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A few questions please: (1) Can you give us a few examples of the misconceptions/lies about the food industry you speak of? (2) GMO foods...good or bad? (3) Pink slime in hamburgers...good or bad? (4) What do you think of the Moody Blues? (5) Is it ok to make a bolgna sandwich with Hellman's mayo for lunch at work, yet not refrigerate it, then consume it? (6) Are we all being paranoid by the handling of raw chicken and cross contamination? (7) Is it true about being able to leave McDonald's food out in the open for over a year and it doesn't decay much? (8) Worst date you've ever been on? (9) Should I use painter's masking tape or just be very careful when I paint a room with a lot of windows? (10) Do we wash our hands too much? - Thanks!!

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GMO is the biggest topic I see brought up today. PERSONALLY, I believe GMO is the future. The problem associated with GMO from a SCIENTIFIC stand point are not negative with consumption; it is a POSSIBLE negativity with environment and business practices. People talk about how Monsanto wants to ruin the world with their death food. That most certainly is not the case. If you want to argue their business practices are horrible that's one thing, but from eating the food stand point study after study shows its safe. The question arises from releasing and removing common species of plants in the environment. Take a tomato for example. You have hundreds of different tomato species now. If a virus hits and wipes out 10-20% of those species, you still have a good amount of viable tomatoes left. This MAY NOT be the case in using a single, GMO tomato (is the argument). We could potentially wipe out entire lines of food crops through one disease that can spread rampant. This is just one example. However, with proper handling and upkeep I doubt this will be an issue, but it is ALWAYS good to look into the future. Bill Nye is a perfect example of this.

3.) Pink slime: well the name itself... horrible. We didn't do ourselves any services by calling the stuff that. The truth is, this is a good thing. Basically, what happens with the beef these days is everything is processed separately (not like 100 years ago). These items are added back into the meat to give them things like flavor, protein, texture and organoleptic additions. They make the overall product you are used to. The problem with this was how the media handled it. No one complains when you mix a bunch of things into a sausage and stick it in a natural casing (i.e. intestines). But take the media saying "pink slime" and all of a sudden its a HORRIBLE thing.

5.) The bologna question is a hard one to answer. The real question is how long has the bolgna been sitting out, how old is the bolgna to begin with, what temperature is it sitting at and for how long? There is ALOT. I would always gear towards safety and heres my thought: If its a risk, why try it? Everything may be fine, or you may end up blowing up a toilet for the next week. I prefer to stick it in a fridge!

6.) Cross contamination is a VERY real thing. BUT, cook your chicken and you will be fine!

7.) The McDonald's food question is a yes and no. Yes, McDonald's takes EVERY precaution possible to ensure its food is safe and because of this it limits the growth of organisms. Even if its not decaying by sight, it doesn't mean its safe to eat!

8.) Worst date: A girl asked my friend for me to take her to dinner. It was so bad I ended up calling him directly after to tell him I'm never taking her out again and she was boring and even though she was super hot, it wasn't worth it... while she was in the car with me still... while he was on Bluetooth. It made it... awkward.

9) ALWAYS use painters tape. The extra hour can really make the difference on you either spending 4 hours doing touch ups, or just being overall unhappy with your work!

10) I am an over-hand washer, but I don't use Antibiotic handsoap.

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9) ALWAYS use painters tape. The extra hour can really make the difference on you either spending 4 hours doing touch ups, or just being overall unhappy with your wo

A professional painter taught me to buy a good paintbrush and carry a damp cloth.

I spent $25 on a chisel-tipped brush from Home Depot. That thing paints in a straight line with little effort. Go slow, use the rag to clean up mistakes as you go, and you'll never have to tape again.

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This is a good tip for an experienced painter. For the common "I'm doing this to save money" use the tape!

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(5) Is it ok to make a bolgna sandwich with Hellman's mayo for lunch at work, yet not refrigerate it, then consume it?

I feel like your answer to this missed what I wanted to know which is about the mayo being unsafe, not the bologna.

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The mayo has a high amount of vinegar. It will probably be safe to eat in that time, but again, why risk it?

