I was in a near fatal accident 5 years ago that left me with a spinal cord injury. Although I can walk some, I still have partial paralysis including bowel, bladder and sexual function. Thanks to modern science and an amazing surgeon, I was able to get an implant that I can inflate for a full erection.

Here are pics before my accident, post accident and pre/post surgery. WARNING: These images are of a penis and are NSFW. ALSO, the post accident pictures are graphic and NSFL.

EDIT: I'm stepping away for a bit, but still checking in and answering questions. WOW you guys have been amazing!

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titantool2117 karma

I just realized a porn star finished her AMA right before I did mine. I had the chance on a porn star seeing my bionic penis and I missed it!

casualblair3782 karma

You have hundreds of people looking at your junk.

Look at me.

You're the porn star now.

titantool1347 karma

The way I wanted it to go down was, "OH hey Titan! My name is Alexis Texas and I see you have a bionic dick. We could really use you over here and it's a lot of money." ...fantasy man.

JosephND310 karma

Hey man, weird question considering I just looked at a dozen shots of your penis. Where is the pump, actually inside of your ball sac or something? What is it that you physically have to squeeze ten times, where is it and how does it connect to your body?

Thanks for the unsolicited dick pics!

titantool284 karma

It's in the bottom of my scrotum kind of between the 2 testicles. I squeeze this bulb that is pumping saline from a reservoir near my pubic area into these 2 tubes in my penis. EDIT: i had the incorrect location of the reservoir being in the bladder. I meant to say near, but actually it's in the pubic area

Get_Rekt_Son122 karma

I wonder how your wife would feel about that...

titantool603 karma

I told her I was hoping a porn star would see my junk. She said, "Well good luck with that".

jjjaaammm1463 karma

How many pictures of your penis do you have?

titantool1172 karma

MUCH more.. but you've seen all the best ones!

user14921083 karma

If you had a hot cup of coffee in each hand, how many donuts could you carry?

titantool729 karma

are we talking glazed or cake?

Packin_Penguin434 karma

Thanks, I just woke up my wife with laughter. And had to explain I'm reading about a dude's dick.

titantool1292 karma

Did you show her my penis? I feel like we're close like that now

PsychoNautJohnII757 karma

If your wife and you had never met and obviously weren't married, would you feel comfortable having a one night stand or anything like that? Basically any situation where you are having sex with someone who didn't know you had been in an accident?

titantool905 karma

GOOD question. I've thought a lot about this. The girl wouldn't know unless I told her (unless she fondled my testicles, that's the dead giveaway). However, because of the other issues with the spinal cord injury, I would probably tell them. I can't hold an orgasm any longer and when I get aroused, I spontaneously orgasm. Luckily for this though, I can keep going regardless. EDIT: After thinking about this again, the girl WOULD know if she saw me squeezing the bulb. That's the giveaway. I'd probably tell them because I wouldn't want them to freak out.

Ultramarathoner373 karma

Spontaneously orgasm? So are you saying you orgasm as soon as you become aroused? That would be annoying. Or it happens at random?

Also is your dick more or less sensitive now?

titantool488 karma

It's gotten a little better, but yes, sometimes if I get really aroused, I just have this spontaneous, not very good quality orgasm. I was in very good shape before my accident and had good muscle control of my orgasms. That part really sucks. As for the sensitivity, I have no feeling because of the spinal cord injury. For most men getting an implant though, they don't have loss of sensation.

RyanFap239 karma

Hmm interesting, so you have zero sensation in your penis? What do orgasms feel like, outside of the tactile sensations you would normally experience? Is it mostly a psychological thing? I would imagine the hormones from the process would still create some kind of satisfied feeling.

titantool297 karma

It's difficult to explain, but every now and then, I'll get the almost whole body feeling, but not very often. Mostly, I get the feeling of the rush in my head because of the chemicals being released. Sometimes, it's so subtle I'm not even sure if I had one or not. I can look down there and I had ejaculated (but it only just oozes out now). BOY HOWDY this is such a tough question to answer!

LadiesWhoPunch90 karma

What's your wife's opinion of what your testicles feel like now? Does one feel like a regular testicles and the other like a small hollow plastic ball?

titantool160 karma

She says it feels weird. I agree. It took me quite a while to get over that feeling of a third ball in my scrotum. It's a very unique feeling to it. It has texture so you can hang on to it better when inflating. It's firm but squishy though and not hollow feeling. It only feels hard when the tubes are full of saline and you can't squeeze anymore in there.

