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If you click their username you can see their most recent post is titled "Florida, USA checking in", and if that doesn't answer your question...

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Hello from the UK!

Which country would you like to visit the most if you could, and why?

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What's your policy on renewable energy - how does it distinguish you from other parties, and what do you think other European nations should be doing with renewable energy that they are not?

Thanks, and good luck!

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Hi, Taika. Awesome films and shit

  • Do you have any idea what projects you'd like to be part of after Thor Ragnarok?

  • Is Sam Neil as cool as he seems in Jurassic Park?

  • I'll edit in a witty question here when I think of one [EDIT] I have no witty question (yet) but I am curious, have you seen Edgar Wrights Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy, and if so what did you think?


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Thank you for your response. I wish my own government was as rational and honest as this response. Much appreciated - and once again, good luck.