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What inspired you to run for congress?

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Does the Excel team have a number of mathematicians on it to develop the formulas and recommend what types of statistics users may want access to? Do the developers learn more about mathematics to implement these?

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Has your group ever thought about changing your name to avoid poor preconceived notions of what your organization is about?

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I've done work at some jobs to take some really overloaded Excel spreadsheets and turn them into other programs. They can get really complicated! I assume you've seen some of these - spreadsheets that are created by users that end up with horrendously complex macros that push (what I assume is) the intended use case of Excel.

What do you think of users who do this?

Is this something that Excel is supposed to support?

Do you end up finding a lot of bugs from these examples?

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Reddit's getting bigger; the president wants publicity for his upcoming campaign.