Prose_Dragon283 karma

Not OP, but I had a penile implant placed when younger. I have had a few one night stands and have never told a girl on a one night stand. No body noticed anything. If she were to touch it or give a blow job, she might notice something, but with sex itself no one has noticed any difference. To pump it up, I just go to the bathroom to pee and pump it then. I dated one girl for months, never told her, and sex was great (I didn't plan on a long term relationship with her and didn't care for any gossiping). There were a couple of times she seemed slightly confused touching it but never said anything, for all she knew it was just a normal variation of how things felt. One big benefit: when coming home drunk and horny, there's never any whiskey dick


titantool182 karma

I'm just seeing this comment. My biggest question is what are girls reactions when first seeing it. As far as whisky dick, I've taken several things that are VERY well known to kill a hard on.. luckily for us, we are good to go!

CarlSagansturtleneck466 karma

Can you poop on your own?

titantool1372 karma

This is pretty awful and I hate even talking about it, but I use "digital stimulation". Basically, I use my (gloved) finger to stimulate my bowels and it just comes out. Otherwise, I would (and have) shit my pants. Humiliating is an understatement.

hotmelee716 karma

I know I'm an internet stranger but I just want to say don't be embarrassed. People without paralysis have to digitally stimulate and when you work in the health care field sometimes you have to do it to other people!

titantool668 karma

I remember being drugged up in the hospital and nurses were having to do it to me. I couldn't comprehend what they were doing. First, I couldn't feel anything, but I would look up and be like, "what the hell are you digging in my asshole for?"

peppaz1514 karma


titantool468 karma


sharrken58 karma

Have you looked at colonic irrigation / bowel management systems? My mother in law uses one, she has a very similar case of paralysis to what you describe. Seems to work very well for her.

For some reason they don't seem to be too widespread, and I suppose not everyone would get on with them anyway, but it does provide an alternative to digital stimulation.

Here is a YouTube video I found that explains the concept. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nvLQb2KZuUE

titantool47 karma

This might actually be good for me and I'll check it out. Thanks!

shangus12388 karma

If you don't mind me asking what is this near fatal accident?

titantool733 karma

I was involved in a crash in which I impacted water and was then submerged. I don't want to give to much away because it was in the news and would take away my anonymity. I was trapped in the wreckage but wriggled free as I was graying out. Had a LOT of broken bones including the back injury that caused the partial paralysis.

peppaz510 karma

That's fucking scary. Glad you made it through. You seem like a nice guy with a good attitude, best of luck to you and your Titan dong.

titantool536 karma

My Titan dong and I thank you!

sleepingin83 karma

Glad you're okay!

titantool77 karma

Thank you very much!

HighOnGoofballs288 karma

Aside from working mechanically, can you feel it? A paralyzed guy I went to college with knocked up his girlfriend and I always wondered if he could feel what was going on.

titantool585 karma

I actually have no feeling in my penis. It sucks. Really bad. BUT, what I kept getting told by all the doctors is, sex is mostly in your head. Once I figured that out, it made it much better. Now, I have other areas that are hyper focused and I get pleasure from.

henriquegarcia265 karma

So mostly butt stuff? (don't wanna be that guy, just curious really)

titantool467 karma

The butt is numb too. Anything above my waist has become hyper sensitized. It's similar to someone losing their vision, their hearing becomes sharper. One ironic thing is, I have a VERY small area (the size of a dime) that has zero loss of sensation next to my penis. I wish that area I could feel would be just a half inch to the left and then I would have some feeling in my penis.

leglesslegolegolas1020 karma

You need to get a tattoo, a simple dotted outline around the area.

Then when you're getting down with someone new you can just point to it and say "Right there, baby. Love me right there."

titantool403 karma

This cracked me up!

musomoose256 karma

How do you feel after experiencing 3 different penises in your lifetime? and would you get another surgery to get more length like your first penis?

thisismymoniker340 karma

From his descriptions of the pics, his wife seems to enjoy the new cock more - it's harder and girthier. As a chick, I'm not gonna lie - girth is important. I'd probably like his bionic dick more than his original dick too. I mean the original was nice, nice head, but kinda on the 'thin' side in regards to girth. Length is always good but the clitoris really enjoys girth since it's not just a 'button' that sits above the vaginal opening, it actually runs along either side as well (see image).