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But, seriously, are the 5 hours of unrefrigerated time really that concerning? I ask because I have office thieves that raid the refrigerator. I've seen them do it! I would much rather keep a sammich at my desk.

Edit: I FUCKING GET IT! Insulated lunch box and something frozen.

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The normal assumption is anything held at room temperature for 4+ hours is the "danger zone".

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Do the stress levels of animals mess with the taste of their meat?

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Yes. This is through the rigor of the meat. Stress can make the meat tougher in some cases or cause chemical reactions (like lactic acid build up) that can alter the end flavor. This is why some companies make a hefty profit selling "pre-rigor" meat.

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Who looks for "pre-rigor" meat? As an end consumer I've never seen a label like that. Is it for restaurants or manufacturers?

pleatedmeat436 karma

Maufacturing. Pre-rigor meat basically means the meat was removed from the carcass quickly while it was "hot" and ground and salted/cured. Preventing the meat from going through rigor increases the pH (as compared to meat that has gone through rigor, which has a pH of about 5.6, the pH of pre-rigor meat is around 6.8) and increased the water retention of the meat. It is mostly used for sausage making.

Honestly, though, I'm confused by OP's answer because pre-rigor meat has nothing to do with the stress level and associated taste (aka DFD and PSE, see my comment here) and only deals with water retention and its ability to make a juicier sausage. It kind of doesn't deal with rigor at all. It is all associated with how stress affects the pH of the meat.

fearthejet165 karma

I found a source for what I was saying. I didn't mean its the only factor.



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Say you have 1/15th of a gallon of whole milk left in the fridge, expiring today, and a gallon of chocolate milk, expiring 2 weeks from now. Now say you mixed the milk in with the chocolate milk, unaware that the whole milk is about to expire. Is the chocolate milk ruined, or will the portion of whole milk cease from going sour for a few days? If so, how long until it becomes unsafe to drink?


fearthejet1306 karma

What you are doing there is basically adding a higher concentration of bacteria to a lower concentration, and then diluting out the bacteria. If the original milk was fine to drink the chocolate milk will also be ok. If the milk was questionable, all you did was increase the bacteria inside of the regular milk, which in turn, will cause that milk to expire quicker.

Rd87403 karma

Thanks for the answer. At what point will it become unsafe to consume? Will I be able to tell?

fearthejet1415 karma

With milk, most of the bacteria (Lactic acid bacteria) just drop the pH and make it sour. Its usually still OK to drink for a while after that, but its flavor is unacceptable so we throw it out. Too much and you may get the poos

Rd87337 karma

Alright, that sounds right. Just toss it out once it starts tasting sour then, and I'll be okay?

fearthejet888 karma

Yea. This is a "best by" date. Not a "don't drink after or you will die date". Give it a whiff, take a swig. If you don't like it throw it away. Just beware the chocolate and sugars in that may mask some of the flavor of the off products.

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When you are determining if your milk is sour or not make sure you pour a small amount in a glass before smelling or tasting it.

Often the ridges where the cap screws on to the jug will have dried sour milk from previous pouring.

fearthejet495 karma

This is great advice.

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Why does prefabricated food contain so much salt? It usually ranges from 40-80% of your daily dose and is it therefore bad to exceed the recommended 100% of your daily dose?

fearthejet931 karma

Sodium is VERY misunderstood in my opinion. Many processed food contains salt for many reasons: functionality, protein extraction, flavor etc. The main reason many of those salt limits are so high is Na (sodium) is used as a carrier for many antimicrobials like sodium lactate and diacetate. Salt also helps keep the water activity under control which is a big help to keeping food safe.

The new studies show that many people aren't sodium sensitive. If you have sodium issues you should avoid these types of foods. If you don't, odds are a spike in sodium here and there won't make a large overall difference to your health.

-Tukani-134 karma

Do you also know how these limits are calculated and what they are based on?

fearthejet243 karma

They were made years ago from a government study if I recall correctly. They have been redone (the food pyramid to the my calculations done now).

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I'm not sure you'll have an answer for the first question. I have Gout so I am reactive to sodium amongst other things. I MISS SEASONING SALT!

