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When auditioning for MIMITW: "I felt like I made somewhat of an impression when I took off one sock as a conversation opener and indeed finished the 30 minute improvisation with the casting director’s requested line '…and that’s how I arm wrestled Fidel Castro.'"

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Do the students have any opportunity to travel? How many have been to Accra? How many have been to a foreign country?

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It mystifies me that people think a flat tax will simplify anything. That's just a lookup table. The kind of simplification that would make doing my taxes easier would be eliminating forms, and less of the "if you're over 35 and went to a Catholic school then add line 27 to Form 1964 line 7 and enter on line 12 and on line 49 of form 1040" nonsense.

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Vaginal hair inside labia (safe to click, no photos)

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Those airplanes consume a lot of aviation gasoline. But OP has been very vague about what exactly he means. Apparently it's only electricity we're talking about, not "energy" as he claimed. In which case I call bullshit, until we see some actual numbers with sources attached.