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Hi, great pitch and I remember watching this (I like to think that I could make a difference somehow one day).

I have run a quick search and I didn't see anyone mention kickstarter. Reddit is a great community and I'm sure if investment is needed, some people could scratch a few quid together for a great cause. I'm not well versed in how KS works but I think it would be great if it was done on a giving basis (are there other charity based alternatives like Doctors without borders thing that went around about a year ago?)

Keep it up!

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Knowing some of the people and having worked at BHX on airside baggage, I'm surprised it's not on the news every day.

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Hi, when is Tom Scott going to make an appearance? Also, I'd love to see a collaboration with No Such Thing As A Fish and Citation Needed, I think the mashup would be great, like super nerdy 8 out of 10 does countdown.

Thanks, by the way, you lot help take my mind off things before going to bed, help me learn something new and laugh at the same time.

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What about spicy foods?