My left leg was slightly shorter than my right leg, at birth. So, doctors amputated my foot, and I have a prosthetic foot/leg in it's place. Additionally, I am missing the Fibula in both legs, although it doesn't seem to matter much in the prosthetic one.

Both of my hands have 2 fingers and a thumb, 3 total on each. Originally, there was just one plus a thumb, but doctors split the single digit, and made two out of it.

In grade school I played baseball. In high school I played football and went downhill skiing. For the past 15 years I have played bass guitar.

For the past 9.5 years I have done martial arts, and have been teaching for the past 6. Primarily Muay Thai with a dose of Western Boxing thrown in, a mix of Panantukan/Wing Chun/Silat/Boxing, another mix of mostly Filipino weapons arts (Kali, Eskrima, Arnis, Silat), and finally some Italian Fencing/Bolognese Side Sword (mostly Manciolino).

For all of my life, at least as long as I can remember, I have played video games (Arcade, Atari, Nintendo, XBox, WoW, LoL, Diablo, CS:GO, etc.)

I have done these in the past, and was able to provide some perspective to, and hopefully help, a few people who were facing a similar situation.
I hope that this time around I will be able to a few more people.

Also, someone always asks if I have videos of myself playing bass/video games, and doing martial arts. To that end, I have included a couple of videos.
I am also going to be playing games all day tomorrow (Monday/Memorial Day) on Twitch. So anyone that wants to can stop by and watch/learn/talk about how I play video games!

Ask away!!!

Playing Audioslave - Like a Stone

Playing Pentakill - Lightbringer

Twitch Channel

Proof 1, Proof 2, Proof 3

AMA from last Novemeber

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Saiildvaenr569 karma

Have you ever cosplayed as a ninja turtle or night crawler?

danmart1593 karma

If Halloween counts, the yes to the turtle.

Nightcrawler, someday. My fake German accent needs work.

someone_witty148 karma

On the vein of video games, could also cosplay as the Arbiter from the Halo series.

danmart1111 karma

I could, but I don't have the artistic talent to make that costume. At least with Nightcrawler, I can just get some blue paint, a tail, and a trench coat.

Epicurus122 karma

danmart124 karma

That would be fun!! Not sure if I want to shave my chest though.....

Apocalypse487x27 karma

You can probably be an Elite Covenant too

danmart135 karma

I'm not tall enough. :(

TheTWH97 karma

Could always be a grunt!

danmart123 karma

I might be too tall for that.... Plus, I don't know if I could get the waddle down. That takes talent.

Apocalypse487x8 karma

They're like 5'8" or something. Not too short.

danmart19 karma

Oohh that's fine then.

Radico876 karma

Longer prosthetics! We have the technology

danmart114 karma

They can make me better, stronger, faster!

ShitBabyPiss2 karma

Yes you are.

danmart12 karma

I guess so. I thought they were over 6 feet, but I guess it's closer to my height.

adrianmeza1020175 karma

Would you rather have your life be narrated by Morgan Freeman or James Earl Jones ?

danmart1234 karma

Vader, all the way!

JustVan170 karma

Can you explain why they amputated your foot instead of making you a shoe for the other foot to make up the height difference? Or like... I dunno, doing that "break your leg and lengthen it" thing I've heard about? And how does lacking a fibula affect your ability to walk or play sports, etc?

danmart1166 karma

When I was born, breaking the leg and lengthening it was a huge risk. The chances of it working properly were far less than "simple" amputation. I think the difference was too large for a special shoe to work properly.

The lacking fibula hasn't made much of a difference, with the exception of my foot turning in slightly when I lift my leg. The major issue was the complete reconstruction of my right ankle, which is constantly in pain when I am active. That, I've gotten used to.

DaemonSicarius35 karma

Are you completely missing the fibula or is it just fused with the tibia the way your hands were? Do you think it's possible your fibula developed to be much stronger or perhaps you just developed more muscle for support?

It may take me longer then I have at the moment to see if it's been asked before so if you don't mind another question, do you know the medical details of what caused your condition? Thank you in advance and know your awesome for living life regardless of your limitations.

danmart151 karma

Completely missing. I think there's a bit more support, probably from a slightly stronger Tibia.

No idea, and the doctors don't seem to know either.

