Hi! I am Dan Rolle.

Running for Congress in District Four (Las Vegas)


Here is both my proof, and a really good video of how some dirty politics tried to shut us out of the Democratic Convention.



https://imgur.com/a/O1VhJ - Trying to keep up! EDIT Trying to keep up I will answer!

Obligatory Act Blue, because many would like to donate. (I waited to post - you asked!!!!)


EDIT Lots of questions about my comment on the rights of workers to run for office. I won't comment on my company policy but I can say I absolutely felt that I was going to get fired for running for office. I voluntarily asked permission, and that took over one month. I finally had enough and by the time it reached that point the wheels had been turning for my Congressional race. I decided that I would rather stand for my belief than worry about my job. I don't want special protection, or leave (though many companies do this). I don't want a guaranteed job if I lose my seat. I just don't believe you should be afraid to run for office in your free time because you could get fired. I absolutely felt that way. In many states this is legal, and it does happen.

You should not have to worry about serving your community. You shouldn't have to ask for permission to run for office. Holding office is a different story.

*Ok that is a wrap** Thank you so much! That was a blast! One last example of corruption in politics before I go:


This is an email to state delegates in Nevada. Basically, you sign up to be a delegate, get super excited and then the party sends you an email with an invite and you "pay" for your ticket. You do not have to pay to vote and trickery like this is why people hate politics. Pay to play is terrible, people are tired of it.

Also...Lots of debate on this in the thread but I stand firm. You should not be afraid to lose your job if you want to run for office on your own time. I will fight like hell to make that a nation law.

Trust me, a thousand "small voices" sound really loud together. Thank you all again.



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sexrockandroll1133 karma

What inspired you to run for congress?

tjade2920 karma

Honestly, I was shut out of a presidential political rally because I wasn't a big donor. I started looking into politics and then I decided to run for City Council. I was told (by a company) that I needed permission, so I looked into the law and found out that was illegal.

By that time I had learned so much about politics in Nevada that I decided to run in my District because no one has really pulled ahead in the race.

What keeps me in the race is the people I meet. When someone pounds your sign in their yard it is an enormous responsibility.

lPFreeIy779 karma

What company told you that you'd need permission to run for city council? Also, permission from who?

tjade1222 karma

You can probably figure it out if you look at my work history. It's the current subject of a complaint to the NV Attorney General's office so I'd be happy to comment in the future.

I was told to wait to run until I had permission. I asked again, and was told to hold again. I finally just pushed the issue and decided to run anyway.

callipygian1333 karma

in your first comment, you listed Apple and some telcos for work history. what possessed Apple to think that it has veto power over its employees' calling to serve their communities, and what possesses you to think that you're somehow not allowed to identify the company except elliptically?

i might have run for congress in my district (SW oregon) but peter defazio is doing a pretty good job and is essentially unbeatable.

infinis226 karma

I think its more of being able to be able to be excused from work while you're in office without having to quit.

tjade609 karma

Only 17 (by my count) states actually allow you to run for office and have job protection. In other states you can be fired for "conflict of interest".

BlockedQuebecois172 karma

Do you think you should have that in all states? Do you think it's appropriate for elected officials to have a job waiting for them if they fail to be reelected?

tjade816 karma

Yes. You shouldn't have to be afraid you are going to lose your job if you are wanting to be a public servant.

That. Is. Terrible.

It should be protected at the Federal Level. I absolutely had a moment where I thought I would be fired for choosing to run, and I chose to run anyway.

jdelisle9815 karma

Do you have a list of those 17 states handy? I can't seem to find any info online. Thanks!

Jacob6493113 karma

I'm 25 and considering politics in the future and like yourself, I am of a different field, healthcare. You say that you learned so much about politics, but can you elaborate? Politics in general, local issues, state specifics? I'm really just looking for some solid advice on where to start and how to make myself viable down the road. Thanks for your time!

tjade343 karma

Hi great to hear. I think the more diverse backgrounds that get into politics, the better. As for what I have learned? It is hard, there are a lot of rules and little to no help on how to navigate them. for a glimpse, check out the FEC site and search for the congressional campaign guide. I also learned that mostly it is about who you know, and how much money you can raise and spend. There is so much money thrown into this game its sickening. And none of that really represents what the voters want. That is why I am running. A congressman (or woman) should be the representative of the people, not a player in a dirty game. And I want to change that.

