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Critique my idea? Obtain 2 or more Real Dolls and "whore" 'em out at hotels in 20 minute intervals (looking for high volume here) then use bowling shoe spray to clean the dolls between sessions.

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A few questions please: (1) Can you give us a few examples of the misconceptions/lies about the food industry you speak of? (2) GMO foods...good or bad? (3) Pink slime in hamburgers...good or bad? (4) What do you think of the Moody Blues? (5) Is it ok to make a bolgna sandwich with Hellman's mayo for lunch at work, yet not refrigerate it, then consume it? (6) Are we all being paranoid by the handling of raw chicken and cross contamination? (7) Is it true about being able to leave McDonald's food out in the open for over a year and it doesn't decay much? (8) Worst date you've ever been on? (9) Should I use painter's masking tape or just be very careful when I paint a room with a lot of windows? (10) Do we wash our hands too much? - Thanks!!

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Maybe they should try to sell onion rings again damnit!

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i think he means lot lizards.

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Do you guys watch DVDs while you're driving?