Pupse142 karma

Did you ever get made fun of in school?

danmart1301 karma

Not much more than everyone else. I went to a very small High School, so people were less selective (on who they made friends with and who they made fun of), due to a lack of options.

pro-window131 karma

You have a great attitude! I'm wondering, did your parents make a big deal that you were different? Or did they instill the never say die attitude? You rock man!

danmart1175 karma


They didn't make much of a deal out of it, at least not in front of me when I was little. They did worry, but they let me try things that I wanted to try. If they had concerns, they'd ask the doctors, who would say that it's fine.

svenniola30 karma

My left leg was slightly shorter than my right leg, at birth. So, doctors amputated my foot,

what? why?

My grandfather was born like that and the doctors never did anything that severe and he´s still fine and walking around?

danmart152 karma

It was too short to just have special shoes.

GodOfNumbers119 karma

Are you any good at bowling?

danmart1136 karma

I suck at bowling. I need to find a ball that fits my hand, and that probably means drilling my own holes. Although, since I only bowl once every 5+ years, I haven't had the urge to go and spend money on a ball.

lWarChicken29 karma

I'm pretty sure you could buy one from CL and widen the holes using a driller.

EDIT: Nvm, what you could do is to ignore the thumb hole and make the two other holes into one.

danmart129 karma

My Uncle offered to do the drilling, and maybe someday. I have so much stuff that I don't use, I don't know if I have a place to put it. I just don't play often enough.

Gohagan111 karma

I get all that, I just want to know if you run a vacuum before you play them games? The carpet is looking rough bro.

danmart192 karma

Maybe someday, but it needs more than just a vacuum. The most high traffic area+white carpet = looks like crap.

SilverChips54 karma

Steam that shit

danmart152 karma

I'm renting so, when I move out I will.

SilverChips53 karma

As a suggestion... My roommate has her parents steamer... And she steams our carpets once ever couple months. It takes her only about an hour, but the way she sees it, why make the place look good only when you leave? People often comment on how white our apartment carpets are and its thanks to her. Worth the thought anyways.

danmart132 karma

Very true, but I am the only one who is ever in my apartment.

salt-the-skies107 karma

No, now all of Reddit is in your apartment. It is everyone's concern. Don't make us Kickstart a steam cleaner purchase for you.

danmart128 karma

Sshhh, these are not the droids you're looking for.....

Gohagan-13 karma

Haha you got an Xbox one?

danmart113 karma

Nope, just a 360. I have an Xbox controller for my PC though.


PC Masterrace FTW. I too got a rig after the age of the 360 and have a 360 controller for my PC.

danmart115 karma

I've been a computer guy for most of my life. I've always had game console as well, but with the availability of games on PC, and the ability for me to customize the controls for some of them (big plus), it just made more sense to go PC. Plus, 60+fps.

supermegaultrajeremy96 karma

Have you ever gotten a chromosome karyotyping or a microarray done to identify any genetic anomalies?

danmart141 karma

No I have not.

TheManshack88 karma

How has having less than 5 fingers affected your ability to play games competitively?

Specifically league, WoW, and the Xbox which usually require some godawful amount of key binds.

danmart1113 karma

Not as far as I can tell. I know where my deficiencies are in games and very little of it comes from the keys. When I have problems, it's mostly tunnel vision.

mannequinbeater39 karma

That totally comes with experience. You play the game long enough, you'll start to see much more than you used to. But it takes just ONE game where your brain and eyes completely sync with the game. You lose that tunnel vision for a team fight and you kick serious ass. After that, there will be far less tunnel vision and much more raid boss.

danmart142 karma

My eyes (mostly my brain) lose track of the cursor, which it what causes the most issue for me. I think it's because of the high mouse sensitivity I play with. So even the slightest motion moves the cursor a lot. I need to figure out a better desk/chair combo so I have more room for my mouse and can reduce the dpi.

I also forget to check the minimap a lot of the time, unless I'm supporting. Then it's fine.


Try finding a way to support your posture better and you could drop the mouse sensitivity one notch lower to help keep a better visual lock. If you do that and get used to it, it should help.

Remember that a good rule of thumb is: eye level should be between 1/2 and 3/4 up the screen, keyboard should be at sitting elbow height (or a few inches below), and you should be able to rest your feet/foot/resting lower limb on the floor surface, flatly and with no effort. The worst is if your point of contact with the ground puts strain on your body by not being well seated.

