My short bio: I lost my vision was I was a child due to Stargardt's Disease: a juvenile form of macular degeneration. I now use a really cool new technology--called eSight--that lets me see; it's kind of like Geordi La Forge. My life has totally changed since then (I can actually see my sons' faces!).

I've also worked with other blind people all across Canada and I'm happy to talk about my experiences in the community, what it's like to be blind, and how technology is changing lives for people like me. AMA!

My Proof: Me:

I recently created a site about myself and my sister (who is also blind) that helps raise awareness and funds for the blind community. Check it out at

My personal blog has some interesting stories about my life being visually impaired and what it's like being a blind artist:

I've also been covered a fair bit in traditional media, here's just one example (this one profiling my family too):


Thanks everyone who participated. It was a pleasure to help people better understand blindness and the technology I use. I'd really appreciate it if people would check out because I'm working very hard to help others using that platform.

Have a great afternoon!

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pizzaman66145 karma

What was your favorite thing to finally be able to look at and see again?

YvonneFelix449 karma

When I did my original demo, the first thing I saw (literally as I put the glasses on) was my husband holding my very young son. I'd never seen either of their faces before. That was pretty overwhelming.

And, actually, it still is. Actually seeing my husband and my two sons is just incredibly powerful.

I have to say though, the glasses have also changed my life because I can now work. I have a real office job! (and I swear that's a good thing)

Otiac139 karma

Weird question for you. Were you still attracted to your husband when you saw him? Has it changed your relationship with anyone, or how you perceive things around you now?

Like..did you want to redecorate or anything like that. Were things that you used to enjoy (television shows, maybe) not enjoyable any longer because of the new medium you perceive them through?

imsopov5 karma

I really want this to be answered, and also did he look as you expected? Obviously you would have touched his face to feel what he looked like. Did he match your mental image?

YvonneFelix26 karma

He was even better looking than I imagined. However, since I did have some sight beforehand, I have been able to see him a bit.

EckhartsLadder128 karma

So, exactly how well can you see?

How have your other senses changed, if at all, since you regained your sight?

YvonneFelix354 karma

Wearing the glasses, I test at 20:20 (so called "perfect vision"). Without them, I'm 20:400, which means I can't read, see faces, lots of difficulty avoiding obstacles, etc.

Basically, I went from needing braille to reading newspapers.

tilsitforthenommage88 karma

Loving the star trek reference. Do you recall what normal sight was like and how it compared to what you have now?

YvonneFelix244 karma

Normal sight is a really complicated idea for me. First, I haven't had it for about 20 years. Can you imagine trying to describe something you haven't had for that long? It's hard.

The only comparison I can make is to the sight I have naturally, and eSight makes a huge difference. But, it's really interesting talking to other users. Everyone seems to have a just slightly different experience of using the glasses, and it helps them in different ways.

I'm still fascinated by the things I can see though. Sometimes, I sit in meetings and just sort of marvel at the way people move their faces. I didn't know (maybe I'd forgotten) that people make these weird expressions when they're thinking.

Also, I'd forgotten about eye contact. When I first got the glasses I felt like everyone was just staring at me awkwardly. It was sort of terrible. Someone actually had to explain to me that looking at each other is a thing sighted people do; I used to it now.

dross858 karma

Now you can experience awkward eye contact like the rest of us! :) edit: also, congratulations, that is an amazing life changing event.

YvonneFelix4 karma

Thanks very much

Kanuck_Kyle73 karma

Im here to ask the important questions, does this new technology finally allow people to see why kid's love cinnamon toast crunch?

YvonneFelix56 karma

One of my co-workers (who claims to be a real adult) likes it too. It's a mystery why...

beurrebeurre45 karma

I just read that article in The Star. Is eSight something that was covered with OHIP or did you get it yourself?

YvonneFelix96 karma

I fundraised for myself to get eSight and, honestly, it's really hard work. Full disclosure, I now work with the company helping other people in the blind community raise money to get them.

