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god made men and women, and clorox made them equal.

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in your first comment, you listed Apple and some telcos for work history. what possessed Apple to think that it has veto power over its employees' calling to serve their communities, and what possesses you to think that you're somehow not allowed to identify the company except elliptically?

i might have run for congress in my district (SW oregon) but peter defazio is doing a pretty good job and is essentially unbeatable.

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I have a theory that when someone dies, they find themselves in a thick fog for a little while, and then the cold wet noses of the animals they loved that went on before them poke out of the fog and show them where to go.

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so, you didn't invite any of them up to your room for a look at your, uh, western perspective?

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after the first tomb guard gets toasted by a lightning bolt, they will put in a rubber mat/rubber boots/lightning rod nearby, it's the army way, they're very good at reacting to stuff.