Is there a type of salt that is better for you or more specifically less likely to contribute to uric acid levels than another?

Since I have started paying attention to how much sodium is in food I noticed that even raw butcher meat has a noticeable amount. Is the sodium content shown the natural sodium content or is salt added for preservation or a bit of both?

fearthejet218 karma

Sadly, you are in the small percentage that are actually effected by sodium. There are some options for low-sodium sea salt that is potassium based instead of sodium. That may work for you? I would consult a doctor on that before making any changes.

nakitinak538 karma

Is MSG really bad for you?

fearthejet1338 karma

Actually, no. Mono-sodium glutamate is just a salt that helps add flavor. Many studies show that there is no negative effect from this and that it may improve the umami flavor people prefer!

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Is cannibalism a realistic solution to overpopulation and 'world food shortages'?

fearthejet982 karma

No. Maybe. Well.... no comment

Indydegrees2490 karma

Is diet soda really that bad?

fearthejet826 karma

I don't drink diet soda personally. But again, ANTYHING in moderation should not cause a drastic change in your life.

moaningpilot1644 karma

True Story... My friend just took cyanide in moderation about an hour ago. Enjoying a nap as I type.

fearthejet2755 karma

He's not napping, he's dead. Take any cash he has in his wallet and any items you may want and then call the police. Also important to note this is a joke and I will not be held legally responsible for it.

kilkil274 karma

Goddammit, I love it when scientists have senses of humour.

It's almost as if they're just regular people, instead of magical science creatures of science.

fearthejet695 karma

I created myself through GMO and sugary soft drinks with the help of monsanto. At least according to this thread.

Indydegrees272 karma

I usually drink 1-2 a day

fearthejet295 karma

Studies show a higher association to diabetes by over 50% with the consumption of 1 or more soda products per day. That being said, I still have around 1 coke a day. I exercise, eat "healthy" and have no issues with my personal health. I am highly athletic though and a tend to exercise 4+ days a week.

DBuckFactory197 karma

Correlation in this case may be because the people that have the beetus now drink diet soda because they can't have the full sugar they are used to from normal sodas.

fearthejet268 karma

Theres almost always too may variables in a case like this to determine the exact result. Even lifestyle choices and stress levels can change this! Correlation /= causation!

Meltingteeth459 karma

Can you please just tell us what to be afraid of?

fearthejet1816 karma

Yes. Dangerous people in dark alleys. Severe thunderstorms. A cute adorable kitten that is trying to coax you into tickling his belly. Its a trap. Its always a trap.

MasoKist26 karma

Can we tell people to calm the f down about trichinosis already? CAN WE!?!

fearthejet62 karma

Its SUPER rare and highly unlikely to get. Always be prepared for a thunderstorm if its about to drizzle though. Welcome to the world.

Maxwyfe16 karma

This is a serious question, and I think it deserves an answer. Surely there are warning signs of danger? Bad packaging? Weird color?

fearthejet21 karma

All of those. A compromised container, bloating of the bag, weird color, oils pushing outward, smell!!!! all of these are warning signs.

dannyREDDIT451 karma

How accurate is nutrient science? Like, daily recommended allowances and stuff? How much do we really know? Thanks!

fearthejet910 karma

The DRA are pretty lax to be honest. Most people would benefit the most from tracking their calories and weight and using that as their own guidelines. The problem is that is too complex for the average person with limited or no knowledge. I believe that whole system needs to be redone. Eat everything in moderation and you should be fine. Mix that with exercise and live forever! (Sorta)

jabbaciv351 karma

You say that

People REALLY believe the entire food world wants to kill everyone else just to make a dollar.


To be honest, I've never walked in to a food facility where they started the conversation like this... "How do I kill mass amounts of people legally"

What is your position then on the Nestle formula scandal and subsequent boycott?

For the moment, though, Kabir's anger is directed at the manufacturers of baby formula. Like many of his fellow health professionals, he believes these manufacturers push their products too aggressively, sometimes breaching the stipulations of an international code on the marketing of formula milk drawn up in 1981, ratified by member states of the World Health Organisation, and enshrined in law in Bangladesh since 1984.

