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I work in a personal injury firm and we negotiate billing statements down on behalf of clients. It seems doctors/hospitals are eager to lower a bill if they know they are actually getting paid.

Do you think the average person getting treatment should be able to negotiate their bills down in a similar fashion? Also, do you think doctors/hospitals are willing to lower bills because they themselves are aware of how inflated their costs/prices are?

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Did you fathom ever reaching 100? Perhaps it's cliche to ask, but, what is it like reaching such a milestone?

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"He ordered a small."

"So?? Do I look like I give a shit?? See that bag? FILL IT!!"

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I recommend Hell or High Water with Jeff Bridges and Chris Pine. It's about a guy who robs banks w his brother in order to buy his family land from a bank before they foreclose.

I'm sure your robberies didn't end in nutty car chases or shootouts but it's one of the more "realistic" movies I've seen centered around this particular crime.

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That kid will talk your ear off. You gotta yell "PUT YOUR DADDY ON THE PHONE!" 800 times before you get Will.