Right now, we have fundraisers all over North America. If you're curious what I'm working on, check out (it's a site I put together to help my sister --and hopefully others-- to raise the money)

DoubleDeadGuy20 karma

My younger brother was in an accident about 12 years ago that left him with scarring on his retinae and low vision. It's something that's caused a lot of sadness in my family and depression in my brother. The saddest thing I've ever seen in my life was watching him sort his own socks when I was home over the holidays. He has to hold them so close to his face to make out the differences. That's when I realized how deeply your vision impacts everything you do in your daily life.

I sent the link to the esight website to my mom.

If you could send any additional fundraising information I would greatly appreciate it. I don't imagine this tech is very cheap.

YvonneFelix6 karma

The info on the website is pretty good. If you want more, submit a form to the company and they'll help you out. From what you described, eSight would likely work well for your brother.

kissitallgoodbye41 karma

This is amazing. Im going blind and this just made my day. How much is esight?

YvonneFelix39 karma

I'm glad I can help! There's a form on the company website you can fill out if you want to try the glasses.

eSight is $15,000 (which is expensive, I know). Check out the company's fundraising program ( which I work on. The company's commitment is to make sure people can get eSight, even when they can't pay. That's where I come in. If you need the help, we'll end up working together.

mindzoo17 karma

Do you need training to use it correctly? My grandfather suffers from Macular Degeneration but doesn't live in Canada and is too old to travel.

YvonneFelix13 karma

Yes, there is some training, at least for most people. However, that's often done online/on the phone, so it may well work for her.

fat_ass_mcgee41 karma

Happy to hear you got your sight back. What will be your next endeavour with your vision? Also, was there something that you imagined looking a completely different way then what it does? Since you used to be able to see I'd imagine you would try to picture what something looked like.

YvonneFelix165 karma

Did anything look different? YES! There was a carpet I loved in my house but, when I could actually see it, it turned out to be horrendous. At least my husband turned out to be pretty cute.

My next endeavour is helping others; I work really hard at it. I work with eSight (the company) to help people that can't afford the glasses raise money. The blind community actually has a lot of financial challenges (70% unemployment, lack of education, lack of's a long list) so that's why I do the best I can to help.

holland8226 karma

Has anyone been afraid when suddenly able to see? Imagine what skin looks like up close for the first time. It's fucking weird.

YvonneFelix39 karma

I this sense, the word "afraid" is really interesting. Let me play arm chair psychologist for a bit...

I've never seen someone have a "jump scare" reaction when they put on eSight. But, I do think I've seen people act somewhat afraid. Ultimately, it probably boils down a a fear of change. I have actually heard people say that getting eSight could make something they like go away (they won't have the same support, their family won't help as much, etc.).

One of my jobs is to be an "Ambassador" for people getting eSight, which means that that I help people get through that fear. I did experience it (I sometimes still do, I think) but I think it's pretty natural. There isn't a lot of history for technology like this so a lot of it comes down to having a support network, and having an Ambassador, that's been there before and can relate, ends up being very important.

holland828 karma

So many things are probably very different than they might have thought. I guess jarring. It's great this technology exists! Sometimes you read about deaf people hating hearing aids and preferring to go back to silence - have you had anybody opt to stop seeing again?

YvonneFelix14 karma

It's more that people tend to find their comfort zone with them. I've seen people chose not to get them, because they're afraid of change, but actually returning it has been very rare, and usually because something medical has happened.

