

tchustz44 karma

Charles says he doesn't know the name but he loves Black Stars so loves him then!

kuzzy361 karma

What is your textbook situation like? Do you have any? What is there condition?

tchustz87 karma

Emmanuel: We have to pay for the textbooks ourselves. They can be 40 ceids for one book. We purchase them new since the school doesn't have any. Joseph: We sometimes get the textbook from the school, but usually we have to pay for them. Our textbooks are usually 25 cedis. We buy them new

Taylor: Many schools do not get new textbooks and they use ones that haven't been updated in 10 years. Because the students buy their own books there are no used books, they are just full of old information sometimes.

PineappleSituation91 karma

Just a tip for teachers- my students in Ho couldn't afford English lit books to work on English skills and I couldn't afford to import them, so I found PDF books online (through Library Genesis but there are others since that was shut down) and printed my own copies for them at a local printing stand at about $4 USD / 10 cedi per book. They gave a deal of like 5 pesewas per page because I was printing in bulk.

tchustz81 karma

Do you a link to maybe other sites? I would love to share with some of my teachers.

Trinition57 karma

40 cedi = $10.15 USD

tchustz81 karma

Yes, this is correct. To give more context, in one day if your mother or father is a trader (sells an item) they can make a profit of 10 cedis (they sell items in town) a day , and if lucky 100 cedis (if they own their own shop).

From this amount they will buy more items to sell or food for their families. So at the end they may have less.

mega_kage3 karma

Did you hear about openstax.org?

tchustz3 karma


Seraph_Grymm43 karma

For the teach:

Mrs. Chust, how did you get involved in such a project and what inspired you to do so?

for the students:

You all have listed what you want to be (professionally) what/who is your inspiration for those paths?

tchustz168 karma

Taylor: I have a degree in international relations and a minor in educational policy. I have worked for a long time domestically in the US (as a certified math teacher in Englewood in Chicago) and in Boston and Baton Rouge. I was never able to work abroad due to having to pay for college (had to earn that money for myself). After working a few years I decided to take the risk and see if I wanted to continue to work in education domestically or internationally. I have loved working in Ghana and luckily have been able to have my work have a crossover with domestic and international education

Emmanuel: I want to be a journalist because I want to give information to the people about what is happening in the world.;

Sharifa: I want to be a nurse because my little brother always gets sick and it worries me. We always had to go to a far away place to get help. I want to be a nurse so I can provide help locally in my community.

Joseph: I want to be a doctor because I want to save the people in my community from disease. Many people get sick and they have to travel far for help. I want to help locally.

Georgina: I want to be a musician so I can be famous and praise God

redditplz5 karma

Taylor, Baton Rouge native, where did you teach? And are you related to a Tim Chustz?

tchustz6 karma

There are 2 Chustz clans in Baton Rouge and I think he is part of the other one. I worked with St Joseph's Academy

BluePretzel42 karma

Can you tell us about your school building and how it fits your needs? Do you find it's generally useful when American or western mission/philanthropy groups come to Ghana and build schools or do you find it patronizing?

tchustz52 karma

Georgina: We like it because in the end we get the buildings we need for free.

tchustz41 karma

Sharifa: At the SHS we sometimes have 54 students in a room. We share desks and it is very small.

Joseph: We have have 17 students in a room sometimes, but we have no power and the chalk boards are falling apart.

Thantosiet29 karma

Why the focus on teaching English? And if you got the chance to expand your program, what else might you want to teach besides math and English?

tchustz60 karma

English is a core subject in Ghana education. Since it is sometimes the students second (or even third language) we try to reinforce their learning.

We also offer separate programs in the STEM topics. In this classes we train local teachers to teach a curriculum from a company called Level Up Village. It is free to teachers and students.

In expanding we hope to offer more tutoring services, and in turn STEM classes to students.

Ravenmn13 karma

What languages are spoken in Ghana?

tchustz36 karma

Charles: There are 17 local languages in Ghana but the most spoken language is Twi

ladybirdbeetle19 karma

17 languages? Wow! So do signs in public have a bunch of translations written on them? Or do most people know one main language?

tchustz25 karma

Twi is the most common language so you see a combination of Twi and English on signs. But it really depends on what area you are in

Startbussyfinishbach28 karma

What is the biggest challenge you have to overcome for your schooling? Is there a lack of infrastructure or supplies?

What do you want to be when you grow up?