Also, props in general. Over coming out individual difficulties is hard enough, you're beast mode-ing through!

danmart17 karma

My keyboard and mosue are at the right height, along with my monitor, but my chair sucks. It has poor lumbar support which results in poor posture. It was billed as a computer chair, but it's far more a general office chair.

Mike_Facking_Jones9 karma

Just like most people

danmart113 karma

Yup. If I spent a lot of time on it, I could probably get better at it, but I enjoy it as it is and don't want to ruin that by making it a chore.

Raiden131263 karma

But can you see why kids love the taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch?

danmart1128 karma

Because it's got.......tan lines?

cspruce8916 karma

Props for an actual line from one of the commercials. I BELIEVE its from the commercial with the lifeguard. Although, memory could be failing me here.

danmart14 karma

Yes it is. It's the only one I can remember.

CaitlinMichelle55 karma

Weirdest comment/question you've ever gotten about your disability?

(Nice ama, by the way! I was born without a left arm myself. :) )

danmart1151 karma

On Reddit. The ones about masturbation are kind of weird.

In person. "Are you alright?" It was only weird because of the concern in their voice. I mean, I got here and there's no blood, so......yes I'm fine.

jebuz2336 karma

"Are you alright?" It was only weird because of the concern in their voice.

I can imagine it as if, to them, they think it just happened and they are the first on the scene. The heroism and concern they must have felt "Can I do anything for you? Is there someone I should call?!"

Rock on man, awesome bass playing!

danmart115 karma


crafting-ur-end50 karma

Wow! I just wanted to say this is what the body acceptance movement should be about! You're living your life to fullest and I admire you very much! What's your favorite video game you've played so far and the one you're looking forward to playing the most in the future?

danmart139 karma

That is a tough one.......but probably Word of Warcraft, with Assassin's Creed coming in a very close second. Almost entirely for the story.

I want to play the Witcher 3, and again, to continue the story. Just waiting for a sale, and the time to play it.

CreeperWithShades12 karma

Word of Warcraft? Is that where you write about battles?

danmart123 karma

No, it's a new gospel, according to Blizz.

Bigbysjackingfist32 karma

Can you say anything more about making a second digit out of a single one? Did the original one have six phalanges?

danmart139 karma

There were enough bones to make two finger, plus a thumb, in each hand. There is very little flexibility in my fingers, so I don't know how many bones there actually are, or if they are fused or not.

PAB125632 karma

Have you ever read Stephen King's "The Gunslinger"? In the second book of the series there may be something I think you could relate to. Edit: ninja edit Edit 2: before anyone says anything, the series is "the Dark Tower"

danmart138 karma

I've got all the way through "Wolves of the Calla", but I'm not as fast with a gun as he is.

grizzlyking5 karma

Have you shot guns before?

danmart18 karma

Yes. Mostly rifles.

wendys_chef12330 karma

How about sex? Can you do it?

danmart139 karma


TheYearOfThe_Rat32 karma


Yeah, I always go for the very relevant questions :)

danmart146 karma

Someone always does, and yes.

fsm_vs_cthulhu6 karma

The sequence of your replies has interesting implications on how we choose to interpret that response! xD


Someone always does

Yeah, I always go for the very relevant questions :)


danmart18 karma

It makes it fun, doesn't it?

SFXBTPD13 karma

Are you such a chill dude cause you are always making peace signs?

danmart18 karma


FcukDyslexia28 karma

Are there any activities that you find difficult to do that people with 10 digits do? What are some things you that you do better?

danmart158 karma

I have problems holding onto heavy weights or doing exercises that require me to hold my weight up with my fingers. For example pullups are extremely difficult because it is hard for me to hang on for a long time. I have found ways around that though.

I can fit my hand into smaller spaces pretty well. Fewer fingers to worry about when cutting food too.

Bloated_Hamster24 karma

Less fingers to worry about, but if you do cut one off you have a higher percentage of loss than someone else!

danmart125 karma

True, but I'm also more careful. I think.