FunkMastaJunk91 karma

I'm glad you've taken on this mission. People like you are the real hope we need to threaten the status quo of establishment politics.

tjade183 karma

People like the folks I talk to every day are. They are ready to shake things up. Did you watch the video? We SHUT DOWN the convention until they let speak. My website shut down instantly from the traffic, and Godaddy told my web admin that they thought it was a cyber attack.

That is how we change things.

The shady thing is the fact that it didn't appear in ANY news site. Why? Because in my opinion they don't want to upset potential future candidates who will probably spend a lot of money.

AnUrbanGardner51 karma

The shady thing is the fact that it didn't appear in ANY news site. Why? Because in my opinion they don't want to upset potential future candidates who will probably spend a lot of money.

Out of curiosity, did you contact any news venue about what happened?

tjade92 karma

yes I did. I even talked to 2 reporters that day that were at the convention.

reactantt39 karma

Have you considered contacting democracy now? They are a non profit news organization that refuses donations from corporations. They cover many grass roots organizations.

tjade42 karma

I took a note! Will look into it. Would it be outrageous to ask for help?

about7beavers16 karma

Just as a side note, use namecheap or something instead of godaddy. They're a horrible company, and they charge way too much.

tjade20 karma

I changed hosting after the site crashed during the convention.

baaarista712 karma

What did you do for work prior to running for Congress?

tjade905 karma

I've worked in tech my entire life.

Apple: Business to Business. I've managed thousands of accounts for small business.

Wireless: I have worked for every major wireless company building distribution and sales forces. Verizon, ATT, Alltel. In those capacities I helped to create over 300 small businesses. I've also helped to write FCC applications to get coverage in rural areas. Need more?

bgarza18248 karma

Apple Corporate or black polo?

tjade412 karma

Retail - B2B

bgarza18198 karma

Bless up, former R131. Business team taught me a lot.

tjade269 karma

Woot! Have to be careful about what I comment on, but I know that I've learned so much. We are talking about huge deals that affect lots of people. It's very much a transferrable skill.

Having said that, I'll take my chances against an "established" politician any day.

Bladewing1024 karma

As someone who works in the public sector, I envy such a resolve, but are you willing to sacrifice your career to not fall in line with the 'establishment'? And if you are, what does that say about you in the long term? Do you consider public office a 'one and done' kind of field or something you're willing to try and work to change rather than just milking it for a couple years?

tjade66 karma

Please watch my video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Jik25jod9I.

I believe that we can rally the kind of support necessary to bring the establishment to its knees. I see it everyday. People want to change their government. The problem is, their government has developed a system that is designed to keep them out, and to keep them tuned out.

Berries_Cherries99 karma

How did you help create over 300 small businesses and in what capacity specifically? Did you just set up their telecom?

tjade167 karma

I established 300 small business (plus) by helping them start their own companies which independently sold wireless service. I did it on the ground. Helped them secure funding, permits, employees...all the good stuff.

My family blood runs red with small business. My grandma had a cafe that she ran her whole life. I have been on the other side of writing a paycheck. I have had to fight companies with lots of money who cut hours just because they can.

tjade3 karma

I established 300 small business (plus) by helping them start their own companies which independently sold wireless service. I did it on the ground. Helped them secure funding, permits, employees...all the good stuff. My family blood runs red with small business. My grandma had a cafe that she ran her whole life. I have been on the other side of writing a paycheck. I have had to fight companies with lots of money who cut hours just because they can.

DilsGaming599 karma

Do you have any advice you would share to someone young considering entering politics in the future?

tjade883 karma

I would say, your network is your net worth. It is not easy, and I would highly recommend that you start attending as many local clubs (for your party). Being an outsider is very hard. It's designed to keep people out! Keep positive and be consistent.

tjade527 karma

Also shoot me a PM and I'll give you my email. I would love to answer in more detail.

Schmetterlingus446 karma

What's the most surprising thing you've run across transitioning into politics? You said it's as crazy as HoC, but what are some specifics you can give?