That code, in turn, had been prompted by public support of an international boycott of the products of the company that seemed most culpable 30 years ago: Nestlé. The code could have ended the boycott, but campaigners continue to flag it up because, they claim, the company - and many other baby-milk manufacturers - fail to abide by its requirements. Despite the safeguards it affords, they say, mothers in developing countries - the most vulnerable of mothers anywhere, the ones least able to afford formula milk, the ones whose babies most need the breast milk they could and should be getting for free - were being, and continue to be, targeted by corporate giants bent on carving out their share of a valuable market (Save the Children, which today publishes a report on the baby-milk industry, reckons that the total value of baby-milk and baby-food imports is worth almost £16m a year in Bangladesh alone - but the potential, if more mothers were bottlefeeding, is a lot higher than that).

While the food industry may not intentionally plan to kill people, is it possible that there are significant elements in the food industry, as in many others, that prioritize profits and monetary gain over safety?

fearthejet235 karma

That there are bad people in every industry and you found a pair in the food one? I'm not saying it DOESN'T happen. Just that I'M not a part of it, and no one I know of does it as well. But if they did do you think they would publically broadcast it?

founditundertheseat351 karma

Was there something you were shocked to learn after working in this field?

fearthejet789 karma

YES! Great question! THE MISUNDERSTANDINGS. People REALLY believe the entire food world wants to kill everyone else just to make a dollar. There are still PLENTY of good people who work in this industry who want to make things better for the world while still making a profit. They aren't mutually exclusive!

GAB104323 karma

I don't know if this pertains to what you do, but it's a question about the food industry.

When we lived in the UK, all the frozen oven fries contained nothing but potatoes, salt, and oil. It's all you need, really. Here in the US, you CANNOT get frozen oven fries without some additives, generally preservatives and coloring, besides that. Even organic oven fries have apple juice concentrate added for color.

I thought the baking was supposed to make the fries brown? And the darn things are frozen, why do you need preservatives? Even if you don't believe they are unhealthy, the additives cost something; why not just leave them out?

This is true across the board; oven fries are just my example. Why so many additives in American food when, as the European food supply proves, they are not necessary and are just an added expense?

fearthejet553 karma

The apple juice concetarte for color isn't to change the color of the product, its to KEEP it from changing. They are using this as an antioxidant in order to keep the flavor from going rancid and the color of the potato from turning brown. Just because they are frozen on your end doesn't mean that it came out of the ground that way. They normally use these products in between the freeze and after the wash. Although a brown potato is Perfectly safe to eat, people avoid it because its brown.

The next question you are asking about is lifestyle more than anything. Most Europeans shop 2+ times a week. Their food is designed around this. Also, Americans spend DRASTICALLY less of their income on food. The systems are different so this is like comparing apples to oranges.

TRUST ME. When it comes to food safety it is 100% a cost!!! If the ingredient's didn't do something they most certainly WOULD NOT be put in. I deal with companies who will turn down an additive based on a fraction of a penny.

NotbeingBusted95 karma

Fraction of a penny on one bag can equal serious funds after a shit-ton are sold.

fearthejet210 karma

Yup. Example. Large poultry processors can handle over 30 million birds a WEEK. Times that by 0.005...... cha-ching


Is there scientific consensus on the health differences of a plant-based diet vs an omnivorous diet?

fearthejet384 karma

Yes and no. My personal belief is eat a variety of foods in the appropriate proportions and you will be just fine!

tigga21309 karma

What should I have for dinner tonight?

fearthejet823 karma

A protein, a vegetable and a starch. A nice glass of red wine and some water.

Kingkocks277 karma

How does expired beef from a Nebraskian meat packaging factory end up in Mcdonalds and KCF's all over China in 2014?

fearthejet394 karma

ALL food is required to label processing date. The problem with this is ethics and a combination of just human error. People can try to stretch things further. What the general public doesn't realize is the "sell by" or "best by" dates don't mean that at that date the product will kill you. Same with meat. The date listed is a general date based on shelf life testing they have run.