Both_Of_Me25 karma

Shadow puppets. Have you mastered those?

danmart130 karma

Not mastered, but I passable.

saintbubbles18 karma

Do you find relationships with women difficult? Are you confident enough with your personality that women aren't immediately turned off by your limitations.

danmart128 karma

When I was younger, maybe a little. No one ever came right out and said anything. I dated a few people, and was rejected by others. Now, I'm far to picky.

estilito117 karma

I asked this last time, and you mentioned that you wanted to work on video games. Has that gone anywhere, or changed?

danmart125 karma

Gone nowhere so far. I'm still working on it, but it's a REALLY tough market to get into. That and my complete lack of experience/schooling in the area makes it difficult.

I have expanded my ambitions to working for a gaming peripherals (mice/keyboards/etc.) company, but every place I looked at wanted software engineers. I'm a Design/Manufacturing Mechanical Engineer, with a bit of Project Management thrown in. No software though.....

Fix_Your_Face10 karma

Now it might not be related to game design too much but I really want you to try a CAD software out - Inventor, 3Ds Max or something such as that just so that you can 3D-print your own feet. That would be fucking awesome IMO. You could put some technological jazz in there too!

danmart17 karma

I've used Pro-E (a lot) and Solidworks (a little). A very small amount of AutoCAD as well, but I much prefer sketching and dimensioning in Pro-E.

mandog20216 karma

do people always think you're flipping them off? I went to school with a guy with the same thing, and when he waved, people always thought he was giving them the middle finger. it was actually pretty hilarious.

danmart124 karma

Often enough. People get mad, and then apologetic really fast.

ArfArfDoggie15 karma

How old are you? Do you have any brothers or sisters?

danmart118 karma

34 in a couple of days. 1 brother.

silentclowd13 karma

Older or younger? How was growing up with him like?

danmart121 karma

Younger. He was a younger brother, so, annoying, at the time.

Fiorinihc14 karma

What rank are you on csgo?

danmart120 karma


HighPriestofAtheism14 karma

Did you see they could print bones now in "today in science"? Would you do that if it could help u, how do u feel/ what do you know, about it?

danmart124 karma

I hadn't seen that! It sounds really interesting, but it wouldn't do (and wouldn't have done) much for me. Even with the bones, I'd still be missing muscles/tendons/cartilage plus the nerves to control it all. Still, it sounds really interesting!

mishmash2714 karma

I made some bad decisions. I'm broke and a single mom and I live with my parents. I feel depressed most of the time and helpless too, which I mentally know is utter bullshit.

What can I do to overcome my mental hurdles? I need to pick myself up and I haven't been able to do that for 3 years now. I feel like an entitled privileged moron for asking this of you, but did you have a dark night of the soul and what got you out of it? Do you have advice for me?

danmart128 karma

So, I knew this question was going to pop up, and I've discussed this with people before.

I can honestly say that I have no idea what people who are depressed feel like. I don't mean that to sound rude, or mean, or anything like that. What I mean is that not being able to understand the emotional weight of what you are going through, I am genuinely unable to grasp the way you feel. Because of that, I can't really provide you with an honest answer. Anything I said would be a platitude, or a lie.

The closest experience I have ever had, as far as I can tell, was when I was younger. I had a fairly bad break up. I felt horrible, didn't want to eat, didn't want to work, I just wanted to sleep. But I didn't just sleep. I forced myself to go out and do things. I forced myself to get up in the morning, go to work, eat, talk with my friends, and live my life like I had been. It lasted for a couple of weeks but it eventually went away.

The problem I have relating this to other people is that it went away. I haven't been living with it for months/years, so I have absolutely no idea how much of a burden it really is.

Do not feel bad about asking. I came here to answer questions, even if I can't answer them properly, I'll still give it a try.

The best advice I can give is to find something, anything, that you enjoy and love to do ( or loved to do in the past) and make sure to continue to do it. If I hadn't continued to live my life the way I had been, I don't know what would have happened.

MelAlvarado12 karma

A while ago I saw a post with almost the same title (about not finding anything you can't do) and the dude had the same condition as you in his hands. Are you the same guy? Sorry to ask this, it's just that they do look fairly similar.

danmart118 karma

Yes, more than likely. Hhmm, maybe I should add that one to the post....

Alooga19 karma

But can you run Crisis 3 on the highest settings?

danmart15 karma

Maybe. 4790k with a GTX 760 so it might be close.

toma2r9 karma

Having been born without my left arm from right below the elbow and down I've had much of the same experiences as you have. I've done a lot of sports (skiing, climbing, downhill biking and more) and video games (CS, WoW, Quake, etc) just like you have and like you I've never found anything I absolutely couldn't do.