In another answer I talked about how I don't like watching people eat. So, I guess that means I prefer my natural (blind) vision in those moments. But, I think everyone is like that. I know people with typical sight will take off their glasses sometimes, even if that means they can see less. I suppose I, and other people using eSight do the same.

thecakedude26 karma

Thank you so much for this! My wife was diagnosed with Stargardts in high school, where we met, and it took her license away along with many freedoms and goals. I do my best to make life not suck for her, but there is nothing i can do to help her see. Aftee years of feeling inable to help, i finally have some light in the tunnel with this eSight device!! It sounds expensive, but ive always told her i would pay any amount to get her vision back. She is a very strong woman with a great story, being a Paralympic swimmer, and i hope to somehow get her this device in the future. What is the best way to start a fundraising campaign? Thanks again Yvonne, you have given Tiffanie and I some much needed hope!

YvonneFelix16 karma

It is expensive: $15,000

Get in touch with the company through their website and they'll connect you to me and my team and we'll help you create a campaign. I look forward to speaking to you guys.

Roflsquad24 karma

Can you explain how eSight works? Does it connect with your nerves???

YvonneFelix29 karma

It uses a camera, video screens and image processing to provide an enhanced image in front of the eye. So, no: it doesn't connect to the nerves. There's a "how it works" page on the website ( with a pretty good video explaining it.

beurrebeurre21 karma

Ok, I should really read before I type! Haha. I just looked at all the links you posted and answered all my questions! question! I really liked your drawing on your website and the information about the way you went about it, with the spotlight. Do you think the eSight glasses will change your art or will you continue to do things without them?

YvonneFelix32 karma

It has changed my art actually. I was just talking about it the other day...

When I didn't have them, I used to paint more realist sorts of images. I didn't make paintings like the way I saw the world (that is, with a large blind spot blocking out most of it).

Since I got them, I've started painting blind spots. Maybe it's because I better understand what the world is really like?

Apollo16919 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA! What was it like when you first started using the eSight? Since you did have vision to begin with and now you have it back, how does your current vision compare? It must of been a fantastic feeling seeing your son's face. Cheers and thank you again!

YvonneFelix30 karma

You about covered it: it's fantastic! Let me give a better answer though.

I actually get to work with a lot of other people who use eSight so I see how well they do. I also sometimes see them struggle, often with the emotion of the change. They say even good life change causes immense stress and eSight is definitely a life change. I've coached a few people through the tough times to see them succeed.

I also get to experience a lot of good times. For instance, I was there for this demo (the first time he tried the glasses): I think you can tell how happy he was (and he called me pretty :) )

ConvenientlyNoAnswer3 karma


YvonneFelix3 karma

We have worked with lots of people with AMD. What your describing is actually the exact profile of a typical eSight user; it's also exactly what I have. Definitely at least check because I think it sounds right for him.

ConvenientlyNoAnswer3 karma


YvonneFelix2 karma

This gets into the fundamental science of eSight that I don't totally understand. As I understand it, the basic thesis is that the enhanced video causes the eye to respond more strongly.

jpfdeuce18 karma

Hi. How did you react with your first moments of Vision with this technology? Was there a strong emotional reaction?

YvonneFelix25 karma

Stunned; it's really emotional. My sister had a similar reaction and her's is on video if your curious:

jakegregan667616 karma

Is there anything/anyone that, when you saw it for the first time, you were almost, in a sense, underwhelmed?

YvonneFelix54 karma

I hate watching people eat. For some reason, it just isn't something I can adjust to so I just don't wear them when I eat with other people.

TheNakedGun15 karma

Yvonne I used to work as a software developer for the eSight Product, I would like to know from a software standpoint where you think that it could be improved the most? Also what you like the most about the current software? PS. I love hearing stories like yours, it makes the work I did feel so important and I'm glad I could be a part of helping you regain some of your vision through this technology!

YvonneFelix14 karma

Well, thank you for your work. I, and the other people that need it, really appreciate it.

Colour (for instance, in low light) is probably the thing that could use improvement put I think that's coming pretty soon. Image stabilization is something I'm also looking forward to.

brainotomy13 karma


YvonneFelix17 karma

I wish the article was wrong. I really hadn't seen a baby, at least properly.