On another note, education is the key that opens so many doors later in life. It's the best thing you can do for yourself and your community. You should all be very proud of yourselves.

tchustz50 karma

Emmanuel: lack of qualified teachers - I want to be journalist Sharifa: lack of facilities - I want to be a nurse Joseph: We have no libraries - I want to be a doctor Georgina: lack of supplies, like textbooks.- I want to be a musician

Startbussyfinishbach19 karma

Would ereaders and tablets be a practical solution for the lack of textbooks and libraries? What about internet access where you are?

tchustz38 karma

Joseph: Yes Charles: Yes, but it would be difficult for the schools to manage the ownership of the devices I think.

JinJaBud26 karma

Hello from Belgium! I live not far from Brussels which has a population of 1 million people. I prefer to live in the countryside away from the city.

Kumasi is bigger than Brussels - do you prefer city life or the countryside?

tchustz40 karma

Emmanuel: I want to live in the city and visit the country side

AriaTheTransgressor24 karma

Random question, completely unrelated to your amazing cause (which by the way it really is).

My brother actually owns some property in Ghana, a bar he called "Game" I'm curious if anyone has been and if it's a good place.

My brother disowned me years ago, but I'd like to know if he's doing well and this seems as good a way as any.

Related question, how do you gauge who is outstanding and who is struggling? What is done about the kids that bridge the divide?

tchustz41 karma

Do you know where the bar is located? Ghana is kind of big, but if you know where (village, town) I can ask around.

For the JHS students we administer a baseline exam in English and math just to see where they stand. We also ask their English and math teachers so we can get an idea. After we know, we group the kids and the tutors teach them in the specific areas they are struggling in. Sometimes we also try to partner students who are struggling with better performing students.

AriaTheTransgressor18 karma

Near Kumasi, I'm afraid that's all I know.

I really think you're doing good work :) keep it up :)

tchustz29 karma

I asked the students and they do not know the place. But if I ever come by a place I will look into it.

green_flash23 karma

Is there something you know you will need in your life but you also know school doesn't teach it?

tchustz64 karma

Charles: access to computers. many times we only learn about the theory of using computers, but we don't know how to send emails or type.

lnjury21 karma

It seems like you all have the same buzzcut - are there no distinction between the hairstyles of boys and girls? Is it part of the school uniform maybe?

What is the song used in the video? Seems like some of the kids are singing along?

Also what an awesome video it could have been so cringe but it was so great. Looks like a bunch of wonderful students :)

tchustz65 karma

In Ghana, only adults are allowed to have long hair. It is seen as a sign of respect to elders. Also, the government wants to differentiate between the children and teachers in school. (Also they all kind of don't know specifically why, just that it is part of culture).

The song is by Bisa Kdie it is called Mansa

And thank you about the video:)

ThomasTShiftlet21 karma

I have read on multiple occasions that child slavery is a common practice in the fishing industry on Lake Volta. As an educator in Ghana have you ever worked with another educator or student who has been affected by this practice? Have you ever witnessed evidence of this practice first-hand? How is this practice viewed by the local populace in Ghana: is it abhorred, mostly ignored, accepted, or something completely different?

tchustz24 karma

I will be honest, I do not specifically know about cases like this because I am in the Ashanti Region (not near Volta). From talks with teachers, child slavery is supposedly some all Ashantis are completely against. But still it happens, as in the story you are saying. I would say it is abhorred, but I am not sure what people do to stop it sadly.

vintagedaisy20 karma

Where do you plan on attending university as you pursue your careers? Are there universities in Ghana that offer the courses you need or would you need to travel to a different country? Are there scholarships available to you?

tchustz58 karma

Joseph: I want to travel to a different country for school to learn more. Sometimes if you get a degree in Ghana the government jobs will not pick you. But if you have a degree from another country, they will give you the job.

vintagedaisy18 karma

Why do you think it is that the government prefers someone that has education from a different country? Is the quality of education better than in Ghana at that level?

tchustz44 karma

It is more just assumed. Most Ghanaians I know who receive a degree in Ghana say they have to get a masters to get a government job. It is more the perception that a foreign school is better than a local one.

vintagedaisy23 karma

Interesting. But must be discouraging :(

tchustz29 karma

Yea, it can be :(

Esperantwo19 karma

Hello from the UK!

Which country would you like to visit the most if you could, and why?

tchustz44 karma

Sharifa: Belgium because one of my cousins is there and I want to visit

Emmanuel: The UK because I just want to go there and have fun

jettaboy0417 karma

What would you say to the many students in the U.S. who sometimes take the opportunities to attend school for granted?

tchustz88 karma

Charles: I would say that US students get schooling for free (at least in the public schools) and everyone is schooling so they don't understand the value and benefit of school because they don't pay for it. Many of us struggle to pay for school and sometimes our families take us out of school to help work on farms and pay for general bills (light, fetching water). Schooling is important because it can get you out of poverty and we should never forget that.

