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I've seen an undercover investigator say the egg industry is the most abusive, & some will argue that the dairy industry is more abusive than the beef industry (although they're intertwined of course). Do you have any views on this issue of ranking which industry is worst?

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Do you have any comments on the striking lack of support for veganism in the environmental movement? Given that animal agriculture causes at least 51% of global warming emissions, becoming vegan is the simplest, but biggest thing a person could do, & yet, mainstream media & activists against global warming are virtually silent on the issue; does this environmentalist silence strike you as curious?

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Would you advise that men not fuck children?

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Do you get tired of people focusing on cancer as a defining quality of you? I mean, would you rather people talk about something else more often with you?

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What nation are you in? Did you or your parents have to pay for the wheelchair? How much was it? Do you have lots of medical expenses? I wish you all the best.