My sister was on the news tonight in her hometown and she puts it really well. Seeing what your baby looks like, rather than being told, is a very big difference. I'm not sure people can understand how affecting that is.

(The news clip is here if you're interested:

doesntakethehighroad3 karma

Can these things integrate with a game like an Oculus?

This may sound like a frivolous question because it would have a use for sighted people, but I'm sure legally blind people would like to be able to play video games with a direct video stream through the device. Rendering the video the monitor then using the device would be cumbersome compared to just rendering directly to the device as if it was a monitor.

YvonneFelix2 karma

It has an HDMI in so yes, it can. I think there are some people that hook up their Xbox/Playstation to the glasses and play them that way. Otherwise, you could use the eSight to just look at your TV and play them that way.

The HDMI way is better (for instance, that's how I prefer to use my computer)

Nickisnic13 karma

We're you one of the first to try out this nnew technology?

YvonneFelix28 karma

No. The founder of the company actually has two sisters that are blind, so he originally created this for them (and they tried it first).

However, after them, I was one of the first. I've had them for about two years and they were a prototype when I first got them. Actually, my demo was done with what was then literally the only eSight in the world (it was their engineering prototype that they'd put a lot of money into).

klotet11 karma

I suffer from Retinitis Pigmentosa and while I'm ok now my vision slowly degrades every year and it is really depressing noticing these changes. My night vision has gone to shit and I do not want to go out as much as I did before because it is such a hassle. So, how is your night vision? I live in Sweden and I'm wondering whether I could buy these glasses directly from eSight or something. I've more or less accepted the fact that I will become blind but this gives me some small hope that I might be able to grow old and still be able to look at my beautiful girlfriend, read, play videogames, keep my job.

YvonneFelix6 karma

RP is tricky since it often causes tunnel vision (eSight doesn't "re-open the tunnel;" but it can improve your acuity). I was recently at a demo where someone with RP tried it and it made a HUGE difference for their night vision. So, maybe it would be a fit. However, eSight isn't in Europe at the moment. Get in touch with them and they'll try to work something out.

Lufernaal9 karma

Have you ever seen something that other people didn't see? Or vice versa?

YvonneFelix35 karma

(Real answer: I think so. I think I pay attention to things that other people miss, in part because it's all still new to me. Social cues for instance are fascinating.)

expressedpanda3 karma

I was expecting The Eye reference. (Blind woman gets her sight back and sees ghosts and stuff. Very interesting movie.) What social cue stands out the most to you??

YvonneFelix2 karma

Eye contact (or where they look in general during conversations), people talking with their hands, facial expressions...that sort of thing.

Imagine never being able to gauge someone's mood other than through their words/voice; that's what it was like for me before.

grohl9 karma

what exactly can you see?

YvonneFelix22 karma

I think I function much like someone with typical sight when I wear the glasses. Let me give an example....

I recently had to travel for work and I had a 4am layover at an airport I had never been to. I had to change airlines, terminals, etc. Basically, it was a nightmare and I think even typically sighted people would hate the experience. Now imagine trying to do it without being able to see any signs or really where you're going at all. That would be me with my normal sight.

But, using my eSight, I was actually fine and didn't need help from the staff. I walked around, read the signs, found the shuttle to change terminals, and did it. That is actually huge for me. I hope that illustrates the point...

I can also read again (text whereas I used to use braille), I can see faces, watch movies, etc. I don't have much in the way of barriers.

reptomin8 karma


YvonneFelix12 karma

It's different, because it is enhanced, magnified, etc. It's hard to explain because I don't have "normal" sight, so my comparison is probably off. I know I can see things that I couldn't otherwise.

reptomin7 karma


YvonneFelix12 karma

I see colour and shadows and the screens are "HD." Again, I don't know how to make the comparison really.

Contrast is actually the biggest thing for me because my particular disease causes a lot of problems in contrast perception. eSight's contrast enhancement makes a huge difference for that.