However, in that particular case its probably a bit of plant level issues combined with other people making mistakes or pushing the limits. Both of which (as a food safety person) I hate.

dragon567179 karma

I'm an undergrad studying food science and the choices for work are a little overwhelming for me. I really enjoy microbiology and lab work, but I know I haven't tried everything offered yet. I have two questions. What are some career paths I could choose with just a focus on microbiology work? And second, would it be better to go to grad school instead of right into the job market? Thanks!

fearthejet171 karma

You can do anything in a lab as well as consulting work. I did the micro path and ended up here. Many companies have a QA department and many major companies have their own labs! Check out those!

cookacola178 karma

How do you feel about the gluton-free diet trend?

fearthejet781 karma

Gluten-free is over hyped. If you have Celiac's disease that's one thing. Avoiding gluten all together if you don't probably won't make you lift harder, live longer, or became all that is "man".

Ramalama63178 karma

What does your typical work day look like? "Food Scientist" is kinda vague, what are your responsibilities?

fearthejet356 karma

I do A LOT! I help with RnD of new products, I help design and follow guidelines, I help with shelf-life testing and microbiology. Basically a company may call me for advice, for science tests or for anything inbetween. A typical day varies based on that.

But most of the time a company will call me with a product and ask me to help formulate the product to meet their needs (salt, shelf life, flavor, etc). From there I will fly to their plant, review their process and make any changes or variations I see fit. I am a BIG believer in the statement "One scientific test is worth more than 1000 expert opinions" So I ALWAYS prefer to test scientifically.

legrandmaster167 karma

In light of the recent Coca-Cola news, have you published or would you publish any negative studies about a company that funded your study?

fearthejet446 karma

I don't do studies like everyone here thinks I do. Coke won't call me to say study the effects of calories. Also, I am VERY science based. I report the data and analyze it. I don't make assumptions. PERIOD. I don't change data, PERIOD. I don't setup a test that I think is biased. PERIOD.

coppermouse324150 karma

I like that you're saying everything is okay in moderation - how many energy drinks is within moderation? If I love Monsters, could I drink them on a daily basis?

fearthejet801 karma

Ummmm.. So Monsters/ redbulls are probably not an everyday thing. Mainly the high amounts of sugar and stimulants involved. This will become additive in the sense that you may become sluggish or have a "hazy" tired feeling when not consuming them. That being said, I drink redbull and monster. Just not daily. I use them as a "last resort" for the extra kick I need when I'm just exhausted.

Maybe 1-2 a week. But that is more the stimulants than anything! I always prefer to never be DEPENDENT on an item. A great example of this is coffee: studies have shown coffee gives you cancer, prevents cancer, leads to a longer life, kills you at a young age and so on. Again. Moderation is almost always the key!

bertoshea167 karma

I really fail to understand why people are down voting the very reasonable well thought out responses that you've been giving. Most energy drinks give a massive caffeine hit, consuming many of these to mind is not a good thing. Especially with the associated sugar.

I also use them as a last resort

fearthejet632 karma

Because being right and being popular aren't the same thing. That's why I did this AMA. To try to give REAL science reasons to people blindly clicking the buzzfeed "Eat this and you'll die!" "50 ways to avoid cancer by eating kale" and so on.

Unabomber007144 karma

What can one do to prevent the spread of dipshit internet scientists? These are the people that find one non-double blind study on fruit bats from the University of Santo Thomas in the Philippines using a sample size of two that says (insert name here) substance from (insert name here) company causes SuperAIDS and they go to the internet saying we should give up (insert name here) product that we've been eating for 50 years. Does one refute the methodology...the sample size....the non-correlation between animal vs. human....go straight to disparaging the person's mom?

fearthejet341 karma

See all comments on this thread I have downvoted. The problem is people can be stupid. Its way more interesting to say "HEY HAVE YOU SEEN THAT STUDY THAT SHOWS VACCINES CAUSE AUTSIM" than "I read over 1000 scientific journals and all of them have a non-significant correlation between these twos. Click-bait is real. Most people read a headline and stop after that.

