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Can you explain why they amputated your foot instead of making you a shoe for the other foot to make up the height difference? Or like... I dunno, doing that "break your leg and lengthen it" thing I've heard about? And how does lacking a fibula affect your ability to walk or play sports, etc?

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Is there ANY other country where that'd even be a possible price tag for an allergy test?

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How prevalent is the desire for Japanese women to get married and have kids as soon as possible? In my limited experience dating in Japan it seems like most Japanese women (ages 25-35~) I meet want to get married and have kids within two years. This is much faster than I'm comfortable with (more like 3-5 for me) and usually means I'll terminate the "relationship" before it gets off the ground. Is this common or am I just meeting all of the ladies with ticking biological clocks?

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You should check out /r/learnjapanese if you haven't already. There are lots of good resources for light novels and manga that people can recommend geared toward different levels.

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Hello from Japan! What is something that you think is largely misunderstood or underepresented by foreigners about your home culture?

Do you like to read books? What are your favorites?