LookImOnTheInternet8 karma


YvonneFelix5 karma

AMD is one of the most common diseases among eSight users (I've personally worked with many). Get in touch with the company: he's a good candidate. Let's help him out!

Vazmanian7 karma

How do you compare your new vision to the vision you had before the accident?

YvonneFelix31 karma

It's very different. When I was young, I had typical sight so the world was just there. As I lost my vision, I developed a blind spot.

Here's a link to a piece of jewellery I designed that looks like my blind spot:

Imagine seeing that taking up most of your visual field; that's sort of what my sight looks like. But, when I use eSight, I don't see my blind spot in the same way. Still, it isn't exactly the same as when I was a kid.

nerdychick197 karma

Lemme start by saying, I love Geordi La Forge and your star trek reference. I hope you don't think this is a stupid question but have you ever gone and watched a movie on IMAX or basically any movie on 3D? How does it compare to watching movies on 2D? :)

YvonneFelix17 karma

Well, the glasses have only one camera so everything is technically 2D. Still, seeing movies in general is pretty cool.

trentarant6 karma

What was the last movie you saw before you went legally blind? Also, what was the first movie you saw after your life changing event?

YvonneFelix14 karma

Last Movie: The Last Unicorn First Movie: Godzilla (which my son is obsessed with)

shinja595 karma

Which celebrities/famous figures looked nothing like you you imagined in your head?

What kind of hobbies/activities, new or old, have been the most gratifying to finally experience with sight? (God knows if I was in your position I'd be knee-deep in the past twenty years of pop culture thoroughly enjoying the process of catching up)

YvonneFelix10 karma

In terms of hobbies, I started knitting in the last little bit.

I think the biggest "activity" would be reading. Before I got eSight I hadn't read a book in....20 years? A really long time. It's been really interesting going back to the books I remember reading when I was a kid (I was a voracious reader back then) and reading them with my own children. It's a discovery for them and a re-discovery for me.

sock20145 karma

Have you tried the Oculus Rift?
there's a sub here for it

YvonneFelix5 karma

I haven't, but I know people compare eSight to it all the time. There are similarities, but eSight is really the only thing for people with vision like mine.

FreakyMrCaleb5 karma

Does your hearing decrease slowly now that your eyes can function as well? Or does everything still sound the same?

YvonneFelix6 karma

Nope. I just don't listen well :)

impablomations5 karma

How wide if the field of vision on the eSight?

I recently (4 months) had a stroke which took all the sight on my left side - homonymous hemianopsia, I have no peripheral vision on that side at all, as well as loads of little 'worm holes' as I call them, in my remaining vision. and fuzzyness at the top/right.

Does it give you a wide range of vision, or is it a narrow but clear range?

Also, can they be used in the dark? At low light levels - i'm almost completely blind and have to be guided.

I use a walking stick due to other health reasons, so using a guide cane at the same time is a pain in the ass, especially if I need to carry something at the same time.

It's great that this works for you!

YvonneFelix3 karma

Usually, narrow but clear. That being said, your condition sounds a bit like some of the people I've worked with in the past. Probably worth checking with eSight to see if it might work.

lolturtle5 karma

Thank you for doing this AMA. I just found out that my dad is going blind. He has calcium deposits on the back of his eye and is slowly losing his peripheral vision at this point, but there is a chance he will go completely dark in the next couple of years., after reading through what you've said it looks like these glasses won't help someone who can't see at all. So my question is, what are some helps/ resources for someone who is newly blind? It's a scary new reality for him and it's making him quite depressed. I keep trying to figure out how to help him.

YvonneFelix3 karma

I'm sorry to hear that. I'd try to connect with any local resources in your community (Lighthouses, Foundation Fighting Blindness, etc.) because they could probably help connect you with services and technology that might help. It tends to be pretty individual and there are experts that can help make those decisions.

iadtyjwu4 karma

Ask you anything you say. If you're American, will you not be able to file for the blind person tax exemption?