My question is have you ever found that mastering these activities has been prevented by your deficiencies? And if so how do you deal with the psychological aspect of not being able to perform as well as you want to/could have?

danmart17 karma

I honestly don't know. With the exception of some video games (and bass), I haven't really done anything long enough to even come close to mastery of it. A lot of the things I did as a kid I just stopped doing. Mostly because I was growing and finding new interests.

Psychology, I just keep trying. I always want to be better at most of the things I do, so I've never actually been perfect at something. I always find something that I need to work on. When I do run into a wall, I change the definition.

There are songs that would be very difficult, if not impossible, for me to play. So, I've altered the way I tune my bass, to play it.

Damnit_Phil9 karma

Why did you put a sock on your prosthetic foot?

danmart110 karma

Saves the shoe, and the rubber foot casing.

NobodyUsername9 karma

Holy shit, how can someone be that badass?

danmart117 karma

Very carefully.

Bullseye_Bailey9 karma

Have you posted threads on 4chan before or am i mistaking you for someone else?

danmart118 karma

It was probably someone else. I've never posted on 4chan before.

Werebite8708 karma

Have you ever given rock climbing a try?

danmart17 karma

Yes. It was fun.

ImNotM4Dbr08 karma

How much can you squat, bro?

danmart111 karma

As much as my knee (fishing injury) can handle. Which probably isn't a lot.

Crackmacs10 karma

fishing injury - please explain

danmart116 karma

I had 2 options. Fall in the lake, or jump in the boat. I landed weird and blew my knee out. I think I landed with a my knee locked, it felt like it slid sideways.

Crackmacs5 karma

oh brutal :( hope that hasn't deterred you from heading out still

danmart114 karma

I wasn't a fan of fishing to being with.

Gigahertzz8 karma

Can you give me a high five?

danmart127 karma

With 2 hands, yes.

Kar98_Byf427 karma

Count to twenty?

danmart110 karma


themisprintguy7 karma

Have you seen Mad Max yet? I hope you have seen Mad Max: Fury Road by now. I have cerebral palsey myself, and seeing a character with a disability kick some ass is pretty awesome! Do go see it.

danmart17 karma

I've heard it was a great film! I'm trying to get a bunch of people to go and see it soon.

risingstars7 karma

Not to be rude, but are your hands a handicap in martial arts ? Or can you grip and throw punches normally without fear of injuring yourself ?

danmart110 karma

I have a "sharper" punch due to the lack of surface area. My grip is different, which makes things work differently, and can make it harder to break, sometimes.

tjmjnj7 karma

can you swim?

danmart18 karma

Yes, but I don't like it. My leg shouldn't get wet, parts of it will rust. So it has to come off. Too much prep work and then getting out of the pool (lakes are even worse).

DrNagatocchi7 karma

Can you drive a manual car fine? Or have you never tried? Also do you play diablo 3? What class and how do you play that class?

Edit: I don't mean like keybind wise for the diablo 3 class, just what type of build you're running.

danmart114 karma

Yes, I have a currently drive a manual. Lots of fun, and I'm the only person I know who can drive it, so no one ever asks to borrow it!

I haven't played Diablo 3 in months. Last time I did, it was a Dh with a Entangling Shot/Cluster Arrow build. Long time ago.

DrNagatocchi3 karma

Manual is the best kind of car. :)

You should try witch doctor out, it's a lot of fun.

danmart14 karma

I've got one of every class, not all at max level though. Just a DH, Wizard, and Witch Doctor. Barb, Monk, and Crusader in the 60s.

silentclowd6 karma

You seem like a really hardcore dude, what is your replacement for the "Rock/Devil's hand sign"?

danmart17 karma

Thumb and last finger go out, the one in the middle stays down.

ItsAMeMitchell6 karma

What are some things you DON'T want to do?

danmart18 karma

Dancing, swimming, skydiving, bungee jumping.

RikM6 karma

How do you feel about comedians such as Alex Brooker and Adam Hills who both have congenital limb defects themselves and build a lot of this into their sets, especially the show "The Last Leg"?