jimmypopnl113 karma

Is it true that two species (e.g. Heirloom tomatoes and Roma tomatoes) crossbred would result in what's today being called GMO?

edit: I gave a bad example, but was trying to understand how easily things trigger the term GMO.

fearthejet298 karma

You could classify that as a GMO. The term genetic modification is just that. Anything that is modified from its original genome, which is nearly anything to be honest. Most people view things like that as "natural" where if done in a lab its not, even if it produces the same exact result.

nerfcaltrops97 karma

What are your thoughts on artificial sweeteners, and aspartame in particular (given its bad rap in many "healthy living" circles). Are they healthier than sugar? Less healthy? Both in some regards?

fearthejet205 karma

I wouldn't say they are healthier than sugar. The important information is this: aspartame is a sugar that tastes sweet. it is not fully digested by the body so it passes through. The problems with this are that it causes your body to expect sugar since you taste sweet. This causes a natural reaction in your body with the insulin spikes and such. I just avoid them in high quantities and you should be fine! MODERATION!

costanza_vandelay82 karma

Are there laws that state that if eggs are labeled "cage free" then they must have been so? I like birds in general so I buy cage free eggs but I pay around $1.50 extra per dozen for this. I just want to know im not paying some sucker tax.

fearthejet177 karma

That is an example of a food claim. If they make that claim it must be true... BASED On the guidelines. What may be good for you to do is follow up with reading what constitutes "cage free" and decide if that is worth the money to you.

whatshisuserface60 karma

Are you a DuPont PR person?

fearthejet120 karma

No. I'd be way more happy if someone paid me to do this.

matticus37949 karma

The trend of flavored vodkas, whiskies and other modified spirits is fast moving and continuing to grow. There are a variety of products that seem natural enough berry, citrus, pineapple, vanilla, etc. Many others flavors are absurdly not natural and cannot be "infused" into alcohol. Birthday cake vodka? Whipped cream vodka? Creme brulee? German chocolate?

Can you give any insight as to how these products are conceived, produced or where the flavoring comes from? How much sugar exists in the bottled product?

fearthejet78 karma

We have flavor extracts and compounds for nearly everything. Because of this, whatever an RnD person can come up with they can try! Sugar is based on what they add and is variable to every product! Many of the flavorings are just that.

___CitizenX___39 karma

Do you think Round Up ready GMO crops are good or bad for the environment?

fearthejet128 karma

Round up is its own issue. The environment is a HUGE concern for me and nearly every scientist. We really need to start treating the earth like we all could die if it goes to hell!

MapleSugary38 karma

I was surprised to note that you mentioned part of your enthusiasm for Canadian ketchup was that it was made with sugar (rather than high fructose corn syrup). Could you clarify why? Is this simply a taste preference? What do you think about the health claims of HFCS being worse than other kinds of sugars?

fearthejet77 karma

I am not promoting sugar over HFCS. I just meant it is sweeter than American ketchup!

Many HFCS claims just show that a higher concentration of sugars aren't a good supplementation to your diet. Since you can compact a lot of HFCS into a product, they tend to be viewed negatively.

Transcend_Time_Space23 karma


fearthejet65 karma

You would probably poop poop. On top of the fact that you may get sick. Some animals do this in order to increase the absorption of nutrients from a single meal.

sadddPandaa7 karma

Lets talk about ecoli in the beef industry. What's the deal, can we not not get shit in our beef?

fearthejet25 karma

Here's the problem with that exact question: This is a COMMON pathogen associated with cattle. On top of that, not all E.coli is dangerous. But to the main point you're probably asking is why is it there. I believe we need to view the issue in a different manner: Since it commonly is found in live cattle, it is nearly impossible to assume you can kill it all. Because of this we should find ways to help minimize the RISK associated with illness. People hear e coli and freak out (rightfully so) since non-pathogenic versions are hardly every worried about.