YvonneFelix15 karma

I'm not American :) I live in Canada.

But, lots of the people I help to fundraise live in the US and trust me, those tax breaks aren't enough to get to help they need.

HarveyMushman724 karma

Late to the party but my son has Stargardt's, I wish there was more awareness, it seems to get swept under the rug. Do you have a better link for the E-sight?

YvonneFelix3 karma

It does and it makes me really sad. I work a lot with the charities for blindness in Canada to try and help. If you want to get in touch with the company, use the website: There is a form there that you can fill out.

justinian81814 karma

I'm not sure if you're still doing these, or if this has been asked already so here it goes:

What was/is dreaming like before you had the eSight and after?

YvonneFelix8 karma

That's really hard to answer.

Before, I would dream mostly in sound. That is, I didn't really remember the visuals of my dreams and they didn't have much visual detail. Books would be blank, etc.

Now, I have a lot more visuals in my dreams. For instance, I can read.

happyfreaks3 karma

Is this available in the U.S.?

YvonneFelix3 karma

Yes. I'm actually fundraising for quite a few people in the US at the moment.

YvonneFelix2 karma

It is.

njtrafficsignshopper3 karma

Isn't it funny how this company shows up twice (at least) on reddit in one day...?

YvonneFelix2 karma

Not really. I've mentioned a few times that I fundraise but I hope the AMA been generally interesting.

My sister and I just launched a fundraising and awareness site ( that I would love people to visit.

Sleesama3 karma

What was it like seeing your sons for the first time? And your Husband? (Or partner) Were tears shed? I can't imagine the level of happiness.

YvonneFelix2 karma

Lots of tears. That's actually pretty common for demos. I still see things "for the first time" since I got the glasses, which is still pretty affecting.

LaughterHouseV3 karma

Would this work for people who can only see in one eye?

YvonneFelix3 karma

Yes, depending on the vision left in that eye.

anhydrouscake3 karma

I could get behind investing this tech is it trading on the markets?

YvonneFelix3 karma

Nope. eSight is a little Canadian start-up

214b3 karma

Could you drive a car?

YvonneFelix6 karma

Nope. They haven't been approved for that yet, although the company is looking into it. I go cart though....yes.

ripper9993 karma

Hi, my brother has been visually impaired after being in a bar fight and falling and hitting his head, he was taken to the hospital and later released and two days later we found him in his apartment unconscious.

He was in a coma 10 weeks and when he awoke he was blind and has been since, almost 30 years now.

The doctors mentioned their was blood behind his eyes that had possibly hardened or was clogging some pathway and no technology could fix it, he can sometimes see faint shadows but is legally blind.

Can eSight help fix his condition in any way?

Thank you.

YvonneFelix3 karma

That's very sad; I'm sorry.

So, is it a TBI? If that's the case, maybe (again, assuming he has some sight left). He's one of those people for whom it might work, but I wouldn't know until he actually tries it.

dmartination3 karma

What do you think about your self? You haven't seen what you look like since you were a child. Did anything blow you away? Are you still attracted to your husband?

YvonneFelix5 karma

As I said above, it was a relief to find out how cute my husband is. Seeing my children change has been fascinating to me. Also, my sister's giving birth was the first time I'd ever seen a baby that young. THAT was incredible.

But, it's an interesting point. I was at a demo once where a guy tried it (he'd been blind for about 30 years) and he found it very upsetting to look at his wife using the glasses. He left in tears (and didn't get the glasses).

gum-3 karma

Probably too late, but what are your activity capabilities now? Is it legal for you to drive a car wearing e sight? Assuming it was, is it something you'd be willing to attempt? What about riding a bike? Is it secure enough to wear during a jog, or workout with things like pushups, jumping jacks, ect?