He mentions in another response that the implant only lasts about 10 years and he'll probably need to have it replaced in the future, so maybe he might end up with a little more length next time!

titantool320 karma

Thanks! I actually really liked how my penis looked before. I don't think it looks as good, but wifey says the girth is fantastic and it feels better to her.

thisismymoniker199 karma

I totally wasn't ragging on your dick, hope you didn't take it that way- it's an interesting post. Thanks for sharing.

titantool170 karma

OH I didn't take it wrongly at all. I saw the compliment.. thank you!

Tasteful_Dick_Pics223 karma

First off, let me just say your pictures are very tasteful.

Secondly, thank you for doing this AMA. I was one of the people who asked you to do this in another thread.

Finally, most of the questions I had were already asked, so this is a bit of a light-hearted one. You said in another response that you have to squeeze the bulb in your nut sack to inflate your penis; have you ever accidentally squeezed a testicle instead? Also, would it hurt if someone kicked you in the balls?

titantool177 karma

THANKS for asking I do this! I've wanted to for a while, but fear kept me from doing it. I'm sincerely hoping this helps men with sexual dysfunction to see this as a viable option.
To answer your question, yes I have. I have no sensation there, but you know that feeling you get in your abdomen from getting hit in the balls? That's what I felt. VERY unpleasant. I'm VERY careful to make sure I have a firm grasp on the bulb and not a ball! THANKS!!!!

tonightasyousleep221 karma

How exactly do you inflate it?

titantool292 karma

I meant to put a picture of the device in the album. I'll do that now. To answer your question though, there is a pump in my scrotum that I can squeeze. It sends fluid to the chambers to make the penis erect. On the bulb/valve, I can squeeze a certain direction and the saline drains back into the reservoir. Before implants, men had rods and they were basically permanently erect. Now, I can be flaccid or erect whenever I want. I can keep erect for as little or as long as I like.

PhysicsSaysNo83 karma

If you have an erection lasting longer than 4 hours, do you still have to call your doctor?

titantool129 karma

I don't think so. The damage from having an extended erection is to the blood vessels. Those have been removed from me so I don't think it's an issue.

Lt_Salt82 karma

Is your scrotum just really full now? There's not much for scale, but the inflation bulb looks at least as large as a testicle. Have you ever mistakenly started pumping one of your balls instead of the pump? Also, do you still have sensation in your testicles, and is it still incredibly uncomfortable if they get hit?

titantool167 karma

The bulb is definitely pretty big. It's got ridges on it to help grip, but I've still slipped and it's not pleasant. I can't feel there, but you know that feeling in your stomach when kicked in the balls? That's the sensation I got.

conehead889 karma

How long does the erection last when you pump it up?

titantool26 karma

Indefinitely if I wanted!

calmainyourass20 karma

but are you erect and horny or is your dick just filled up? Wouldn't there be a difference?

titantool149 karma

If I'm horny, I can just pump it up. But sometimes, I'll just walk around the house naked with it pumped up. It's weird, but it makes me feel manly to see it fully erect sometimes.

LoveMyPuggle110 karma

Remember the Reebok pump?

titantool247 karma

It's EXACTLY like the Reebok pump, but different

Sexymcsexalot65 karma

Different, like people still like it after the 90's?

f5f5f5f5f5f5f5f5f5f517 karma

And how!

Just_like_my_wife13 karma

No seriously how.

titantool22 karma

I explained this more in detail earlier, but short version is, bulb squeezed in scrotum sends fluid from reservoir to tubes in penis that inflate and get super hard.

titantool24 karma

I forgot all about this scene!!! That's hilarious! (and very close to what it's like!)

IanalystI136 karma

Would you rather fight 1 horse sized penis pump, or 100 penis pump sized horses?

titantool355 karma

I've trained for years in a small South Korean fishing village to fight the horse sized penis pump. My instructor says I'm ready. Bring it.

lhepton129 karma

Most of my questions have been answered. So I will say thank you for taking the time to do this AMA. Since I have to ask a question. How many people in your life know about the pump and how easy/hard is it to discuss with those people?

titantool227 karma

VERY few. I've got a few close friends that know and that's about it (I think 5 total.. and now a few hundred Redittors). I want to tell more men because sexual dysfunction is a real thing. Especially when you're older. This is such a great option because the risks are low and can bring sexual satisfaction back to a relationship that it might be lacking in. As far as how hard it is to tell, before I had the surgery, I told those few friends that I was considering it. Just having to admit that was pretty tough. They were SUPER supportive though. My wife could tell me all day long that I should do it, but hearing it form another man was what helped.

royalrights93 karma

A few hundred Redditors? Lol, a lot more than that Mr.Titan!