The beef industry goes through GREAT measures to reduce this risk. They add processing aids to help kill bacteria (like PAA, ASC and so on). Odds of completely eliminating it are VERY low. But, odds of reducing the risk greatly between proper handling and cooking should keep it safe for consumption!

suddenly_ponies7 karma

If someone is concerned that GMO doesn't have enough oversight or testing, do you object to them asking that foods be labeled with a tiny GMO symbol so people can opt out for now?

fearthejet12 karma

I don't agree with that fact that we should label it, but I do agree that everyone should have a choice when it comes to that problem. The problem is the social stigma to GMO. Science shows its a benefit at this stage in our humanity. In a world where everyone thinks this is horrible, yet typing this and reading it from an Iphone makes me cringe. The world has a lot of problems and feeding people is just one of them!

ham_shanker6 karma

If I wanted to get autism, what foods should I eat?

Seriously though, why doesn't the US vaccinate their poultry for salmonella?

fearthejet20 karma

You can't vaccinate for salmonella like that. Plus the general public who are still against vaccines would cause a HUGE commotion. Salmonella is common and is extremely susceptible to heat. Cook your chicken and it should be fine!

rbGriphon4 karma

Regarding GMOs, I generally acknowledge their safety, but I, for example have a deadly treenut allergy. By putting genes of non-related species into our food, how can the average consumer know that they aren't getting a protein that normally they'd avoid?

fearthejet10 karma

Allergens are VERY well handled IMO in the food industry. These are usually taken into account and ALWAYS labeled when it comes to a new food. Many new food products try to avoid as many allergen proteins as possible in new formulations. The fact is there will always be people allergic so its how to help the minority deal with this.

Fumbleep3 karma

Is it possible that the US could suffer the same event as happened in the 2013 European meat adulteration scandal? And if not, what laws are in place in the US that should be in place in Europe?

fearthejet7 karma

Which one are you talking about? There was probably over 1000 cases of this. Adulteration is the term when something ends up in the product that shouldn't be there. That could be nearly anything. Laws are already in place to prevent this as the term is defined.

MpVpRb2 karma

I am an engineer, and believe that genetic engineering is a great idea..in theory, once it's perfected

But, I am skeptical about the state of knowledge today

Biology is extremely complex. We probably don't even know how much we don't know

How can you be confident that we aren't making some kind of mistakes that we don't have the tools or knowledge to detect?

fearthejet6 karma

No one can. But that doesn't stop us from doing everything else. As an engineer you know science isn't a perfect field. Its being able to replicate the same results over and over. There is no way to predict the infinite outcomes of anything like this in the real world. The best we can do is have open discussions and keep the information available for all scientists to work together on. I believe in a future where people do what is best for humanity and not themselves, but I'm a dreamer.

Phan912 karma

What would happen if I ate another person?

fearthejet6 karma

Most likely 5-life depending on if you did the killing.

peaonmynuts2 karma

if i bought a bigmac from China and a bigmac from USA which one tastes better?

fearthejet4 karma

Most likely this will depend on where you are from. If you are from the USA you will probably like the sauces, meat flavors and such from the American version and vice versa for the Chinese.

malcontented2 karma

Big food; ConAgra, Kraft, Monsanto,etc exist to make profits. They will always put that first and they do not exist to promote human health and welfare. Can you refute that?

fearthejet17 karma

Yes I can. Although their MAIN business goal is to make a profit, they are still very heavily reliant upon safety. This is like saying "Delta just wants to make a profit. They don't care if planes crash as long as they make more than they lose from it". Don't forget, PEOPLE still make these decisions. So you can't characterize a companies integrity as a whole without looking at the individuals.

HFTrue2 karma

Where can i order transglutaminase in europe?

fearthejet3 karma

Google it. There may be other meat glues you can use.

GringodelRio2 karma

Two questions for you:

Would you say that the labeling of things is getting out of hand (e.g. Eggs in the shell as "Gluten Free", when obviously that is going to be the case), and what should be done about that?

Why does organic milk have a significantly longer shelf-life (sell-by/use-by date) than your run-of-the-mill milk?

fearthejet4 karma

The problem with that labeling is people aren't sure what is and isn't actually gluten free. You may know, but that doesn't mean the average consumer does. So the companies label it. Whether it is to give them a competitive edge in sales or to make the consumer aware.