My other question is when you're not wearing the device, what do you see? You said it's hard to avoid obstacles, so are you just looking at a big blur of a few colors in the room or its it mostly just darkness?

YvonneFelix5 karma

1) What do I see without it? My blindspot is a very large, white area in the middle of my vision. I made a pendant that is in the same shape ( Imagine holding that right up to your eye and then what you can see around it is blurry and indistinct. So, I can see some light and colour but not much detail at all.

2) About how I use it. I can't drive with it (it isn't approved for that yet). However, I do lots of activities. I guess it would work for pushups, etc. I mean, I chase around my 3 and 8 year olds wearing it. I also play golf wearing eSight.

ST3VHEN3 karma

Hi Yvonne, thank you for doing the AMA this is so impressive!

My question - How are the glasses powered? do you charge them and how long do they last?

Does plugging them into a device such a Computer to see the screen or a TV charge them?

YvonneFelix3 karma

They connect to a computer/battery pack that I wear on my hip. I actually design custom carrying purses that I put the computer in. The battery lasts about 4 hours (I carry two, so I get 8 hours) and I typically plug them in when I'm sitting down. It's sort of like having a an older cell that dies; you just need to plug in when you can.

throwapeater3 karma

Is Captain Picard really younger than he looks?

YvonneFelix7 karma

He's ageless.

Lieutenant_Worf3 karma


YvonneFelix2 karma

Really good! I mean, since her video got posted she's being a bit over whelmed (media, etc.). But, otherwise, she's doing really amazing. I envy her getting to see these first few weeks.

Wraithwain3 karma

Given that you are probably are making up for lost time, what are the top five things you want to see within the next five years?

YvonneFelix5 karma

I just checked off the Golden Gate Bridge, which was near the top (I love Godzilla).

Things I want to see:

A killer whale (in the ocean), go on a safari, the White House, the Smithsonian, St. Paul's Cathedral in London, the Grand Canyon (been there but couldn't actually see it at the time), and the Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville.

ilikeyousometimes3 karma

How would a screenshot from an esight look for someone with unimpaired vision?

YvonneFelix3 karma

It looks like a very high contrast, magnified image.

MegaEevee3 karma

Have you seen these help out someone with cone dystrophy? If so did it help them see in sunlight as well? I was born with this so I'm curious if it helps.

YvonneFelix3 karma

Yes, it works for cone dystrophy.

abcIDontKnowTheRest2 karma

I might be too late on this, but blindness has always intrigued me.

I've read a bit on their website and it's truly interesting tech. It seems that with the eSight, however, you still need to have some sort of vision for it to enhance the images as it doesn't grant sight, just makes it infinitely better.

So, questions:

  1. Does this technology assist your body/eyes/brain in recreating or regenerating the lost connections to improve your eyesight sans eSight?
  2. Is there a calibration process to match the input/output levels of the glasses?
  3. What is the threshhold on usability? Example, should your eyesight continue to deteriorate, at what point will you no longer be able to use eSight? Is this tech viable all the way up until NLP?


YvonneFelix2 karma

1) I don't know. I like to read up on neuro-plasticity and such, but I don't think eSight could make those claims yet. I know that I've noticed some really interesting changes in myself. For instance, I now have physiological reactions to things I see (sweaty palms when I can see someone is angry, etc.; I didn't have those before.

2) Yes. The glasses have controls on them that I manipulate for different situations. For instance, if I'm reading at my desk, I might want two clicks of magnification and one of contrast. If I'm reading a sign down the street, I might want 4 clicks of mag and 2 on contrast.

3) The threshold is fairly individual. I'm told that the "average" eSight user has 20:400 vision. I know there are people using it with much worse vision though (20:1000+).

henryuuk2 karma

When are you getting the lasers installed ?

Serious question : Have you experienced any negative effects (despite the obvious all around positive things it has brought) ?