(Almost a hundred thousand views on the imgur album!)

titantool51 karma

HOLY SHIT I had NO idea! Thank you for telling me this! I figured a few hundred at best would see this

titantool115 karma

Here is a video of how it inflates (not me). You can find other videos of how they put it in but it's pretty gnarly.

__dilligaf__109 karma

Did you, and if so how many times and when during the healing process did you think 'holy shit. What have I done'? Glad everything worked out for you (and your wife too)

titantool219 karma

Ha!! Funny you ask this. When I was looking at the pics before posting this, I remembered the horror and fear. My wife was laughing her ass off at my grapefruit size nut sack. I however, didn't find it that funny. It was a HUGE psychological hurdle (took me a year) having it put in. I was on forums for a year talking to different guys and they unanimously said how it was the best decision of their life. I kept cancelling the appointment. Finally, I just did it. We're both SUPER happy with it! I want guys who have sexual dysfunction to know that this is a FANTASTIC option!

DizzyExiled83 karma

what happens if you go up in elevation/on airplanes?

titantool175 karma

I hope my dick doesn't explode! Actually, planes are pressurized so there is no danger

flowgurt72 karma

Are you still able to ejaculate?

titantool144 karma

I can, but it's not forceful like it used to be. Sorry if this too graphic, but it just oozes out now.

germanyjr112124 karma

too graphic:

oozes out

less graphic:

tons of dick pics in various stages of erection, bruising, bloating

titantool11 karma

HA! GOOD point!

grandballoon89 karma

Has the accident affected your fertility, and were kids something you ever planned on?

titantool160 karma

great question! I ended up getting a vasectomy while they were working on the penis. But people with spinal cord injuries can definitely still impregnate women. My wife already had a child and we decided that was enough.

AFlyingMexican566 karma

How do you deal with bowel and bladder paralysis? Do you time yourself or have a bag?

titantool229 karma

I got lucky that I don't have to have a bag. I use what's called a "In and Out" catheter. Every 4-5 hours (have to go by time because I can't feel it) I just insert a catheter into my urethra and drain my bladder. One time, I was out and about and had forgotten to pee. I went into the handicap stall at a restaurant and right after I heard someone walk up to the urinal. You get a signal when your bladder is only 1/3 full so it's really not that full. Mine gets REALLY full sometimes. I was peeing over 2 minutes and the guy at the urinal says, "GODDAMN MAN that's a lot of piss!" I started laughing pretty hard! ..as for the bowel part..ugh. That's pretty tough talking about. Just google "bowel digital stimulation".

spicypepperoni63 karma

How long is that bad boy?

titantool122 karma

It was 7 1/2 before the accident. Because it didn't get erect after, I lost length. My surgeon said men as they get older will lose length naturally. Now it's just at 5 inches. I lost length, but gained girth and firmness from the implant.

iwazaruu398 karma

My surgeon said men as they get older will lose length naturally.


titantool151 karma

But on the bright side, there's the option of a penis implant!

mindfulmu59 karma

Well, seeing as everything is a fetish these days. What logistically would it take for you to be the first cyborg porn actor?

titantool108 karma

SO glad you asked this!! Honestly, I'm REALLY surprised no porn actors already have one. I've heard the first test to being in porn is being able to have a full erection on demand. With this, DONE! You can get it SUPER hard, lasts as long as you want, and you would NEVER know on camera that you had one. Logistically for me, getting my wife's permission. But also, I can't control my orgasms anymore so I would have to act that part out (I took some acting classes in college). Right after I came on here to do this AMA, I saw that porn star Alexis Texas was just wrapping up her AMA. If I had been a bit earlier, maybe she could've told me if I have the right stuff for porn.

adenansu51 karma

Unreal Tournament or Quake?

titantool47 karma

I remember playing Quake like crazy when it very first came out. I haven't played in years. I'll have to give it another shot!

rob_var47 karma

How has the entire process been for you psychologically?

titantool95 karma

It was actually VERY difficult. It took me a year of being on forums talking to a LOT of men about their and several trips to the surgeon. It's a huge hurdle to get over. I cancelled the surgery 3 different times. They were super patient with me though and said it was common. Once I was all healed up and able to put it in action, I knew I had made the right decision.

