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i fucking love my country sometimes.
In Denmark you can become a dentist without ever paying for anything than your books.
Don't mean to gloat it's just insane when you realize how stuff works in other countries...
edit: For context I spent 4 years at university before I dropped out. Am well on my way to finish another education that makes a lot more sense for me personally. If not for our system I'd be in debt for the rest of my life.

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Question is if the methods/tech used will be sustainable.
Also according to memory global warming could lead to massive amounts of land no longer suitable for farming.

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this is true and often misunderstood.

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Healthcare is also free here. High taxes brings such a huge amount of benefits and very little downsides (in my experience, but to be fair I have never lived anywhere else)

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Tried reading Malazan two times. This time I quit in book 9. There are some great books in there, but the casts changes so much it's hard to come to like, know or even remember the who the hell everyone is in the later books.
With the very limited reading time I have in my life now, Malazan just isn't worth it.