YvonneFelix3 karma

No. My sight has stayed the same since I got them and apparently they check out just fine with the doctors that have tested them (that is, they aren't dangerous). The "negative effects" usually tend to be emotional as people make the transition.

crez4252 karma

I was in an accident and had to have my eye removed 7 years ago. With technology these days I hopefull that I will be able to again see out of it one day. Is this type of technology expensive?

YvonneFelix2 karma

Sorry to hear that.

Yes, it's expensive ($15,000) but that's pretty standard for blind/legally blind technologies and services. It's a small market after all. For instance, did you know guide dogs cost ~$50,000? I have friends that are totally blind and their dogs are life-savers; thankfully, there are some great charities that pay for them.

eSight is too new for there to be specific charities; that's why I try to fundraise to help people that otherwise couldn't afford it.

Clinton_Kingsmouth2 karma

Why is the website about a product that helps the blind to see, so awful to use with website readers? Did you guys actually test the website on blind people?

YvonneFelix4 karma

I know. It needs improvement and they're working on it. Start-up problems I guess...

Adurnat2 karma

Hello! That's wonderful, I'm genuinely happy for you. Can you see colors, and if so, do you see perfectly the same colors as other people? I mean do we see the same blue, red, etc?

YvonneFelix6 karma

I'm an artist so I have some complicated thoughts on colour. I think everyone sees colour differently. I know that when I use my natural sight compared to using eSight, there is a real difference. But, the glasses don't stop me from seeing with my peripheral vision so I actually use a combination of that and the detail from the glasses to get the whole picture (detail, colour, depth, etc.)

strongjohnny2 karma

Now that you can see has your daydreams changed and are your sleep dreams different?

YvonneFelix2 karma

Definitely changed. I now dream with much more visual detail than I used to.

megadick12 karma

Can you plug a direct feed video (like hdmi) directly into the eSight?

YvonneFelix7 karma

You can. That's actually how I use my computer at work. That is, I use a Mac Mini without a monitor and use HDMI to put it right on my glasses. Lots of people watch TV in the same way.

Moritsuma2 karma

I remember in school, being told that blind people use their hands to feel the faces of others. That this helps them kind of make a mental image of sorts. If that is infact true at all as I imagine it's difficult for it to be. How close does your husband look to what you felt he looked like with your hands? Were you surprised seeing him for the first time or was it more just, confirmation? And was there anything that actually surprised you that you felt would be different than it actually was?

YvonneFelix2 karma

No, not really. And, I wasn't totally blind so if I got really close, I could sort of see him. The glasses let me see those different parts as a whole (that is, a nose, eyes, mouth, etc. were a face).

rushinobby091 karma

Can a person with extreme myopia use eSight?

YvonneFelix1 karma

I think so. You should check with the company and they can talk you through if it's a fit. There is a form on the website, fill that out.

I hope it works for you!

Thegamervii1 karma

Does eSight make you nauseous at all? Would you (or do you) use it on a daily basis?

YvonneFelix1 karma

No nausea. As I understand it, that's because I don't perceive any delay between how my head moves and what I see on the screens (I once asked one of the engineers about this). So, I'm actually able to walk around with them just fine.

I use them for at least 8 hours a day (when I'm working in the office) plus travel, looking after the kids, etc. I wear them a lot I guess.

Jewllz1 karma

I went to the esight website to see what the technology is behind this. It says it is a camera with a display. So you still have to have some vision for this to work, is that correct? How else would it get transmitted to your brain?

YvonneFelix1 karma

That's right. The displays sit right in front of your eyes. So, your eyes need to have some functioning sight left for it to work.

VicMG0 karma

In the interests of transparency... Are you being paid to do this?
Are you an employee of the company?

YvonneFelix2 karma

I've mentioned a couple of times that I work with the company on their fundraising program. I help other people put together their fundraising programs to afford the glasses. The link above to the site I helped put together for my sister ( is the kind of work I do.

About 25% of the staff at the company actually use the glasses, so I'm not the only one.