KrapSoda14 karma

Hello, I'm from Panamá. How hot is there? It's hot every day of the year?

tchustz18 karma

It isn't hot every day. We have a dry season at the end and start of the year. Currently it is the rainy season so it is cool after a rain but very humid waiting for it

Galaxine13 karma

One of my professors just spent a year on Ghana and she had amazing things to say about the people, the food, the culture, and the universities.

If you could pick one thing about Ghana to share with the rest of the world, what would you pick? What do you have that is so awesome that makes you think the rest of us are missing out?

tchustz58 karma

Charles: I think we would share what is friendship. Ghanaians are very friendly and accepting. I would want to share that about our culture.

wayfarer7312 karma

Do you have music classes and if you do, what are they like?

tchustz26 karma

Not specific music classes, but they have what are known as culture classes where the students learn traditional drumming and dancing.

ontrack12 karma

Do schools there have terrible discipline problems (disobedience, fighting, guns, drugs) like so many schools in the US?

tchustz60 karma

Charles: Compared in America, it is different. WE have our own ways of being respectful to teachers and we are disciplined (physically) more in school than America. We fight with each other, but not with guns just words.

Cakiery31 karma

but not with guns

Are they well informed about American gun culture or just using it as an example?

tchustz41 karma

They know about gun culture mostly from me since I worked in inner cities and talked to them about it

nightisblack12 karma

Georgina, Sharifa, Emmanuel, Joseph, Charles - Who is/was your first crush?

tchustz37 karma

They all laughed when I read the question and are shy.

Happyhokie11 karma

What types of jobs will be typically available after graduation?

tchustz15 karma

From the SHS tutors. If we just graduate from SHS and don't get a degree we can teach in the private schools or sell items in town.

BeepBoopBetty8 karma

What is the most surprising or disturbing stereotype you've heard about your country?

tchustz39 karma

Joseph: I haven't heard anything negative. Usually people say we are very friendly.

turleyn8 karma

How common is corporal punishment in Ghanaian schools?

tchustz19 karma

At the SHS it isn't common, but at the JHS it is common (can happen every day)

ribuli8 karma

How did you become a volunteer?

tchustz9 karma

I saw a posting on idealist.org while working in the US. I always wanted to work abroad but I had to pay for my housing and schooling so I always worked. I was able to save up some before I took the position and now I am in Ghana.

CatalogueofShips6 karma

How do you watch football? On phones, computers, or TV's? Do you think you will watch anything from this year's Olympic's?

tchustz15 karma

We watch on a TV.

If there is no TV, or local TV playing, then we can't watch the Olympics. Many bars or local areas play sports events

hezamac16 karma

Does the water situation cause problems sometimes?

tchustz11 karma

Sometimes. For example most people do not have running water in Antoa and we get water from pumps. When the power is out the pumps don't work and we have no water.

Washing hands is a big issue though. There are a lot of programs to help bring about washing hands to prevent the spread of disease.

drdanieldoom4 karma

Hello, I teach middle school science in the United States. I'd really like to know what students want to achieve in life?

tchustz10 karma

Joseph; i would to have my own hospital one day and a family. Charles: I want to have a family and own a school, I want to have scholarship programs for students from my village. Emmanuel: I want to travel the world.

Nightauditor19813 karma

Hey there Taylor, thanks for doing this!

Looking from the outside in, it seems that there is very little progress made in Africa in general.

What would you consider to be the biggest hurdle for education and general progress in Ghana or Africa in general? Is it about money, politics, religion, energy, war? What would you change if you could?

tchustz5 karma

For me, I think it is a multi faced issue. Definitely money is an issue, but this comes into play when you look at jobs. There are not many formal jobs available in Ghana, so most families are traders (sellers) who work in the informal market. That makes it very difficult for the government to collect taxes which can support public infrastructure and goods.

In Ghana war is not an issue. Politics does play a big role in when schools get more funding or less funding. I personally think what will be the bog game changer is when local Africans develop their own businesses and models of change. It creates local investment and jobs for the communities. There is a lot of development potential in Ghana, and it will be either foreign initiatives will exploit it or local Africans can innovate and grow for their communities.

I hope this answered your question?

Rainman_slim53 karma

Are things improving overall in these countries?

tchustz11 karma

Charles: Yes. We have new schools, roads being built, and better payment and infrastructure systems for schools. The government is trying more to invest in education.

thatguyfred3 karma

How do you feel about Brexit and Trump?

tchustz5 karma

Charles: I think the Britexit will make it difficult for students who want to go to school in the UK and could have also consequences to the economy locally and internationally. I don't like Trump. He says horrible things about people and seems to have many insecurities about himself. I think in Ghana, we would not respect him because of the things he says

NoMoreJuiceBoxes3 karma

Is there any danger ?

tchustz14 karma

There is danger everywhere in the world. In Antoa, not really. Just tripping mostly when the power goes out and I can't see where I am walking But Ghana, compared to many countries in West Africa, is very safe.