(If you don't know, Last Leg is a British comedy show presented by Hills, Brooker and one other. It was originally a companion show for the Paralympic in 2012 but has continued since. They regularly find humour in their own and other's disabilities.)

danmart15 karma

Hhmm, British humor........ I haven't seen this yet, but I'll check it out.

pineapplesofdoom5 karma

Pepsi or coke? Boxers or briefs? Spring or Fall? PC or console? Coffee or tea? Rickenbacker or...?

danmart18 karma

Coke. Briefs. Fall. PC. Ibanez for now.

confusedaboutdecay5 karma

How does it make you feel when you see people with depression or anxiety who are 100% physically healthy, not living their lives, by that I mean staying in doors 24/7 and not doing anything apart from hiding away from the world allowing time to pass them by?

danmart113 karma

I don't know how to feel. I've never had to deal with that level of depression and I have no idea how it feels to be in that position. So I guess, confused is the best answer.

WreckyHuman4 karma

What do you do for a living? What jobs can you do and what jobs you can not do? Is there something that you are better at than 10 fingered people? Most people, even you, say that that is a disability. But, are there any advantages?

danmart15 karma

Currently unemployed. For the most part, anything that requires me to be on my feet for long periods of time is a no go. It's not that I can't do it, but the repercussions are not something I like to deal with. I went to school for engineering in no small part because it can be primarily a sitting job.

I don't really know if I'm better at anything BECAUSE of my hands or legs. I am better at some things than other people, but I can't say that it's because of my hands and legs.

I've become very good at adapting the world around me to work for me. Making other people's methods and techniques work the way I need them to. I guess that's an advantage, at least mentally.

willDRAWforBOOBS4 karma

What's your favorite spooky ghost story?

danmart15 karma

I....don't have one. I wasn't a fan of ghost stories when I was a kid, and that just kind of stuck.

The_Aviator_Dude4 karma

How do you do your daily work like buying groceries, going to college etc.?

Don't people laugh at you or give you money thinking you are a bagger?

danmart18 karma

Very few people notice. Pants are almost required where I live, at least 9 months out of the year, so that covers my leg. Unless I am interacting with someone using my hands, no one even looks.

myprettycabinet4 karma

Have you read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets? And if so, how did you feel about Harry losing his arm bones?

danmart14 karma

I did not read that book. I saw the movies, but I don't remember that scene.

myprettycabinet4 karma

Gilderoy Lockhart (played by Kenneth Brannagh in the movie), is an idiot wizard, and tries to fix Harry's broken arm (from Quidditch) and just makes his bones completely disappear.

Sorry, it's the first thing I thought of. What are your favorite questions to answer?

danmart16 karma

All of them.

theottozone4 karma

Have you met anyone with a similar disability? If so, how did it go? Did you hit it right off based on that commonality?

danmart13 karma

There were plenty of people at the clinic I went to, but in regular everyday life, no. I don't live in a heavily populated area, so there's just a smaller chance of it happening.

BrutalCunt3 karma

Can you jump up and click your heels?

Boom. Roasted.

danmart12 karma


Noir_Ocelot3 karma

I know a nurse that has the same hands as you. Have thought of doing anything specific, career wise, for your future?

danmart15 karma

I've been attempting to get a job in the video game industry. I was hoping to, at some point, be able to assist other people who want to play, but are having troubles (or at least be able to direct them to someone who can assist them). That has been slow going. Turns out it's a highly competitive field and I have no experience, but I'm still trying.

I've also considered working for a company that makes gaming peripherals. I'm just waiting for one of those companies to post a position that deals with design or manufacturing engineering. All they have are software engineer positions, and I am far from qualified for that.

Noir_Ocelot3 karma

Have you thought about doing some modding? It seems to be the best way to get into the industry today, if you don't already know someone on the inside.

danmart13 karma

I've thought about it, but I don't have the passion for it like others do. It would just be a means to an end for me, and ultimately not something I'd want to do with my life. I wouldn't as happy doing it as someone else would, and my work would probably show that.

There are a couple of areas that I do enjoy that relate to video games though. Data analysis is, for me, very fun. Designing automated systems, with the exception of my lack of programming skills, is also something I enjoy. So I've tried to focus on my strengths and what I enjoy.

corgiroll3 karma

Do you ever have really dark days where you feel down and how do you cope with those?

danmart112 karma

The only time that has happened to me was because of a break up(s). And then, I forced myself to go about my day as I normally would. Get up, eat food, work, eat, play, sleep, etc. It wasn't fun, but it eventually went away.