Saguaromatic36 karma

Does your erection have the same "direction" as it did before the accident? Is the angle of your erection (relative to your body) the same?

titantool53 karma

It's not pointing up like it used to. It sticks straight out now when it's erect.

veganXXXedge36 karma

Do these implants last a lifetime or are there any maintenance procedures via surgeons every couple years or so?

titantool52 karma

It's supposed to last at least 10 years, but they are fairly new. I'm only 40 so chances are I'll have to have it replaced at some point.

HomosexualKoala36 karma

I'm not sure if this question was answered,but what was the total cost for the medical expenses ?

titantool76 karma

OH good question! It was crazy expensive. Somewhere near 40,000. I'm SUPER lucky that my wife has great insurance and I paid like 700. I did a vasectomy also so I'm not sure what just the implant would have cost by itself.

CLEANSH0T32 karma

How powerful are your orgasms compared to before?

titantool100 karma

Good question! They aren't that powerful anymore. Sometimes, it's hardly at all. I'll get a weird head thing, and then all of a sudden I have a loss of interest in sex (so that's how I'll know). But sometimes, I can get almost like before. I've heard spinal cord folks who can't walk say they would rather have the bowel/bladder/sexual function over walking. I can totally believe that.

CLEANSH0T64 karma

Thanks for answering. It seems you have a great woman to help you through this. Glad your still able to smash that ass!

titantool67 karma

She is AMAZING! Thanks!

Hangmun31 karma

Can you post a pump-it-up video?

I want to see how it works.

titantool42 karma

I actually had thought about that. I really want to get the "honk" sound it makes when I squeeze the bulb. I know there are Youtube videos (or used to be), but I'll see what I can do and get back with you. Where I would I post the video besides Youtube?

Hangmun25 karma


YouTube would probably take the video down immediately.

titantool45 karma

I'm furious typing trying to answer everybody, but I found this video that shows it pretty good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ls1fe7jRAzo Just wish you could hear the weird sound it makes when inflating!

iwazaruu27 karma

How has partial paralysis affected your life aside from sex?

titantool87 karma

Good question. It changed my life completely. I had an awesome job that I LOVED but had to medically retire. I can't walk very far at all before my legs are completely exhausted. Then there's the whole bowel/bladder issue. It's taken me a LONG time to accept this though and move on. My life is still fantastic, just in different ways and I've had to adapt. I'm working on a whole different kind of career now and have a new life.

ginger92226 karma

Is your girlfriend now your wife?

titantool76 karma

She is! We were just dating when I had my accident. I was in ICU for over a month and was by my side every single day. I knew she loved me, but after that, there was no doubt in my mind that she was the one. Our sex life was amazing before, and I was seriously worried because I couldn't perform anymore. I had been trying pretty much everything when I found out the penis implant was an actual thing. She loves it!

techiebabe22 karma

Firstly, I found it refreshing to see your situation and learn your story. I have quite a number of disabled friends, among other things.

But when I saw your pics it looked like you could still get hard post accident. Was that true? If so, why go through the surgery?

I have to be a total cliche and say it really isn't how big... It's what you do... So, does your injury limit what you can do?

I really don't mean offence, and I hope that - being the kinda guy who happily talks about his cock and functions - it is ok to ask this... But if you just pump up and... Well... Pump... Until your partner is satisfied, do you get sensation and enjoyment, Or might you as well he teasing them with a dildo?

In fact if, as the caption says, you pump up and go til your partner is happy, what's in it for you? Emotional enjoyment of the shared experience I can understand (but you could get that by using fingers, tongue, toy). Do you get any physical enjoyment yourself? I do realise it's not all about orgasm, I'm just curious as to what sensation you may get, or any emotional difference between using your cock and using any other method to pleasure your partner.

Final question, is your penis tied to manhood, macho status, etc? As a woman I think I understand, but I'm curious to know to what extent it really does matter and affect you, behind closed doors when you have nothing to prove to anyone else.