Thanks for the AMA, this will be very interesting! That video is great, and you're doing the right thing. Keep it up!

tjade784 karma

Thanks! It is really hard :)

The main thing is that until we finish the primary I am holding down a full-time job. You cannot campaign for Federal Office while working (that is a broad statement - I can elaborate) so I pretty much go from 4am to 11pm to get in front of people and share the message.

The most surprising thing is all of the rules, laws and regulations from the FEC. It is a cottage industry. For example, certain communications have to have certain disclosures. They don't mess around and if you slip, you will get destroyed by a well-funded opponent with a dirty campaign team.

It is not set up to be accessible by the average person. You need a team just to handle finance, and another team to handle communications. Then the ground team.

One interesting thing was a "volunteer" who was super passionate about helping me very early on. I don't want to sound loopy, but I am 99% positive that he was just trying to get insider information for another campaign.

Another thing is groups that don't give you access. I've tried to get in front of some influential groups...but they literally just don't return your calls. Then mysteriously you see them endorsing another candidate at an event that we didn't get invited to. Shades...very shades.

neggasauce497 karma

None of that really sounds dirty or shady to me. In fact, it sounds absolutely nothing like House of Cards (other than the most basic premise of politics).

its_old_g-reg171 karma

Lol speaking from experience, the halls of Congress are much more Veep than HoC

tjade54 karma

Fair enough.

its_old_g-reg76 karma

I meant that to be encouraging! You certainly wouldn't be the first outsider to win so don't let the 'old guard' fool you, their goal is to make you forget its Veep and think its HoC.

tjade30 karma


callipygian15 karma

can you get sheldon adelson's new newspaper to support you for the D-nom?

tjade30 karma

Not sure I'd want that. I am having a lot of success reaching out via small forums, and social media. For example, I had a great meeting with some members of the Asian community today. Not one other candidate showed up. That's exactly my message right there...no one came because there weren't any checks being passed out.

I promise you that the people there will go tell 10 others. It's hard work, but it does make a difference.

TheLowSpark381 karma

How do you like your chances?

What committees would you like to be a part of?

Where do you see yourself in five years of everything goes according to plan?

tjade608 karma

I loooove my chances. My website is getting a ton of traffic from Nevada and we are doing some very specific work on the ground and I love the team that handles our social media. It's an uphill battle.

I think a lot of it will come down to how many times I can get in front of voters.

Regarding committees: Really good question. The rough thing about Congress is that you get in, and you have to start running again. My main focus will be energizing NV04 (my district). It neeeeds stability. It neeeeds to have a Congressional representative that is popular, loves the district and has plenty of face-time with the people. I believe very strongly that I can hold 60-65% of the district consistently and the more work I do the better.

I would love to be part of:

-Ethics -Oversight -Energy/Commerce

its_old_g-reg116 karma

Warning about House Oversight, it's a really really tough crowd. If the Democrats can't take the House back you'll be looking across the aisle at some shrewdest Republicans in the building (Chaffetz, Mica, Jordan, Amash, Gowdy, Farenthold). These are the guys who had Dr. Gruber testify over 10x trying to repeal the ACA. Needless to say, not much gets done in there.

Have you looked into the committee for Space, Science and Technology? It sounds like your platform/experience would make you a great fit.

P.S.- Don't let the insiders get you down, once you start getting votes they'll shut up fast and start listening. Good Luck!

tjade72 karma

Thanks! I will take a look at SST.

callipygian111 karma

nobody wants to be on the ethics committee. this seems very odd.

FunkMastaJunk86 karma

I don't find it surprising that a man who doesn't agree with the way things are being run would seek a position in a committee that deals with identifying the right and wrong way to do things.

tjade37 karma


miki77miki161 karma

Where should someone start if they want to run for public office? Any fundraising tips?

tjade205 karma

It really depends on where you are in your life right now. I make no bones about the fact that I jumped into a messy climate, and I didn't bring my floaties. The reality is that my race has so many candidates (8) and really no one has pulled ahead. People in Nevada really do not trust politicians and they really want a fresh voice.

If you want to run for office, go have lunch with a politician in or around the level that you want to run for office. Next, hit up your local party clubs. Go to as many as you can, as often as you can. They really appreciate it.