Heisenberger63 karma

Do u smoke weed?

danmart12 karma


TibetanLesbian2 karma

Can you high-five someone?

danmart13 karma

I can, with two hands. It looks weird, so I usually just go for the high-three.

Natdaprat2 karma

Amazing people like you who don't let the cards life dealt you stop you from living life make me feel guilty about not doing more with my health! You're an inspiration, truly.

My question is where did your motivation come from? Could you put a finger on how you are so motivated. A family member, a doctor or something.

danmart17 karma

I don't think it came from any one place, at least not as far as I can tell.

My family (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles) were.....pushy and supportive. They would always help em do whatever I wanted, but more than that, they would push me (and everyone else in my family) to just do more, and do it better (correctly).

On top of that, figuring out how to do things differently was a fun challenge.

alexavandebruyn2 karma

What's the weirdest thing someone said to you ?! 😊

danmart14 karma

Can you see why kids love the taste of Cinnimon Toast Crunch?

Was kind of odd.

Nixplosion1 karma

Whats your favorite song to play on bass and how long you been playin!?

danmart13 karma

My favorite song changes all the time. Right now it's probably RATM - Calm Like a Bomb. I've been playing for 17 years or so.

xj4me1 karma

With your legs both missing a bone, is there a higher chance of breaking a leg? Also what made you decide to persue Filipino weapons training as opposed to others?

danmart12 karma

I would say that there is a higher chance, but I've never tested it out.

It was one of the arts that was being taught by the club I joined in college. I think I like it because of how complicated it is. There are so many options for even the smallest of movements, so there's always something new to learn.

Cmboxing1001 karma

What did you think of MayPac? What big fights are you looking forward to now?

danmart11 karma

I haven't actually seen the fight. I had some friends tell me that it was worth watching, and that Mayweatherwon, but they didn't agree with the judges on the numbers, or on the punch count.

happybobjr1 karma

Can you see why kids love the taste of Cinnimon Toast Crunch?

robinslikeworms1 karma

Do you know the specific medical name for your condition(s)? Did they know anything was up before you were born?

danmart13 karma

Hands - Complex Syndactyly

Legs - Fibular Hemimelia

No, no one knew until I was born.

puLsOr1 karma

First of all, mad props for taking the cards you were dealt and managing to win.

My question is : how do you maintain your health ? How do you stay in shape ? I have a huge aversion towards perfectly healthy individuals (no missing legs or bones etc) that allow themselves to end up at 300+ lbs and being more fat than self-esteem would normally allow.

Once again, congratulations !

danmart12 karma

I exercise and eat fairly well, it comes with the martial arts. We've got a few exercises that we do nearly everyday, mostly strength training.

Project_Raiden1 karma

Do you mind helping me pick out a new laptop? You seen like you know about computers.

danmart13 karma

I know very little about laptops, but I hear (and other people can feel free to correct me) that ASUS makes some really good ones. It really does depend on what you want to do with it though.

xj4me3 karma

Nope. I agree. I fix computers for a living (though not always a fun one).

Asus is by far one of the highest quality laptops you can get. After that, probably Dell if you spend enough. HP sucks now. Acer is garbage. Sony is okay but full of bloatware.

And before anyone says it, Alienware and Digital Storm suck. Alienware is just an overpriced Dell and good luck finding drivers easily for the DS.

danmart12 karma

I bought a Toshiba laptop years ago, and it functioned well. Not the best, but far from the worst, until the hard drive failed.

WhalenOnF00ls1 karma

OP, what position did you play in high school?

danmart13 karma

I wasn't very good, but linebacker. My brain didn't get the intricacies of football at the time. Now I understand it far better, but it happened a little late.

ImMadeOfRice1 karma

Why do you wear a sock on your prosthetic foot?

danmart12 karma

It saves the shoe from being torn to pieces.

deadharts-1 karma

Can you grow another foot?

danmart12 karma

Maybe on the back of a mouse, but I don't want to go through the trouble of going back to school to get another degree.

Fabulous_Taric-2 karma

You say there is nothing you can do eh? Well seeing as you are a white male I dare you to go to tumblr and try to have pride about yourself!

danmart12 karma

I can try, but I don't tumblr.

disambiguated-5 karma

Have you ever considered joining the circus?

danmart13 karma

I don't much like clowns.