If you didn't have the erection device, where would you be at right now, physically and mentally?

I hope these questions aren't too much. You put yourself out there and I appreciate it. For what it's worth, I'm a disabled, female, very straight talking person. It is refreshing to meet someone who also talks with honesty and openness.

titantool52 karma

I could in fact sometimes get hard. Several issues though, one being I couldn't maintain it if I could get it erect. The other issue was, that I was spontaneously having orgasms when aroused. So, I would finally get this fairly nice erection, but then all of a sudden, I was having an orgasm (without even having physical contact). Once that happened, the erection was gone. It's gotten much better and I've figured out some ways to delay my orgasm that I would be happy to share in a PM. But now, having the implant, if I do orgasm to soon, it's no problem because I can go as long as my wife can take it.

does your injury limit what you can do?

Slightly. I'm not as limber as I used to be. I was in extremely good shape before the accident. I was a very lean 212 pounds at 6' tall. I worked out a bunch (which I heard a bunch from surgeons may have saved me from being even more injured). My legs are what's mostly affected. My top is still strong as an ox. BUT, you need your legs to lift and do certain sexual acts (I hope that's what you were referring to!). My penis can still do the same and more than previous. The main thing being can last an eternity.

But if you just pump up and... Well... Pump... Until your partner is satisfied, do you get sensation and enjoyment, Or might you as well he teasing them with a dildo?

I get immense satisfaction out of pleasing. I've always strived to be an excellent lover and be in tune to my partner. It's also the thought of being inside a woman. That feeling of being connected is of course wonderful. But it's not always ooey gooey sex. I like to dominate sometimes and just fuck. Sex is very visual and seeing it going in and out is immensely pleasurable. This question of yours just triggered a thought. I can faintly remember before when fucking a girl for hours, you don't have near the sensation. It's desensitized after a while, but yet we still keep going because of the sheer pleasure of the act.

difference between using your cock and using any other method to pleasure your partner

I often will have spontaneous orgasms while performing oral. It's the most arousing and fun thing to do and I can't keep from having orgasms

is your penis tied to manhood, macho status, etc?

Without a doubt! It's what made getting the surgery in the first place so difficult. Even though I couldn't get/maintain an erection, the thought of having a device shoved inside my dick was severely distressing and felt like I was losing my manhood. I talked to a lot of men on forums that reported how satisfied they were with theirs. That helped, but I finally got to a place where I had exhausted all options and it was time to do it. After my 6 week follow up and he told me to go home and test drive it, I knew I had made the right decision. It was super awkward at first, but now it's just a part of me and I embrace it (so much that I'm sharing my dick pics with total strangers!)

If you didn't have the erection device, where would you be at right now, physically and mentally?

Yet another good question. I'm not sure. I know things were tough not being able to have sex. I could still please her in other ways, but who knows how that would have went. Mentally, I would still be incredibly frustrated and sad.

HUGE thanks for your thought provoking questions! I sincerely appreciated it! Hope I've answered everything! If you don't mind, what is your disability?

IwalkedTheDinosaur16 karma

Do you last longer/shorter with it? Is it more/less sensitive?

titantool30 karma

I've heard most guys say they have no loss of sensation. For me though, because I have a spinal cord injury, i have no feeling there anymore. Also, as far as lasting long, I used to be able to control my orgasms really well. Now, I mostly spontaneously orgasm when I get really aroused. So even though I may have already climaxed, I still perform to satisfy my wife

WakaWokao11 karma

What was the accident?

titantool12 karma

It was a crash where I impacted water and became trapped and submerged. It's a really interesting story, but it made state news and would give away my anonymity.

Brohonest10 karma

How in the world do you pump it up? I'm in visioning a football type pump... Not pleasant

titantool14 karma

It's super simple! I just squeeze about 10-15 times on a bulb that is in my scrotum. This pumps it up and gets VERY hard.

eninety29 karma

Oddball question:

Does your wife blow you?

Just wondering because some women are into it more than others and since you give her oral does she feel she needs to reciprocate?

titantool10 karma

She does sometimes. She was really into it before the implant.. but I imagine it feels a little weird to her now. She'll still do it though for me.

