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How did you help create over 300 small businesses and in what capacity specifically? Did you just set up their telecom?

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Why didn't your two PR firms issue a statement calling the story false, libelous, and a willful malicious mischaracterization of your actions on 9-11 instead of just saying that your schedule was, "jammed packed"?

Im saying this as someone who lost family and friends on 9-11 in the towers and in the line of duty. My high school best friend had his father working in the Pentagon that morning giving a briefing on customs enforcement before the plane hit and he spent hours working to help get people out.

If you're lying about your actions in being a 9-11 first responder and using your position as an elector to enrich yourself after your bankrupcies then you are a vile little man.

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Seems like you posted the same thing twice...

Which company did you work with or under the auspice of when setting these up?

This combined with the number of businesses you started and the business to business terms seems to be more along the lines of a Multilevel Marketing endeavor than someone who really starts up businesses.

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The most surprising thing is all of the rules, laws and regulations from the FEC. It is a cottage industry. For example, certain communications have to have certain disclosures.

Your consultant should have told you about this and you should be able to read the 80 page booklet the FEC prints which explains this in plain english.

They don't mess around and if you slip, you will get destroyed by a well-funded opponent with a dirty campaign team.

It is not dirty for an opponent to point out you are breaking Federal Law by hiding who is paying for your ads and where your money is coming from and going to.

It is not set up to be accessible by the average person. You need a team just to handle finance, and another team to handle communications. Then the ground team.

Good. Congress is not a job for the average person.

One interesting thing was a "volunteer" who was super passionate about helping me very early on. I don't want to sound loopy, but I am 99% positive that he was just trying to get insider information for another campaign.

Yea, that's a tracker, $50 says that there is another one in your team too and at least one more who follows you and videotapes everything you say to a crowd or meeting. Its totally normal.

Another thing is groups that don't give you access. I've tried to get in front of some influential groups...but they literally just don't return your calls. Then mysteriously you see them endorsing another candidate at an event that we didn't get invited to. Shades...very shades.

They don't think you stand a chance and frankly neither do I when it comes right down to it. Also, they will never invite a candidate to a meeting where they are endorsing someone else unless they want to humiliate you.

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Yea, one of my employees comes to me and asked for a year and a half off to campaign for office they would find themselves with quite a bit of free time for campaigning.