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At the end of your documentary you show special thanks to those sponsors. What sort of help did you get from them and how did you achieve it?

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How do you feel about comedians such as Alex Brooker and Adam Hills who both have congenital limb defects themselves and build a lot of this into their sets, especially the show "The Last Leg"?

(If you don't know, Last Leg is a British comedy show presented by Hills, Brooker and one other. It was originally a companion show for the Paralympic in 2012 but has continued since. They regularly find humour in their own and other's disabilities.)

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How do you think the required skill level for a driver has changed in the last 20 years?

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If you could race in any Formula 1 season since it began in 1950, what season would you choose? In terms of the drivers, circuits, cars and teams?