Weewillywhitebits8 karma

So when your feeling horny you just give it a few Pumps and your good to go ? What if your wife's not in the mood do you just have to let it down again or do you get pity sex from it ? Anyways it's awesome.

titantool31 karma

It looks a little unusual fondling my ball sack to get to the bulb and getting it inflated, so my trick is, when I'm performing oral on my wife, I'll have a hand down there pumping it up. Also, I'll sometimes inflate it and then walk around naked hoping to inspire. That rarely (never) works. It IS awesome! Thanks!

MoonshineExpress7 karma

I'm not going to ask something related to your dick.. So.. What's your favourite musical?

titantool8 karma

I'm not a big fan of musicals (prefer theater). I've heard Wicked is really good and I'd like to see that one. What do you recommend?

totally_not_martian3 karma

How is the process of gaining an erection? How much work does the implant do?

titantool5 karma

It takes me about 10-15 good squeezes on the bulb to get an erection. It's much, MUCH harder than a natural erection. The implant pretty much does all the work maintaining the erection. There are some good videos on Youtube of men having the implant placed and then the surgeon showing the device in action.

Running4coffee2 karma

Hello, what is it like?

titantool3 karma

What is having the implant like? It's MUCH better than the alternative of not being able to have an erection.

SirRebelBeerThong2 karma

Damn. How's the motion in the ocean now?

What's the difference in sensitivity before and after?

titantool3 karma

From being on forums and talking to other men, they have no loss of sensation. From my injury though, I have no feeling what so ever down there.

Smack_the_scooby2 karma

How did you cope with the whole process? Sounds like your happy with it now, but I would imagine every man would be worried at first!

Thanks for doing the AMA

titantool8 karma

I was VERY worried. Took me over a year to get over the psychological hurdle. But our sex life was really affected and nothing was working. This was definitely the best option. I want men that have sexual dysfunction to know that this is a very viable option.

IAMspartacus_AMA2 karma

Where was it implanted?

titantool6 karma

Are you meaning what hospital? University of Arkansas for Medical Science. Dr. Delk was the surgeon. He does lectures all over the world on his technique for the implant and has a book on the procedure as well.

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titantool3 karma

Yup exactly. There is a valve that when I'm ready, I can just squeeze it and the fluid transfers back to the reservoir. Thanks!!

pitbullpride1 karma

What's the risk (if any) of the implant rupturing (say, during rough sex)?

titantool4 karma

I would say nearly zero. My surgeon had one on his desk he let me examine. It's SUPER durable. It's a latex like material that is very pliable. His exact words were, "You can drive nails with this thing".

12pillows1 karma

What was the accident?

titantool3 karma

I actually was in an aircraft accident.

Heather_Hoodrat1 karma

Didnt read your iama yet. But I hope your dong is metal as fuck. literally. Are you going to lose your metal dong virginity to someone famous like that dude in r/news yesterday? Please say yes.

titantool3 karma

Ha! It IS metal as fuck.. but not literally. Seeing that guy your talking about is what pushed me over the edge to do this AMA. I've wanted to do it for years but have been fearful. But hopefully it will help any men out there that have serious sexual dysfunction for them to see that this is viable option and it works DAMN good! How awesome is it though that she offered to do that for him!

mybustersword1 karma

what's more effective at getting the ladies? Your old Reebok pumps or your new penis pump

titantool2 karma

I'd like to know from women what their reaction would be if a guy told them he had a penis implant. I'm betting if they knew the quality of the erection they would be impressed, but it sounds very odd at first.

Headlikeanegg1 karma

Have you tried pumping it up and taking a piss at the same time?

titantool3 karma

OH yeah! But because I have a spinal cord injury, I have to insert a catheter to pee (I can't feel it).

Barimen1 karma

Have you heard of /u/iPenis? He hosted a similar AMA a couple of years ago.

My question would be... have you developed any new tastes/fetishes since the accident? As a result of the accident, I mean.

titantool9 karma

I think I remember seeing that guy. I had thought about doing an AMA then too. It's taken me this long to work up the courage and do this. As far as tastes/fetishes, not really. I've had the same fantasies since I was a teenager. One thing though, I'm more open to the idea of trying prostate massage. Even though I'm numb, I'd like to see if that does anything.

hurtsboyhurts1 karma

Can you over pump it? Can it explode?

titantool2 karma

It can't explode. I've tried over pumping. It gets so full that you just can't squeeze anymore. But with it full inflated, it's VERY hard. More than a natural erection. That's the part that women love.

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titantool2 karma

I'm typing away furiously now