I am not 100% certain all organic milk has a longer shelf life than normal milk. Milk is one of the most regulated food products in the world. The main problem with milk pasteurization is that it kills everything. This allows a completely clean slate for new bacteria to come in and grow. This may be what you are experiencing. There is not competition between organisms so anything that drops inside your run of the mill milk will usually grow. It has all the requirements for bacteria. Water, a food source etc.

Transcend_Time_Space1 karma


fearthejet2 karma

A mixture of genes and physic. He sure is a specimen.

Transcend_Time_Space1 karma

My friend Sarah says she is super smart and she knows everything. She likes to sleep around with as many strange men as she can. She also says the gluten allergies are the result of us all eating so many genetically modified foods. Is this true? Also do you want me to get her phone number for you?

fearthejet2 karma

Sarah sounds like a real bitch... No. jk. Gluten allergies are actually Celiac disease. I'm not sure of the 100% reason but I don't believe it to be GMO.

Transcend_Time_Space1 karma

Sarah is a real bitch. She ate a mushroom off our pizza and then pretended it made her gag and throw up for 20 minutes for attention. Everyone was just like "Fuckin stop it already." True story. She also can't fart because she has Crohns disease and she's like always braggin about that.

fearthejet5 karma

A swift punch to the kidney always clears up a case of the mushrooms. Also, don't hit women. Or children. Or animals. Just don't hit anything.

Transcend_Time_Space3 karma

So what you're saying is I should hit women.

fearthejet4 karma

I am most certainly not....

nm10431 karma

What is erythrol? (sp?) Is it safe? What about non-sugar sweeteners¿

fearthejet0 karma

erythrol Erythirtol is a sugar alcohol (notice the OL ending). It is roughly 60% as sweet as sugar. It is only partially absorbed by the body so this means that most of it passes and it will be less calorically dense than a sugar you could consume in its place. I personally don't like the flavor of artificial sugars like that (I do like High fructose corn syrup though), so I personally avoid them. Again, I believe moderation is the key!

[deleted]1 karma


fearthejet0 karma

I also went to UF for undergrad. They have an AMAZING program. If you want to eventually move up in this type of environment, def. get the masters!

obeseclown1 karma

What is your opinion on the current state of the class struggle?

fearthejet3 karma

Its obvious that the financial distribution of the world is in chaos. I don't think anyone can disagree. How do we fix it is the problem.

Transcend_Time_Space1 karma

Can you send me some money and also when?

fearthejet3 karma

Just hop back in time and invest in Google. Your user name implies this shouldn't be an issue for you.

S_Alexis1 karma

How bad are foods like pasta and bread for you?

fearthejet6 karma

Eat in Moderation and you'll be fine. If added to a healthy diet mixed with appropriate fruits, veggies and such you'll be good!

Transcend_Time_Space0 karma

Is it true that cauliflower turns people gay?

fearthejet1 karma

I'm like 50% certain this is a myth. But last time I ate cauliflower I did notice a very high level of attraction towards Will Ferrell. Something not common to me.

The_bad_guy_312-4 karma

Do you feel at all guilty spewing this propaganda?? I have read just a few of your responses, and you've got to be kidding me.... You support things like pink slime (call it whatever you like) and GMO's and say they are totally safe?? I understand the need we faced some 30-40 years ago with the population increasing and as a large country having the means to supply foods out of season all year round, but we did things and pumped things into our foods we didn't know much about, care to explain the huge spike in cancer since that time, particularly in America?? Also, why are our standards so much lower than the rest of the world?? Why does the FDA allow things in our foods that no other country in the world does? Again, i don't think its about evil, i think we dont have another feasible (financially) solution yet, your thoughts?

fearthejet2 karma

Guilty for my opinion based on science. Not at all. I always list them as my opinion. Do you feel at all guilty about spewing non-factual based arguments that you saw on some guys blog?

Cancer rates are spiking in the WHOLE world. This can be anything? Maybe the fact that humans live on average 10-20+ years longer than normal? But no. We don't take that into account because it doesn't fit your stupid comment. Have a downvote.