Kaeracin3 karma

What, and how many, languages do people in Ghana speak? As an American I am fascinated by multilingual societies.

tchustz7 karma

Charles: there are 17 languages in Ghana and many people speak more than one. Usually sometimes 3 or more

throwaway927153 karma

Who is/are your favorite musician(s) from Ghana?

tchustz4 karma

Sharifa and Georgina: stone boy and bisa kdei

taytay99553 karma

To the teacher :I am a high school teacher in the US if I wanted to come teach at your school how would I go about doing that?

To the students: what is your favorite thing about school, what is the hardest part about school?

tchustz4 karma

It depends on how long you want to teach and what. There are a variety of volunteer teaching programs in Ghana and Africa.

Joseph: favorite thing is that I get to learn and get solutions to questions. The hardest thing is waking up very early....

Casanova153 karma

Hello from Houston, USA! If a student fails in school, would some join the military? Or is that more looked down upon compared to our culture? Thanks again!

tchustz7 karma

You have to pass your WASCE (SHS exit exams) to go into the military.

abelenkpe2 karma

What kind of music do you like? What music is popular in your area?

tchustz11 karma

There is a type of music called high-life in Ghana. It is very popular with the young people. Many people also listen to praise music

RickRackRow2 karma

Outside of education, what do you think the most important thing that, as a nation, Ghana can focus on in order to increase the overall well-being of the citizens?

tchustz3 karma

Sharifa: Entrepreneurship and technology innovation

newkscup2 karma

What's your favorite dance?

tchustz4 karma


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If you all could travel to anywhere in the world where would you want to go?

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Sharifa, I want to go to Belgium to visit my cousin because I miss her

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What is the highest level of math that both the JHS and SHS teach? Do the SHS students feel prepared for college?

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At the SHS Calculus is the highest level you can take. The SHS students said they feel prepared for college if they can attend

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Hey. What effects do you think Nkrumah's socialism had on Ghana?

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Charles: The first thing we always think of is that he brought independence to Ghana. So never forget. He believed in schooling and educating people, the idea of free education to JHS and SHS. Of course that isn't fully in practice, but it is something we still strive for.

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To Taylor: Have you spent much time in any of the cities and suburbs, and if so how similar/different are they from cities and suburbs in the US? How different are they from the rural area you're currently in, in terms of the lifestyle/opportunities/facilities etc for the residents?

To the students: What do you like the most and least about Ghana?

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Yes, I live in Antoa (the village) but I have been fortunate to travel to the other areas of Ghana and the surrounding countries. I am from rural Louisiana so sometimes it is surprising how similar the rural communities are to rural communities in Louisiana and Mississippi. Depending on the city, development is different. Accra is a very modern and European like city (at least to me)

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Charles: least- the fact that the power goes in and out without warning. the best- the people.

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What kind of music do you guys enjoy? •ᴗ•

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R and B, high life, praise music, and hip hop

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Joseph, who are your favorite footballers?

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Massi, Xavi (Spain), and Iniesta

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Do you know Abdul Majeed aka "Godzilla"?

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What do you want to be when you grow up?

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Georgina: musician, Joseph: doctor, Charles: lawyer, Emmanuel: journalist

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Is there a religious component in your school? Given the spread of HIV via Catholicism, & the spread of jihad via Islam, do these religions give you any pause in Africa?

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The students attend government schools so they are not affiliated with a specific religion, but on Wednesday the JHS and SHS have what is known as worship. At worship they listen to a pastor or read from the bible.

Ghana is a very religious community and there are many people who believe in Islam, Christianity, and traditional African religions. As a volunteer from the US, I have found the level of tolerance for other religions very enlightening and positive here.

I don't know if I really answered your question though.

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Why are there so many scammers over there?

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Joseph: Everyone is trying to make something in this day in age. People are trying to find any money any way they can.

Sharifa: People want to be famous and be worldly people. So they make fake identities to get there.

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Cual es el promedio de vida en gahanna y Cón cuanto sobrevive un habitante?

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Cual es el promedio de vida en gahanna y Cón cuanto sobrevive un habitante?

Charles: maybe 75

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Wo ho te s3n?

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Expo does a variety of fundraising initiatives including grant writing, sponsorship from local organizations in Kumasi and Ghana (government sponsorship and private organizations), planning events, and other efforts. This method is used to spread word about the organization and work. If individuals feel inclined to support in small ways then we are allowing an avenue for them.

So a simple answer, yes we have sponsorship in Africa. We are just seeing who else would like to support us and our students.