Be authentic, be honest.

tjade123 karma

Also Fundraising: It depends on the office. If you are running for local office you can usually do some small events with friends, network and get enough money. If you are running national...uh..well I am going to hold on that for now because we are doing something a little different that is working well (can't give away the secret sorry).

There are some very good books about it.

If I could boil it down to one thing....You have to get really good at asking. I'm amazed at how much that is expected.

Todacurb40 karma

I'm in medical sales. I have to ask for business too. Sounds like it's one big sales pitch and the biggest interview ever. Good luck friend!

tjade51 karma

It really is, but the challenge is that not enough qualified candidates get in precisely for that reason. It's prohibitively restricted. Money gets involved and its a giant circle.

Todacurb16 karma

Being qualified is my biggest concern. I rarely here about anyone's qualifications which drives me crazy. How does someone get qualified?

tjade29 karma

Well I believe in the idea of a "Representative Democracy". The constitution does not stipulate that you have to have political connections.

Federal Requirements to run for congressional office. No Person shall be a Representative who shall not have attained to the Age of twenty five Years, and been seven Years a Citizen of the United States, and who shall not, when elected, be an Inhabitant of that State in which he shall be chosen.

jaguarsharks8 karma

Hm, that doesn't seem very transparent.

ScoobyGang11 karma

He's trying to say his fundraising secret is his gimmick but he can't just say that. You see?

tjade10 karma


callipygian13 karma

but there are GOOD BOOKS about it. maybe he goes into casinos in the wee hours and puts campaign stickers on the front of slot machines. i don't THINK that increases the odds of a jackpot, but i need more funding for research.

tjade4 karma

There is only one good book about it. It is $140. That should tell you a lot. :)

tjade0 karma

Sorry these are coming in fast and I want to answer. Any specific question that I can better answer?

jaguarsharks9 karma

"We will not be silenced by the party elites and the wealthy/ but we won't tell you how we're raising our money, that's a secret."

I'm sure you don't receive money from wealthy donors, but if you're trying to do everything the "clean" way I personally think it's important to be completely transparent in all aspects of your campaign.

tjade8 karma

That's completely fair. I'm raising money from individuals and from events that are super fun. A lot of the work we do is through outreach and inspiring the hell out of people who want to see a middle-class guy go toe-to-toe with some big money politicians.

SemperIvxx149 karma

Did you see the Last Week Tonight with John Oliver segment about how much time Congress people have to spend fundraising? After hearing you have to spend hours every day begging rich jerks for money, why do you want to be a Congressman?

tjade205 karma

I don't spend my day asking rich people for money. My average campaign contribution is $15. I'd rather get $1 from 2500 people than $2500 from one. I want to be a Congressman because I have a history of standing up for people, it energizes me in a way that nothing else does.

tjade143 karma

Also, one of my favorite moments will be when I compare how much money I have spent on my campaign compared my competitors. It's going to be a jawdropper (I haven't spent much).

meatinnovation122 karma

My friend got outspent, 5 to 1, here in Illinois. The incumbent flat-out lied in 20 mailers that hit the district in the 6 weeks prior to the election. It was a shit-show. Lessons learned. As a first time candidate he pulled 44 percent. Looking ahead...want to win next time.

tjade147 karma

A very good friend of mine told me that very early on. He said, "Dan, you need to be ready for the fact that they are just going to lie about you." It was a really scary moment. But it does happen. And it doesn't necessarily happen in the ways that you'd think.

It happens at the fundraising parties that you don't get invited to. It happens at the "club" meeting where you don't get a chance to respond.

NoizeUK9 karma

Isn't it a sad state of affairs if successful candidates are only there because of how much money they pumped in, rather than their message or manifesto?

tjade24 karma

It is absolutely a $$ based system.

tanmanX29 karma

Easy, just plan on having one term.

tjade144 karma

It's sad...but money does really rule the roost. My phone rings non-stop and so much of that is solicitation from people who want to sell me signs, ads and ad space. It's a cottage industry.

Access to the voter file in our state is $15,000. That's right. Most people simply cannot afford that kind of access. It is oligarchy. 100%

poobah3423 karma

What's the rationale for charging that much? Do they at least have a somewhat logical reason for it?

tjade49 karma

its a good list of active voters and their information you would need to contact them. you can use that list to drive awareness but most importantly... you use it to raise money. Its absolutely Pay to Play.

woodsbum14 karma

Could you elaborate on what the voter file is and who possess it?

tjade22 karma

The voter file is a list of high target active voters and all their information that you would need to contact them and solicit campaign donations. You get access to it from the Nevada Democratic party or other democratic parties.

