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Your honesty makes me feel like a terrible person.

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Well, I tried.

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Mr. Watercolour,

What first inspired you to take up water coloring (has this always been a passion of yours or just something you tried one day and it took off) ? How do you feel that it's carried you so far, and that now you're practically a Reddit celebrity?
Last question, I swear...do you consider all of the previous issues between /r/iama mods and yourself now just shitty water under the bridge? Feel free to answer this last question with a bit o' art, if you'd like.

Thanks for being you. My first experience seeing your work basically kept me from quitting Reddit.

All the best,
- Seraph

Edit: someone else asked some of my questions at the same time, sorry for the duplicate.

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Verified. Sorry for the delay.

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