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How many pictures of your penis do you have?

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How did it feel to rock out one of the best Stairways in front of the legends themselves?

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Don't accept anything without talking to an attorney. Accepting compensation may preclude you from getting a settlement in the future.

Edit: FFS people it is a concept called reserving your rights. I never suggested suing, I only suggested making sure OP doesn't forfeit his right to do so if at a later date the airline is shown to be negligent. Don't agree to anything while vulnerable a day after being hijacked. We don't know how liable the airline is. For all we know the airline could have had knowlege of the unstableness of their employee, or their procedures of not requiring 2 people in the cockpit at all times resulted in an environment foreseeably prone to hijacking by an employee.

Excuse me for looking out for the best interests of OP while we know the airline is looking out for their own. And I don't give a fuck what country you are in, this is how it works. Fuck me, right?

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Alton, I make my soft pretzels with lye, on your show you said you can use baking soda. Should I really believe you?

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WTF is wrong with the system. These should be 20 year sentences at a minimum.