Mazon_Del118 karma

If you dont make it, would you be willing to write a "How to Congressman" book explaining all the things you found out?

That could be immensely useful to other citizens that are thinking about the same thing.

tjade105 karma

That is a good question. I would be interested in exploring the idea.

Slick_Grimes90 karma

What kind of corruption have you already seen? Please be very specific with name, dates, locations, and any other pertinent information.

tjade169 karma

Well, my best example is when I literally had the microphone pulled from me at the Clark County Democratic Convention. I was denied the opportunity to speak, so Chris Miller (party chair) took it upon himself to cut the mic. It didn't go well (see youtube video as well). I

Was recently told: "Everyone has dirt, we will find your dirt".

Jon Ralston, a political reporter tried really hard to keep me out of an upcoming debate. He had full knowledge of the event, but basically told me to buzz off. I'll get that photo for you.

gophergun45 karma

I just checked Ralston's website, and he's running a poll for the likely Democratic candidate for CD4. Your name is conspicuously absent.

tjade85 karma

Great example. Yeah...I've called him out a couple of times. It's a good example of how much power a journalist can have in the process. For example: I found out there was an upcoming debate and I didn't get an invite. He (Ralston) was literally moderating and didn't want to give me the information. Turns out there was a simple mistake, but he literally could have prevented me from participating.


Jebbediahh19 karma

Are you using "simple mistake" sarcastically? Or was there literally a simple, accidental mistake but you believe this journalist was also intentionally denying you access to the debate?

tjade57 karma

We never got the invitation. I know for a fact he was aware of the time and location and it could have been an easy fix. In fact I got those details from another reporter, thats how I found out about it. We had to call the groups organizing the debate and they had us send in an RSVP email to the coordinator. In the end, the groups hosting the debate were polite and accommodating.

SixBiscuit3 karma

He (Ralston) was literally moderating and didn't want to give me the information.

This is because you literally don't know what you're doing. A moderator isn't the organizer or inviter of people to events. Being a snarky shit head to people is never a good idea.

tjade8 karma

I didn't expect him to get me in the event. All I needed to know what who was hosting it so I could get in contact with them.

But, you highlight another example of "rules" that you don't know about until you get in the game. I guess, with a representative democracy you'd want to hear from all candidates.

Also to clarify, I found out about it from another reporter and had to find out who was hosting the debate. I didn't get an invitation.

Exxmorphing70 karma

Aside from keeping a distance from congress's and lobbying's shadier side, do you hold any strong/radical interests or promises that you plan to use to set yourself aside from other candidates?

tjade167 karma

-I support national broadband standards. We rank #17 in the world and we pay too much. Allowing companies to "cap" our internet is absurd.
-I support Single-Payer, but I am practical and I realize it is not going to happen in two years.
-I've run my campaign on the smallest fraction of the others (FEC report is coming out on the 15th) yet I have had just as much exposure in spite of strong opposition.
-I have a really solid gun-control plan.
-My main platform is voter engagement. People literally care so little about politics. Its a system that just makes it harder to change, because people tune out.

Check out the "issues" page on my site.


shwag94526 karma

-My main platform is voter engagement. People literally care so little about politics. Its a system that just makes it harder to change, because people tune out.

How exactly are you going to increasing voter engagement both at the ballot box and in session? Also I read your engagement section and I didn't see specifics.

tjade22 karma

I am already doing it. Take a look at my video. I think congressman need to engage more with their community through events and other new forums. They need to be accessible to their community and inform the community that their door is open.

CoderHawk29 karma

Most politicians are engaged and open with their community. It's that they define the community as the business community.

tjade17 karma


EpistemeG42 karma


tjade47 karma

-Donors are already listed in the FEC reports. -I am already planning to go one step further and publish that on my site.
-My average donation is $15. I have spent far less than that on -I haven't been approached by any lobbyists so I don't really want to disappoint you? I like where you are going with this question. Would be happy to elaborate.

