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I think there is a lesson in this for us

Information is power. Once the people of the USSR saw the truth about the rest of the world, things changed

Today, information is being weaponized. We need to realize this and fight back

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Do you ever play computer scrabble?

If so, what is your favorite one?

My wife loves computer scrabble. but can't seem to find a great one

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How many pianists do you consider to be world class?

How hard is it for a talented young person to have a career as a pianist?

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Farms feed (almost) everyone and are a necessity where as golf is a luxury

Many California farms grow almonds and walnuts, most of which are exported, and no doubt viewed as luxuries by the buyers

California rice is forced into the Japanese market by treaty. The Japanese don't eat it, they give it to North Korea, feed it to animals, or let it rot in warehouses

So yeah..a lot of California ag is for luxury foods..many of which I enjoy