SDMF9133 karma

Hey Dan!

A buddy and I were at the CCDC a few weeks ago rooting for you. We were just wondering- why weren't you allowed to speak when the other candidates did? What were you told?

I remember you stating your name and that you were running and saying "that's all I'm allowed to say" then ending up on stage later and us chanting for you to be allowed to talk.

tjade46 karma

I wasn't allowed to say that. I literally rushed the mic to get my chance! That is why he pulled it. Basically, I asked if we could speak and I was told no. They then said I was late.

I never got an invite. I posted a $2000 bounty on my website and Facebook. Weird how no one took that.

I believe I wasn't allowed to talk because party big-wigs don't want to give smaller voices a platform. It's that simple. When people ask why I'm running for Congress I tell them...watch the video. I'm not afraid to stand up to these people and when we do, they are terrified.

APurrSun29 karma

Stance on gun rights?

tjade100 karma

I believe that we are pushing both sides to far too each side. There are many responsible gun-owners who get scared when people talk gun-control so they pump money into the lobby industry. Guns are too easy to access illegally. Period.

We need to stop scaring gun owners, and start making it harder to get them illegally. It's actually not hard to do.

Listen, I am a Democrat, and I have been listening to people tell me Obama is going to take our guns for the last 8 years. He is running out of time!

The biggest thing we need to do is shut down criminal access via the internet. One study showed that up to 20% of people purchasing guns that connected through www.backpage.com were prohibited from owning a firearm. That is terrifying!

We should give citizens access to the same system (or a similar system) that gun stores use to easily conduct background checks. I would exempt people who already have a concealed carry permit (they go through training). This would have the added benefit of (hopefully) encouraging people to get these permits, and the training that goes with it.

matelonian21 karma


tjade30 karma


ProfoundlyProfound17 karma

What has been the reaction in the district since the events in the video took place? As a bonus question, if this is how the party treats you, why not run as an independent?

tjade61 karma

No one has reached out to me. I have had a few episodes where some of the more connected people in the party have told me off a few times.

Bonus answer: I believe I am part of a new generation of millennial democrats. I believe in the people, not the party elite.

slowpedal16 karma

Are you campaigning in the rural areas? I live in Mesquite and would love to see Hardy gone. If Horsford hadn't forgotten about the rural voters, he might still be there. Don't be a Horsford.

tjade12 karma

We have a rally on the 16th! Pm me and we will get in contact?!

steezkitty6 karma

How much of a problem is the incumbent advantage?

slowpedal24 karma

I'm not OP, but I live in his District. The incumbent was elected in 2014, beating out a fairly popular freshman congressman who thought he could just coast to re-election. He didn't.

The current incumbent is a Republican from Mesquite, Crescent Hardy. The 4th district includes North Las Vegas and most of rural southern Nevada. Hardy campaigned heavily in the rural areas and won them overwhelmingly. It didn't hurt that he is Mormon and a large part of rural Nevada is Mormon as well.

Whichever Democrat gets to face him in the general election should have a field day with his record. He has made millions off of (what locals call) shady real estate and construction dealings. His construction company went BK a few years ago, leaving a bunch of small businesses broke. Very little digging would bury this guy, IMO.

BTW, I'm registered an Independent. I don't really have a horse in this race.

tjade13 karma

Well...we shouldn't forget that he got a ton of money from PACs. Also, in my opinion the Dems didn't work hard enough and some took the voter base for granted.

SmartToaster5 karma

You know how I know you're full of shit? Politics is nothing like HOC.

Source: Used to be a house staffer.

tjade3 karma

Fair enough. Thanks for your service??

HappyraptorZ3 karma

I see you're sporting a fitbit Blaze. How are you liking it? Which face do you use?

tjade3 karma

I love my fitbit Blaze. #accurate. Battery life is awesome.

Swissarmyspoon3 karma

How big was your team when you started? I expect it grows as you gain momentum, but what did it look like when you took your first step into the field?

Would you recommend someone else use the same size or structure?

tjade7 karma

My team was me and a friend. Admittedly not the best org. We now have 25. Small is good because you can control the message. Someone can tweet something, and it can BLOW up on you. Also, you have to stay small and smart when you don't have a million dollars.

HotKarl_Marx2 karma

Where do you stand on Net Neutrality and related issues?

tjade8 karma

I believe that the United States being #17 in broadband standards is ridiculous. I have proposed regulating, internet speed and connection like we do with MPG on vehicles. Data caps need to go. It's ridiculous. I don't believe, for example, that a company should be able to limit bandwidth to the consumer because their network can't handle it.

I fought this hard when I worked for an internet company (Clearwire) that would cap speeds to customers when they went over 5GB.

MAFIAxMaverick2 karma

When, if at all, is there downtime during election season for a candidate? What do you find yourself doing when you are able to relax. Do you still get to enjoy your hobbies or go to work; or do you pretty much put work on hold when you're running?

tjade2 karma

I go to work, but I cannot campaign at work. I would get fired, and it would be a LOT of paperwork. I love to run, I looove to read and I do try to do some outreach in the very early morning and go for a run.

Aside from that, it's pretty much all on hold. There literally aren't enough hours in the day and I usually fall asleep typing, answering a question or tweeting. It fires me up and energizes me.

harrison3bane2 karma

Are you enjoying it? Do you enjoy being the change you wish to see?

tjade3 karma

It's insanely amazing. It energizes me so much. So many people want to be heard and they will literally tell you so much about their struggle. I think what makes me different is that I have learned to listen. People do not feel like politicians listen to them, and when you have someone hug you because they believe you will fight for them it is amazing.

When they put a campaign sign in their yard, it is this heavy feeling that you get. You owe that person a chance at a better life, they are trusting you to make a change. That is worth more than any contribution.

SpiderPigUK2 karma

How can I support you from the UK?

tjade3 karma

You can spread the word!


UrticantChip401 karma

Hi Dan! It's awesome that regular people like you are willing to step up and fight for change in the face of difficult odds. My question is: What is the most important issue in Nevada at the moment that you will attempt to reform if you win?

Thank you for running!

(P.S. there's a typo on your site under issues -> immigration reform. Second sentence first word.)

tjade3 karma

Great question.

The biggest issue is voter engagement and cleaning up politics in the state. To see how I can do that pleeeease watch the video. People respond to an honest, straight-forward person who wants to make change. I can do a lot for my state if I can clear 60-65% of the vote in my district. The tough thing about Congress is that you as soon as you get in office you are running again. Stability will do a lot.

The next issue in Nevada is jobs. We need to diversify the economy quickly. Out state practically shut down Solar overnight, and we lost over 1,000 jobs.

We can diversify the economic base substantially.

brandontherrien981 karma

Hey Dan, I hope you do well with your campaign. I'm interested in going into politics when I'm older myself and have always wondered what this process was like. Good luck!I would offer my vote to you but I live in Florida. My question is this: how do you plan on taking on such a large duty as a citizen with no political background?

tjade2 karma

I believe our system is representative democracy. Our constitution doesn't require that you have political connections. I think we might actually solve more problems more efficiently if we diversify our backgrounds going into politics.

edmanet0 karma

As a "normal person", why not run as an independent? Why run as a Democrat rather than a Republican? Why ascribe to a political party at all?

tjade1 karma

I believe I am part of a new generation of millennial democrats. I believe in the people, not the party elite.

kogno0 karma

Why bother with the Democratic Party? Why not run as an independent?

tjade2 karma

I believe I am part of a new generation of millennial democrats. I believe in the people, not the party elite.

the_quick-2 karma


tjade8 karma

I would say that not being politically connected does make it very very difficult. It's not about what you do, it is about what you don't get INVITED to. The system is not designed to be easy to get into, which is ridiculous.

Skull-Demon-13 karma

Are you serious mate? Can you face the terrors of Trump, Sanders and Clintion!?

tjade1 karma

I'm more concerned about the candidates in my own district.

oliver_babish-33 karma

How are you possibly more qualified than Lucy Flores for this opportunity? Why would Congress possibly need another white male?

tjade8 karma

Well, based on the way you asked that question I'm guessing you are a big fan of Lucy? Good for you! To that end, I am very confident that I have more experience, and that I have a better understanding of how to create real solutions. Do you have a specific policy question?

If you really want to see, we have a debate on Thursday at 5:30pm PST. I'll be live streaming.